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SNL Sends Up Perry’s Mind Freeze

I know this was inevitable. But really, I didn’t want you to miss it. Bill Hader is so funny. He’s kind of taken over the show.

Some polls are are already showing Perry’s anemic support declining further. Really, it’s over for him. But he still has lots of money. He can go down swinging, and maybe even help take someone out along with him.

9 Responses to SNL Sends Up Perry’s Mind Freeze

  1. Ah yes, SNL is just as politically neutral as MSM. Good thing they aren’t picking our candidate for us this time around. We the people will debate and discuss the issues of the election and pick our own candidate.

    While I’m venting here. Why the heck do the Republican candidates let themselves get beat up by these leftist “journalists” in these jokes they call debates? The best debate I’ve seen so far was the Texas Tea Party Lincoln-Douglas style debate between Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain that was aired on c-Span. It was a clean debate…not one gotcha moment for the MSM to use to ridicule our candidates.

  2. ..ah those clever rascals at SNL…this was almost as funny as the hilarious skit where they mocked obama for saying there were 57 states ( could happen to anyone using Heinz ketchup on fries that he was sneaking when you know who wasn’t looking)…or when he talked about the intercontinental railroad ( you know, the one that connects New York to Paris)…and then when he kept mispronouncing “corpse-man”…over and over…..hahahaha…too much SNL…keep up fair and biting satire.

    • Seriously, the good stuff died with the late John Belushi. ChevyChase and JaneCurtin doing the news. Rosannadanna. Baba Wawa. . The weather report with GeorgeCarlin.