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Obama Goes Golfing with John

“John who,” you say?

President Obama is golfing in Honolulu with high school friend Robert “Bobby” Titcomb, who pleaded no contest in May to soliciting a prostitute the month before.

I’m going to give Obama points on this one for sticking with his friend and not worrying about how it looks. I think that kind of loyalty is great, and hard to find in Washington.

That said, I’m not ruling out that the choice of friends is poor. I don’t know much about Mr. Titcomb. And the sight of the president of the United States playing golf with someone who just committed a crime is not particularly pleasant.

But as long as Bobby is trying to address whatever problem he has, I think Obama is doing the right thing.

Obama is at the Mamala Bay Golf Course on Hickam Air Force Base at Pearl Harbor. Also on hand are White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, an Obama golf regular, and White House advance man Pete Selfridge.

This Obama’s 29th time golfing this year and the 87th of his presidency.

15 Responses to Obama Goes Golfing with John

  1. It’s funny how this is the only person who’s ever come forward as Obama’s friend. Information on him says he used to be a fisherman and a flight attendant. What does he do now? There’s no current information on him that I could find.

    I don’t think it’s loyalty, I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t see Obama as the loyal type.

  2. Obama is a man of loyalty and compassion? Ha ha ha! The guy threw his own grandmother under the bus with his “typical white person” remark. My guess is he is keeping his pal Bobby close so he doesn’t spill his guts. It is a little odd that Obama seems to have had very few friends and no old girlfriends in his past.

  3. Not much is known about Titcomb. His father was a a judge who was on Hawaii 5 O. The details of the prostitution sting are vague. Northwestern flight attendant at one time. I would disagree about loyalty or if it’s loyalty it’s not out of the goodness of Obama’s heart. There’s more here than meets the eye.

  4. Oh, no! A consenting adult accused of paying another consenting adult for sexual favors!
    There are people working in our WhiteHouse who have done much worse and committed worse crimes.

    • Oh, I absolutely agree with you on this, I’m more concerned with the fact that Obama has no friends. At least Cheney was able to get a hunting party together. Obama has to bring paid staff with him to golf.

  5. I think that for the mercifully short time Obama will be President he can put such public displays of friendship on hold — as becomes the Office of the Presidency. I realize this is a stretch for someone who treats the Office so shabbily but it would be a good gesture. If the friendship is so secure both men will understand the prudence. I would expect this of any sitting President. The Obamas in particular have acted with abandon when it comes to WH etiquette and protocol. But, Christmas is coming so it’s time to bring out the old Mao ornament, assuming there will be a WH Christmas/Holiday tree in this year 2011 of Obama.

  6. Why don’t we start a pool on the total number of times Obama plays golf and the date and time of the ending of his last golf outing before his presidency ends in January, 2013? I am in for December 27, 2012 at 4:20 PM.