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Obama in Disneyland

No, for real. His only event today is a fundraiser at the Aulani Disney Resort in Kapolei, Hawaii.

20 thoughts on “Obama in Disneyland”

  1. He should rest easy and take a well deserved day off, knowing the economy is roaring ahead, and there is lasting peace and harmony at home and abroad….or not

  2. I hope the racist, bitter clingers don’t notice that they’re kicking off more WE CAN’T WAIT stuff this week while he’s away doing other stuff.

    Like fundraising in Hawaii.

    1. I saw that–a billion to train more health care workers…probably those nurses with doctorates who like to be called doctor–not that we don’t need more “extenders.”

      1. Didn’t one of obama’s Hawaiian golfing buddies get busted for rape or something? He might need to scrounge up some new players…speaking of players is reggie along for one last trip?

  3. Where did that TV show about the life of the rich and famous go? If Robin Leach followed these two grifters around on their travels he would have enough material to last for years. Everything from Michelle spending $15K to get her face painted, to Barry ‘Lonesome Rhodes’ 0bama entertaining fat cats as he picks their pockets.

    Well at least while he is out of DC he can’t sign executive orders, right?

  4. Okay, I googled the Aulani Resort. There is no amusement park attached, it’s only a resort. Rooms start at $400 per night and go up steeply from there. The restaurant menu prices are $15 per appetizer and about $40 per entree. Is he staying there or just doing a ballroom fundraiser?

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