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Cain Gets Confused

Okay, he’s tired, but it’s still a little strange.

He recovers and makes a certain amount of sense, but it seems to me he’s been programmed with his response and couldn’t remember which button to push to call it up.

24 thoughts on “Cain Gets Confused”

  1. Can we take a break from trashing MrCain?
    Let’s pick on ol’Newt now that he’s on top of the leader board. /sarc/

    I’m being a smarty-pants about this, but unless one of the candidates starts talking about wealth redistribution, or wants a government takeover of whole sections of the economy, we don’t need to hear about their quirks, mind freezes, or a chance stupid remark.

      1. Bravo x 2. I’ve had to put my foot down at my house to keep my wife from putting a yard sign for EVERY GOP candidate in the yard. Not so subtle message: ANYBODY’s better that President WhoseAssToKick.

      1. I like Herman Cain and his wife made a great appearance last night, as did his entire family….there should be a place for him in government.

        I have never supported him for President…he is not fully prepared for the office that requires not just leadership, but also the ability to handle difficult situations quickly…he has not demonstrated that and he is weak on foreign policy.
        POTUS must be adept at crisis control…he is not.

        1. …still OK to talk about what we want? Just checking. Yes, if someone can’t “retrieve” a canned answer, it’s notable. Maybe not worth a news cycle–but so different from the one who cannot shut up, we note it. As for his wife’s “interview,” this was painful to me to watch. She was valiant, but looked very perplexed and worried. I felt for her. Politics is sort of horrible. For some reason, this extended to the Giffords thing in my mind–also agonizing to watch. She is trying so hard, but this is such a terrible injury.

        2. So wait – you don’t support Cain because “he’s not fully prepared for the office . . .”, and . . . um . . . um . . . Barry H. Obama & Bubba were? Get real!

  2. Keith,

    I’d like to see how you would respond to detailed foreign policy questions after being subjected to weeks of anonymous and uncorroborated character attacks in front of the entire nation. I doubt you could hold a candle to Cain’s composure and grace amongst such adversity and media “turmoil”.

    Just keep trying to save face and toe the Politico line – your investigative journalism never ceases to amaze me.

      1. This guy wouldn’t be able to handle a presidency. If he can’t answer a question because he’s got “a lot of stuff twirling around in his head” because of media attacks, imagine his state of mind as the executive and commander in chief and the barrage of trouble that receives. That’s a lot on your plate and you have to be able to think fast. Newt and Romney are the candidates who really matter. I like the distractions though. They make me laugh.

  3. Cain is in over his head. For anyone who didn’t realize it, the most recent debate and this interview should make it abundantly clear. He seems to be a genuine person, but he does not have a solid grasp of the breadth and depth of the issues before us to be President. Or Vice President.

    1. Specifics please. Exactly which statements makes this “abundantly clear” to you, cause I saw a man who actually considers the issue before trashing his opponent. He’s correct. No one can make a call about whether someone did the right thing without all the information. And I know the president must have more information than the rest of us. If not, why have a president.

    2. Yea, a real leader is someone who has properly memorized the scripts written up by their handlers. Because, that worked so well in 08.

      Anyone who is smart enough to handle the toughest interviews with their intellect alone (eyes Gingrich) has an electability problem.

    3. Surely being a community organizer and voting “present” qualifies the current warm body in the White House to be president. I suspect that Herman Cain would play far fewer rounds of golf and focus on actually solving problems than Barry.

  4. I like this guy but it is obvious that he had been prompted and forgot what they told him. This does not play well with me.
    Our country is in such bad shape that we need to find the right man to make it right even if we have to put aside his personal transgressions. I am referring to newt, of course. In my view he is the smartest one of the bunch by far.

    1. REM, I think that you summed up how I feel.
      I too like Cain, but this really bothered me for some reason. First time that I have seen a person running for prez bumble like this. I know some one will bring up Perry’s brain freeze, but I think that the two situations are totally different. For example, one situation was in a debate in front of thousands of people and having seconds to think/respond/speak, while Cain was sitting down with one person and not under any time constrants. Why Cain froze concerns me.
      I have always liked Newt and now that he is in the upper tier we will get a chance to see how he handles the Progressive/Chicago Attack Machine/Sal Alynski Tactics that will try to destroy him. If he handles this well, I think that you will see a formable candidate that just may take on Barry and win, and change America.

  5. Don’t know if many of you were around when Ronald Reagan was running for the Republican nomination, but the media made him out to be an uninformed ignoramus too. I’d rather have a president like Mr. Cain, who takes his time to consider answers to questions, rather than the uh uh uh of Obama when his teleprompter is off duty. Put Obama on the hot seat in front of a few reporters like Jason Matera rather than the leftist media lapdogs and let us see how Obama performs.

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