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Live Stream || CBS Republican Debate in South Carolina

Just letting you know that I will attempt to live stream on White House Dossier tonight’s Republican presidential debate in Spartanburg, South Carolina so everyone can comment along in real time. I will let you know as soon as possible whether I can get a feed.

The fun begins at 8 pm ET.


UPDATE: It appears CBS will not allow me to run the debate on White House Dossier, so this is the link to the CBS online feed if you need it. I hope you will all hang out here and comment as the debate rolls along.

27 thoughts on “Live Stream || CBS Republican Debate in South Carolina”

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    1. Wow….et tu Newsweak?

      How this administration gets away with blatantly handing out taxpayer loans like treats to their bundlers and campaign supporters is beyond my comprehension.

    1. I recorded the televised hour and tried to watch the online version since our local station switched to NCIS. The online stream was very choppy so gave up on it after a few minutes. Perry’s idea of baseline budgeting for domestic agencies and foreign aid was music to my ears. Bachmann is very knowledgeable about foreign affairs but didn’t get very many questions. Same with Santorum. Newt won the debate in my opinion. He is a great debater, but just watch what comes out of the closet about him when he starts leading in the polls.

      1. Newt has some baggage but not nearly as much or as bad as some want to portray.
        The Democrats would do well to steer clear of anyone’s personal baggage.

  3. I heard Cain is now crediting God with his candidacy, which I gather means if he is “flawed,” God knew it but still wanted him as president. What I want to know it–can someone finally bring light and lower the darn tides?

    1. I also credit God for life’s blessings, so don’t see anything sinister in his remark. At least he doesn’t think he IS the messiah like the guy occupying the WH now.

  4. I haven’t watched any of the Repub debates. It doesn’t matter to me who will be the eventual candidate, because I’m casting a No’Bama vote next November.
    Poll after poll shows that many will be doing the same as I; voting for Mr/MrsGeneric(R).

    The MSM is twisting itself into unbelievable positions with their excited and wild-eyed announcments that Candidate? said something stupid, or didn’t know the answer or , gasp, lost their train of thought. The headlines that shout X was accused of this, Y changed his mind on an issue, and Z cheated on his wife don’t compare to a sitting President who is doing all he can to divide our country, whose foreign policies are chaotic at best, and has admitted that he wants America to become a socialist nation.

    1. That is great way to approach the election srdem. Living in the Western states we don’t really get to choose who will be the nominee anyway. The early primary states will determine our choice. Not fair, but that is the way things go.

      I’m with you on voting for whoever wins the Republican nomination. We are one election away from a dictatorship, so any one of our Republican candidates would be a welcome change in leadership.

      1. I will vote for anybody but Obama, too–but I sure hope I won’t be holding my nose too hard or betraying women who try to stand up. Just my opinion–don’t flip out over it. Female support of Cain is now half what it was, although he is holding up as a frontrunner.

        1. I don’t “flip out” over any of your opinions. I also don’t associate my support of Mr. Cain as a betrayal of women. Not all women are as virtuous as some would like to believe.

          1. I guess at this point I would think I was betraying women…so agree to disagree? I might do it, but I would think that…so maybe I should not vote if he is the nominee?

          2. This country is in dire straits. If you want to put your personal biases ahead of your child’s liberty and freedom, that is your choice to make.

          3. Well, I don’t think of it that way, of course. This man won’t be the nominee anyway. That would be what–my personal bias against being treated dismissively or abusively by men? My bias in thinking people who don’t keep wedding vows might not keep the oath of office? Oh, , well–I am done with this.

        2. I won’t support Cain unless he is the last man standing against Obama. Even then, I will do it reluctantly. It has nothing to do with these scandals that the media is pushing. It has to do with his 999 plan which I see as a disaster for me as a small business person. If I can only deduct charitable deductions and investments, I might as well close my doors.

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