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Thank You, Veterans

I know that many of my readers are veterans and active duty service members. Nothing could make me prouder.

Those who serve the United States are the noblest and most self sacrificing fighting men and women in history.

Not just because they are Americans, but because they must do battle overseas.

They must leave their families and their friends for far-flung, God-forsaken locations where they are often unwelcome, fighting in the belief that their efforts will ultimately protect America. They usually are not doing the obvious work of protecting our borders, but heading out to another land in the faith that their leaders have sent them to the right place to do the right thing.

A part of their mission is almost always to help another nation secure its freedom as well. Even if they are spit upon for doing it.

They are selfless, brave, and dedicated. They are the best at what they do. And they are all heroes.

Thank you all for your service to this great country.

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19 Responses to Thank You, Veterans

  1. Keith, do not forget the families left behind, the wives and husbands, the sons and daughters, and the children that anticipate every letter or e-mail from the family member that is serving our Country and wishes only to touch them again, or to see them again.
    Too many people in this country take for granted what we have.
    Liberty and freedom.
    Our freedom was not free, and we will have to fight for it relentlessly, tirelessly.
    If we don’t, we will be consumed by the tyrants that are determined to take it from us.

  2. God Bless America and all our enlisted men and women. I still grieve over the 36 murdred Seals due to this administration’s incompentence, I cried at the flag lowering ceremony on the USS Carl Vinson tonight. That is how we were taught to respect the flag at Camp Fire Girls camp in the 1960’s, Then I have to watch Bo chomping gum and Mooch with her arms folded while the ceremony is concluding.Then Bo gives her a smack on the cheek (orchestrated by Ploofe or Axeldrod ?) Now off to Hawaii, Bali, Indonisia? I probably shouldn’t post this as it is a rant. but I am so tired of all the hypocrisy. Back to my original issue – God Bless our fighting forces.

  3. Obama embarrassed us all yesterday by making his VD address political.
    What a disgrace.
    My husband is a Navy Vet (Cuban Missile Crisis)…he has to leave the room when Obama is on TV.
    Thank you to all who have serve our great country in uniform.

    • I turned off NPR rattling on and on and on and on about his wonderful initiatives at this Asian conference, which was not fit for the likes of China, etc. OMG–sometimes I just cannot take it. I know–I need to pace myself.