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Michelle to Serve as NASCAR Grand Marshal

The White House is dispatching Michelle Obama to serve as Grand Marshal of the Nov. 20 season-ending NASCAR Ford 400, a move that seems clearly designed to woo NASCAR voters while also burnishing the first lady’s credentials as a regular gal.

Mrs. Obama, who has incurred some bad publicity for taking luxurious jaunts to South Africa and Spain while often being photographed in expensive clothing and accoutrements, has lately been spotted shopping at Target and hanging out at the baseball park, attending the first game of the World Series.

The NASCAR appearance is billed as part of the first lady’s “Joining Forces” initiative for military families, and Mrs. Obama’s Joining Forces co-chair, “Second Lady” Dr. Jill Biden, will also serve as Grand Marshal.

The Ford 400 is held at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead, Florida. Florida is perhaps the most critical presidential battleground state in the country.

But Mrs. Obama’s presence at one of the biggest NASCAR events of the year will surely be noticed throughout the region where the sport if popular, which includes many other critical swing states like Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Missouri.

Indeed, the “NASCAR vote” has taken a place alongside “soccer moms” as a coveted demographic for presidential candidates.

According to a White House statement, the NASCAR organization will itself participate in the Joining Forces initiative

As part of the season-ending NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship race, NASCAR will rally its millions of fans at the speedway and online to serve military families through the holiday season by asking them to visit and to find service opportunities and ideas to give back to those who serve our country.

The crowd at the Ford 400 will include some 5,000 active duty and retired military personnel, according to the White House. Military families will get a BBQ lunch where Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden will deliver remarks, along with NASCAR officials and drivers.

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      1. Boycott race and tune out on Television………you can save yourself 4 hours of eyestrain by watching highlights later…………

    1. “But Mrs. Obama’s presence at one of the biggest NASCAR events of the year will surely be noticed throughout the region where the sport if popular, which includes many other critical swing states like Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri and Missouri.”

      “If” Missouri different than Missouri? Of course its a joke.

    2. The pin she is wearing is one of the “Blue Star Moms”. It means she has a child in the military. My sister is a “Blue Star Mom”.

      In WWII, my Grandparents proudly displayed a small flag in their window with two blue stars…one for their son in the Marines, and one for their son in the Navy.

      I urge you to do research on this subject.

  1. Where are they going to find 5000 military folks who want to lunch with Michelle.

    Oh right. The support personnel.

    (no offense, but that is where you find Dem supporters in the military)

    1. Also my first reaction until I remembered the oath and purpose our military takes to work everyday. But if she messes w/ the Natural Light and corndog stands, there’s not an army in world that can protect her.

      (I cannot believe we’ve got another 12 mo. of this bs)

      1. I bring it up because both my husband and bil were/are combat … and they never knew a single democrat among their ranks. My husband always gets a kick out of watching obama when he surrounds himself with a crowd of cheering military folks -always looks to see their patches and what units their from.

        Never fails. Support people.

        1. I have noticed that difference too.
          There is a distinction at every level in combat and support.
          This is not a put down of support personnel in any way…they are necessary and do a great job.
          Politics is obvious though in everyday life and voting habits.

    1. That was my first thought also. Those watching NASCAR will be polite, but I have a feeling the majority are conservative and don’t approve of what the president is doing in an attempt to destroy this country as we know it and rebuild it as a more socialistic nanny state.

      1. Wrong crowd Moochie.
        These folks are flag waving Americans.
        This is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in weeks, and with this brood, that’s saying something.
        I hope she doesn’t mind some Confederate Flags here and there.
        We wouldn’t want her to be offended now would we.

  2. Some facts please: will the “5,000” will be the guests of MrsO and MrsBiden?
    Are the Bidens and Obamas buying the “5,000” tickets to the race and paying for their triavel expenses and lodging? Are they also paying for the BBQ for “5,000” out of their own pockets? Will the BBQ be prepared and served by union-only food providers?

    And, what might “service opportunities and ideas” do to “give back” to military personnel?
    How about we tell GM motors to give a $5,000 bonus to every honorably discharged Soldier, Sailor, and Marine as a “give back”? Or, the crooks that “lost” our money at Solyandra could install solar panels on the homes of military families as a “give back”. GE could hire the returning military in their foreign plants at common US wages.
    Gee, so many ideas……

    1. These people are frauds of the highest order and are not eligible or worthy to occupy their current address. They are usurpers and traitors and muslim terrorists. They should not be well received. They should be hanged by the neck until dead in the public square.

  3. So, does NASCAR now stand for “Now America Can See Cynacism At (the) Raceway”???

    moochele’s “appearance” at the races is nothing more than cheap theatrics (and the chance to get a free hot dog to wolf down while she’s doing it!!)

  4. Okay, so this is thier story. Michele is seen pushing a shopping cart in TARGET. SURE! Like she went there alone, grabbed a cart and strolled through the laundry soap aisle looking for a deal on Tide. This demonstrates how stupid this regime thinks the American public is. I’ll bet that she didnt touch that cart for more than the 3 seconds it took to take the shot and then ran from that place as quickly as her ample posterior could waddle. The only quicker exit will be her fleeing the mostly WHITE crowd at the Nascar event. The regime can be forgiven somewhat for thinking we are all stupid. We DID elect her hubby, and he had no experience doing anything, no birth certificate and holes in his biography as wide as Indonesia. Maybe they have good reason to believe we are dummies. Lets see what happens in November!

    1. When the MSM began to make a big deal about MoochMORE in Target, I smelled b*llsh*t. If she is in the habit of ditching her security personnel and popping into the world of ordinary citizens, why would the WH ADVERTISE that fact and increase the chance that she might be killed or kidnapped?

      It was all a photo op and no doubt fooled a few fools.

  5. I was a NASCAR fan and can only hope theses two phonies are treated like Bill Clinton was at the Darlington race when he was running for President. Banner planes overhead with derogatory, but truthful banners, the crowd audibly booing, and my personal favorite, drivers turning their backs as he approached. Contrary to what Obama thinks, NASCAR fans are deeply patriotic and can see a farce when it shows up in their backyards.

    1. Good for you. What goes around ,comes around. Remember when she said it was the first time she was proud of America. Well she will get a good dose of what America and Americans are all about. Lets go racing boys.

  6. Sometimes you go a step to far this is one. No one with the IQ of a turnip would buy this giant pile of —— not even a Democrat. Surprised NASCAR
    fell for it or didn’t say no.

  7. We know someone is being fake when they behave in a different fashion when a new political goal is on the horizon.

    Obama is fake. If he was real he would be Herman Cain.


  8. The vast majority of NASCAR fans are diehard conservatives. I hope she gets loudly booed! What a way to ruin the last race. She’s about as much of a race fan as her mother.

  9. She’s just like us! Target, ball games and now at a NASCAR race. I wonder how much each one of these photo ops cost the taxpayers and what was her five hundred dollar sneaker’s carbon footprint? The hypocrisy of this elitist snobs knows no limit.

  10. To Mrs. Obama…I can assure you that those who attend Nascar races have been proud of their country their entire life; not just when their spouse won an election.

  11. Michelle may not receive the enthusiastic cheers she expects. I think they will be polite, but not cheering wildly when they see the first lady.

    If people like Michelle Obama had their way, there would be no NASCAR.

  12. Funny, Michele Obama in past probably hated NASCAR as a Rebel southern “Whitey” sport. She probably doesn’t even know the standings of those in the chase. Now the nonsense of spending taxpayer money when the nation is not only broke, but massive piles of debt. I’m sure Air Force FUN will have plenty of additional taxpayer freeloaders tagging along for the ride. Maybe the White House can insert a disabled kid or two and then propagandize it all to the clueless public.

    This politically correct BS of Government and corporatism has to stop. You want this government Socialism, Fascism, Marxism, whatever… then move to Russia/China/etc.

    The same goes for NASCAR’s politically correct diversity programs… just hire the best performing Americans to the jobs. Not this nonsense of quotas for Federal tax breaks.

        1. If there is anything Obummer is consistant on, its being late for absolutely everything. I was taught as a child that being on time is not just good manners but a sign of respect for others. We know quite well he has neither manners nor respect for anyone, especially our Military.

          God bless the USA and God bless her veterans.

  13. Would be extremely suprised if the MOOCH even knew cars were involved in NASCAR!!!! Barry, kids, Mother-in-Law, MOOCH & the POOCH all need to be put to the curb in 2012!

  14. Moochelle will undoubtedly have a bottle of hand sanitizer close at hand after such close proximity to the “unwashed”. Oh, how uncomfortable she must be mingling with the hick NASCAR fans. Poor thing!! They probably won’t be serving those yummy lobster dishes there, she’ll have to make do with corn dogs and beer. The pandering of this administration makes me want to vomit.

    Please, God, send them away in 2012!!!

  15. Trip to Target and hanging out at the ball park a everyday person just a show. Has her ol man even called the winners of the World series yet and congratulated them? Just you everyday people yea right. I can not wait till 2012 but it frightens me on the possible outcome.

  16. Now I have really lost all respect for NASCAR. What a JOKE. NASCAR will do anything to pump up the ratings. Now they are selling out their base and will lose more fans because of this stunt. I would love to be there to hear the boo’s. You know TV isn’t going to show it.

  17. I have had enough of the Obama’s bs.
    They want to control every part of our lives, like what we eat! It is none of their business! Now she wants to stick her into Nascar! I hope the fans do ‘tyou get taken in by this political stunt!

  18. Yeah, like that’s gonna change some minds.

    This president is the most divisive in the history of the United States and he harbors a deep-seated hatred for the white middle class that constitutes the core of the NASCAR fan base. This is an act of sheer desperation.

  19. I hope these two phonies are booed out of the park. Probably won’t happen, tho, because Nascar fans are too polite, unlike your typical liberal who can usually be seen at public events foaming at the mouth.

  20. I’m not sure that’s a good choice for Mrs. Obama. Redneck racecar fans and bitter women who hate America typically don’t mix well. Just sayin.

  21. I’m a NASCAR fan and I’ll be HUGELY disappointed if anybody applauds this America-hating, Marxist-loving woman. SIT ON YOUR HANDS, FANS.

  22. This is a joke, right?

    So, will she lecturing attendees how how she finally is “proud to be an American for the first time as an adult?? or will she be lecturing them on how America is a “mean country”?

    Or maybe she can recite of of her preacher’s Wright’s “God D*mn America” sermons to the NASCAR attendees?

    Things must be pretty bad if they now have to pander to “those bitter clinginng people” of America.

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