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Video || The Obama Bloopers

Well, see, let’s be fair to Mr. Perry. He isn’t the first politician to have had a public lapse in  . . . um . . . something.

Alright, anyway, three things is a lot to remember. Okay, it’s not that many, but it’s definitely more than two. And it’s two more than one, which is a lot more. It’s two more, in fact.


And BTW, why would a guy from Texas be expected to remember the Department of Energy?

So check out this compilation of President Obama’s blunders and bloopers. As you will see, he’s pretty prolific.

Hope you enjoy.

9 Responses to Video || The Obama Bloopers

  1. And dont forget the classic “Obama bloopers”…

    -questionable “birth certificate” issue…why didnt Barack Hussein Obama just answer that years ago

    -never seen “college records”…they say he’s a “genius!” but no one can mention his GPA or class grades

    funny stuff.

  2. They forgot the one where he tried to walk back into the White House through a window. So many gaffs, guess you just can’t capture them all…