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Obama Gets Chance to Repent for Slight to Bibi

President Obama will have a chance to do penance next month for last week’s insult of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu when he makes what could be an awkward appearance at the biennial gathering of the Union for Reform Judaism, which represents the largest Jewish denomination in the United States.

The appearance, which has not yet been announced by the White House, will occur sometime during the group’s meeting in Washington Dec. 14-18, according to the URJ.

Obama desperately needs to hold the strong advantage he had among Jews in 2008, particularly in must-win states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania where a move toward the Republican candidate by Jewish voters could tip the result against the president.

It emerged earlier this week that in a private meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy last Friday, Obama, thinking microphones that would broadcast an upcoming press conference to reporters were turned off, failed to contradict Sarkozy’s assertion that Netanyahu is a liar. Instead, Obama suggested Bibi was pain in the neck, grumbling to Sarkozy, “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.”

The statement is sure to be the elephant in the room as Obama appears before the Jewish group, where he we likely offer an unusually emphatic statement of support for Israel.

The president will almost certainly have to address the slight he made toward Netanyahu, even if indirectly, or risk leaving the impression that he would indeed prefer not to deal with Israel’s leader during a time of heightened peril for the embattled U.S. ally. Israel’s relationship with Palestinian leaders is increasingly contentious, and it may soon have to decide whether to use military force to eliminate Iran’s nuclear program.

The White House has so far refused to comment on Obama’s remarks to Sarkozy.

8 thoughts on “Obama Gets Chance to Repent for Slight to Bibi”

  1. Why would the Jewish community even consider supporting someone like MrO at all; surely they’re not in favor of wealth redistrubution, in the government takeover of our healthcare industry or the auto industry or the banks. They surely are not in favor of the class warfare that MrO is using to divide our country or in an indiscriminate amnesty for illegal aliens.

    The only explanation of their continued support is their nostalgia for the “old” Democrat party, not this new far left/socialist leaning monstrosity that is being led by the voracious unions and 60’s radicals. Religious beliefs don’t trump the desire for freedom from government restrictions, or the right to choose how we choose to live our personal lives.
    At the very least, the Jewish community should be leaning toward the right-wing Repubs or the Independent class of voters; that’s where the unwavering support for the state of Israel is the strongest. If they care at all.

    1. I grew up Jewish (converted after I had kids) and I still don’t understand them. I believe it’s the same as the Christians, where the very religious Christians, the Evangelicals, are the much more conservative branch. In the jewish religion, the Hassidic jews are generally more conservative. I believe it all comes from the synagogues that preach the “social justice” cr@p.

    1. GJ I think you’re absolutely right. last year, when Bibi was dissed by Obama at the WH (“I’m going to have dinner with Michelle and the kids–you sit here and re-think how naughty you’re being”), my own brother told me his sympathies were entirely with O.

      aren’t we Jews supposed to be so smart? I have a hard time believing that if 75% of us vote for Obama again.

  2. He needs to give him another 100 bunker busters to the other 100 we “gave them” to say sorry since Barry is gonna hide under the desk when the Iranians come for him.

  3. here’s what I’m hoping: I’m hoping that Obama and Sarko played that little open-mike drama to put Iran off its guard, so that when American and Israeli bombers strike the Bushehr facility in (3, 2, 1…) they won’t have time to do anything about it.

    of course, I could also just be stoned.

    Obama has no love for the Jews or for Israel, but he has a great love for getting reelected. so you never know.

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