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Obama Schedule || November 10, 2011

Odd. The day’s cleared out. Maybe he’ll do a press conference.

5:00 pm || Meets with senior advisers

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

21 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || November 10, 2011”

  1. COOTUS must have another EO to sign.
    I’m waiting on him to get to the good stuff to take over with an EO.

    Where’s Mooch going to be?

  2. Must help MO pack for the big 9 day trip lots of new outfits to wear you know those sleeveless things don’t pack themselves! Wonder where one buys a
    winter coat with no sleeves? Probably have to pay extra:)

    1. No, no, no–she’s not packing much–needs to leave lots of room to bring home souvenirs (that she bought on our dime)!

      And if she’s not bringing home souvenirs from Bali and Australia, she might be bringing home any/all remnants of BHO’s long lost BC from their stop in HI!!! Gotta make sure everything is under lock and key before the 2012 campaign gets going!

  3. He apparently let body man Reggie Love go…he’s probably helping him pack or interviewing new guys who can help him carry his blackberry …

  4. Michelle is out talking to the Chamber of Commerce today. That’s a joke in itself. Barack is probably spending the day hunting for more dirt to throw around to obscure what’s about to hit the fan. The Solyndra mess is not going away and is getting worse, Eric Holder has not been able to talk himself out of that mess, and I’m sure there’s more we haven’t heard about. He’s got people leaving his employ, he’s got to decide how to keep them quiet. He’s got lots of work to do today. I would LOVE to see his visitor log.

    1. Maybe our commander in chief would care to address body parts being thrown in a landfill in Dover, DE. Of all the completely disgusting stuff that comes out, this really made my gorge rise. Come on, people, what were you thinking?

  5. He’s probably spending the day celebrating the 236th birthday of the Marine Corpse, after all, we know what a great fan Barack Hussein Obama, hmm, hmm, hmm, is of our military!!! MO is not joining him; he wouldn’t have been allowed to enjoy a piece of birthday cake (unless it was made of Tofu) if she tagged along!

    P.S. No disrespect to the Marine Corps–Semper Fi and Happy Birthday! Thank you for your service!

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