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Obama to Cut Government Purchases of Plaques

Okay, well now we’re getting serious.

I had thought, having failed to make any kind of serious proposal to reform entitlements while instead raising spending levels to post-war highs, that President Obama maybe wasn’t very interested in cutting costs.

How wrong I was!

In an executive order signed today, the president of the United States demanded that the government stop purchasing so many plaques and cut back on cell phone use.


You know, plaques. Not the kind clogging up your arteries. The kind you might find outside a a room in a government building saying, “The Arthur P. Melborne Meeting Room, named for Arthur P. Melborne (1910-1998), who spent 42  years at the Department of Commerce wasting taxpayer money.”

Here are some excerpts from the order Obama signed.

Agencies should limit the purchase of promotional items (e.g., plaques, clothing, and commemorative items), in particular where they are not cost-effective . . .

Agencies are encouraged to limit the publication and printing of hard copy documents and to presume that information should be provided in an electronic form, whenever practicable, permitted by law, and consistent with applicable records retention requirements . . .

Each agency should take steps to limit the number of IT devices (e.g., mobile phones, smartphones, desktop and laptop computers, and tablet personal computers) issued to employees.

Are Obama’s political advisers really of the opinion that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID THAT THEY WON’T SEE THROUGH THIS NONSENSE?

Federal spending this year was at about 25 percent of GDP, the highest level since we were simultaneously at war with Germany, Italy and Japan. And Obama is cutting cell phones??

If you needed more evidence of that politics alone is informing Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” campaign to slam Republicans for failing to pass his American Jobs Act – and I know most of you don’t – then this is it.

Poor Arthur P. Melborne. Now nobody will remember him.

33 thoughts on “Obama to Cut Government Purchases of Plaques”

    1. Maybe the books could be returned for a refund? It just amazes me that Obama tries to strain a gnat to swallow a camel. Why not stop his and MO’s excessive travel? That would surely save more $ in a month than they’d save on plaques and cellphones.

  1. Obama’s political advisers STUPID ???
    Obama is the one that listens to them.
    He is the one allows them to direct policy while he is flying around in the biggest private jet the world has ever produced.

    Yeah, “we can’t wait”, meaning that his regime is beginning to collapse, and he knows it.

  2. Hmmmm- wouldn’t you assume these cost saving measures would have been implemented say ——at the beginning of his term. It gets harder and harder every day to swallow this rubbish.

    1. Europe is self-destructing and may take my mother’s money at B of A with it, and heads of state there are resigning, but by all means, let’s not overdo the plaques.

  3. “[W]here they are not cost-effective . . .” so in other words, if a department head or some bureaucrat thinks it’s more cost effective to buy a thousand “T” shirts that say “Support your Attorney General” versus buying only a hundred then they’ll buy a thousand.

    I hate to be such a negative curmudgeon, but it’s all in how they write this crap that makes the difference. The legalese that this administration comes up with to get away with what they want is . . . is . . . It depends on what the mean of is is.

    We need to pass an Constitutional Amendment that PROHIBITS lawyers, any type of lawyer, or anyone who ever had a law license from running for public office.

  4. “I have signed an executive order telling people to save taxpayer money by not buying t-shirts. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pack for my 10 day tour of Asia and Australia.”

  5. I wonder why he didn’t issue this royal decree before the various embassies purchased “his” books to give as gifts. Gah, I despise that little piss ant koranimal loving heathen.

  6. “And Obama is cutting cell phones??”

    Well… No, he isn’t. Take another look at the language: “should”, “encouraged”. Judging by that excerpt, it doesn’t even do the tiny bit that it’s claimed to do.

    Meanwhile, the reality-dissociated one is slapping a new tax on Christmas trees to encourage the sale of Christmas trees. Rumor has it that the Christmas tree lobby wants a “Cash for Tinsel Clunkers” program to subsidize the purchase of new (and for the greenies: carbon-sequestering live) trees. Pelosi is sponsoring legislation for “Tree-care” requiring all Americans to purchase Christmas trees (AIPAC is demanding a menorah subsidy, while Kwanza adherents are protesting the diversion of holiday maize to biofuel production).

    If I could afford it, I’d be sitting back with a glass of Scotch while watching the collapse of what passed for American civilization.

  7. “Should limit” and “encouraged to limit” doesn’t sound like an order with any bite. Just a political posture and a piece of paper to wave in front of the public, acting like he’s doing something. Only people buying this c**p are his drone followers.

  8. What was not stated in the presser was the facts of this executive (community organizer) order is in fact a job creator. Later like Friday evening an announcement of a new federal agency, with 100 new employees, and a yearly budget of 10 billion, will be established to monitor these directives.

  9. I can’t believe they’d crow about this. What a no-brainer. It took him three years to think of this?

    Three years to think of the simplest and completely symbolic savings. Idiot.

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  15. I sit here reading the constant flood of informaton about what our president is doing and am in complete astonishment that there isn’t one elected person (both parties included) who will stand up and say “This stupididy must stop now.” My question is this. “Are all of them brain dead or are they more concerned about their back pockets which makes them spineless idiots?” I personally feel that the future (and I use the term future loosely) of our country is fast becoming the laughing stock of the world, with the leadership (bho) acting like a school boy let loose in a candy store at our expense.

  16. My post must have been monitered. It was not printed. There was not one curse word or statement that could have been misconstruced. I guess the fact that stupitidy was the main focus was cause for concern.

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