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Live Stream || CNBC Republican Debate

UPDATE: You can watch the December 10, 2011 debate in Iowa at this link.

Good morning!

I’ll live stream the Republican debate tonight if CNBC allows it, so that everyone can comment in real time. This should be a good one, with Iowa creeping up on us.

The fun begins at 8 pm ET. Don’t be late!


32 Responses to Live Stream || CNBC Republican Debate

  1. I hope to god they talk about this:
    Obama Couldn’t Wait: His New Christmas Tree Tax
    A perfect poster child for excess government.
    Just incredible

    • You’re worried about a Christmas tree tax? Toilet paper is taxed, why not a Christmas tree? How about worrying that the Republicans want to make a fertilized egg into a person. That way, “small” Republican government will be involved in almost every sex act in the country.

      • So tell me is a fertilized egg in a woman a cow. Silly question. The egg is a person. Any person with common sense knows this. To think otherwise quite frankly is psuedo science.

  2. Did you get the permission to have the stream posted online? I will be at work and would really love to have a stream of it going as I am here.

  3. Jeff,

    Thanks, but I’ll write about whatever I want. Though FYI, the “About” section notes that I cover Obama and his “antagonists,” which would include the GOP candidates. So that’s what I stick to mostly.

  4. I hope they bring up the fact that Obama is a Kenyan, muslim, communist, nazi usurper! That’s a sure win message!!! Go Republicans!

  5. The moderators are made to look like high school freshmen by everything individual on stage. And it shows by the crowd booing them on a regular basis. They need to quite trying to make their own statements and simply ask questions.

  6. These candidates sound more like a chorus than competitors. Very boring, all of them singing the same song! I get it, let’s cut taxes.

  7. Insurance swallows 30%of each health care dollar for administration. We are only oone of two countries to allow direct to consumer advertising of medicines-another 10%

  8. There are a lot of reasons why this economy went belly-up, but what really triggered it was 9-11! Why isn’t anyone asking these presidential canidates what they will do to protect the American people? Because as long as the threat of nucular weapons are in the hands of rough states, or dirty bombs are in the hands of lone wolves……the free market, stimulus packages, healthcare, etc is not going to be able to function!

  9. If tonights moderators are an example of the intelligence and professionalism of NBC accross the board, is it any wonder they rank as the bottom feeders of all the networks and especially the news networks.

  10. I am disappointed. I have watched cnbc for years. I have respected Marie B. but tonight your comentators have proven that you belong to the NBC family and and the liberal NBC perspective. We who watch news and debates do not need your comentators to to make the news, just ask proper questions. Your “got you questions” are an insult to common sense. I need to find a new investment and enconomic news station. I am truly disappointed with CNBC.
    Not because of party but because I am an American I believe that people need to become responsible for their future not expect Media or government to direct it.

  11. After all I have seen on TV that is negative and not true about OBAMA, try to look at all he has done and tried to do while REPUBLICANS have done nothing but knock him down ! What did BUSH do in his 8 years ! Put us deeper in debt than any other President, mission acomplished! YEAH RIGHT! OBAMA acomplished his mission and found BEN LADEN ! What about RAISING TAXES,only the ones that can afford to pay a little more! I would like to see CONGRESS and GOVERMENT OFFICALS take a 20% pay cut to help cut the deposit instead of voting themselves a raise every year ! They already get free medical and are set for life with a retirement plan! Put a freeze on that for the next 10 years! I used to be a republican until I saw how far out of wack their ideals are ! Time for the People of this country to make a difference again and Stand Behind The Man Who Cares about the average American ! GO OBAMA !!!!