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Veterans, Sacrifice, and the Obamas

As Veterans’ Day approaches, I wanted to share this story with you of a child and her father learning to cope since the girl’s mother was killed in Afghanistan.

The woman, a patriot from a military family who signed up to serve in the days after September 11, was murdered along with another service member in 2009 by an Afghan soldier who shot them before killing himself.

Somehow, as I read this, I was reminded of Mrs. Obama’s statement that the first time she had really been proud of her country was during the campaign, in 2008, when voters were rallying to her husband.

I’ve never been able to forget her remark, or that she and President Obama had listened for so many years to the hateful rantings of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Nor have I been able to fully believe the rebranding of her that has occurred since she entered the White House, where she now leads something called “Joining Forces,” a program to help war fighters and their families. I don’t see how you go from Trinity United Church of Christ to advocacy for military families. I wonder how committed to this good cause she’ll be after the election – win or lose.

And of course Monday, Obama appeared in the Rose Garden with a group of veterans, using them as props for the latest stunt in his ongoing political effort to stick it to Republicans for failing to pass his “jobs” proposals. I hadn’t known Republicans were opposed to veterans, but then I hadn’t consulted Mr. Obama on the matter.

Anyway, take a look at this story – here’s the link again – one of indescribable sacrifice and love for country. It puts a wonderfully human, if achingly sad, face on Veterans’ Day.

Maybe if this pitiful tale had happened before the election, Michelle would have been proud then.

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  1. Michelle is only ‘proud’ when: dining on lobster, vacationing in Europe, shopping in Target (sure), eating tamales, having the staff weed her WH garden, playing the race card while stumping for Mr. TelePrompter’s re-election, making Obama clean up after Bo.

  2. Before the OccupyWhiteHouse began, neither Obama was involved in anything that resembled community service, or “giving back” or any support of the military families that seem to be so important now.

    The PR machine that attempted to make MrsO the mom-in-chief and childhood weight-watcher from her previous persona as a cold-hearted hospital administrator and a an angry, bitter Black woman hasn’t worked.
    Her constant appearances with children as she joins them in childish activities makes her seem to be mentally undeveloped. Her off-script conversations make her sound stepford-like or like someone who is new to America and is now learning of our customs and practices.

    Nobody’s buying the military love-fest, including those in the military.

    1. Not a Stepford wife, they were obedient and pleasant.

      Her off-script conversations make her sound like an under-educated person who has been lionized her whole life for breathing. She thinks she’s a wonderful example to youth everywhere — she’s not, but the media is happy to play along.

  3. Part of my work is with disabled veterans from the Gulf (Army, Navy & Marines) to provide them with service dogs to assist them in trying to live a normal life. As such, I’ve also met some of their family members. Its odd but…..those that open up speak highly of President Bush and his QUIET support for the returning military. When President Obama’s name comes up, they go silent. Same thing with active military I encounter. Maybe they don’t like being used as political props.

    Semper Fido (Its OK Marines, I was “authorized” to use that by a Sgt who left his legs in Iraq)

    1. God bless you for your work with our military. I used to work on the orthopedic ward of a military hospital during the Vietnam war. That is where I learned what sacrifice for one’s country really looks like.

      1. Susan, thank you for your kind words. One of the comments I have heard at fund raisers is “We can’t let what happened to the guys from Vietnam happen to these men and women too”. I’ve told my best friend, Army 1969-70, PTSD diagnosis, of these statements. “Sure took them long enough….” is his reply.

    2. Military men are good men. They learned their mothers’ lessons of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”

      Service dogs are the greatest thing, ever!

    3. Thanks Rick for your wonderful work. Very interesting comment. They want to be respectful of the president, so they are merely silent. Bush, whom I also covered, spent many hours with wounded veterans, and we never heard much about it. Obama spends less time, and brings his photographer.

  4. What a beautiful story. I share this link for all of you. With Veteran’s Day around the corner, stories like the one Keith has shared and this one really put our own lives in perspective.

    This is a family member whom I met for the first time in San Diego late this summer. I was humbled by him when I met him and I am humbled by this story.

    1. Bless all those who serve and have served under the flag of this country. I have never been ashamed of this country but I am mortified by the POTUS and FLOTUS. Never, in my 58 years, have I been so disgusted by the dregs that now inhabit the White House.

  5. No Keith. Sadly, she wouldn’t. Her story is but a bad sequel to “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” only with a predictable, most bitter end.
    This FLOTUS does not see anything good in our country or its people.
    It’s all resentment and bad feelings.
    November 2012 cannot come soon enough,

    1. Also I think she thinks she would be a better president. I remember right at the outset when this guy sort of drifted out of nowhere, she was quoted as saying, “But he has never done anything…” She also scorned the idea that he was some role model and said he threw his dirty socks on the floor. I remember thinking…gee, thanks, honey.

  6. I can think of nothing more vile than the Obama’s use of the military as props.
    George and Laura always treated them so wonderfully then and now with no
    pictures or advance notice quietly with dignity a word that will never apply to
    either Obama. She isn’t proud of America never was and never will be we are
    a credit crd for her nothing more. As we approach Vertean’s Day I shudder to
    think of the ways they will again use our troops for their own gain and it sickens me. Thanks for reminding us of the Obama’s real feelings about our
    country. But there are far more real American’s that love our troops and our
    Country than these two who be a vey bad memory soon.

  7. The Obamas are always looking for an extra pay-off from what they do. So any support of the military is meaningless to them unless there are photographers and interviewers to provide the “bonus” of publicity.

    Remember how after the families of the dead SEALS asked for no pictures when their bodies arrived back in the US, BO just had to have a photog sneak a stirring silhouette photo of The One waiting for the airplane?

    They are celebs, not leaders. Just plain attention-seeking, low standard celebs.

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