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Live Stream || Cain Responds to Allegations

The event has concluded.

8 Responses to Live Stream || Cain Responds to Allegations

  1. I”m afraid the Herman Cain Train has been derailed.
    His presser was a waste of time.
    He offered nothing new.
    He should have demanded the NRA files be redacted and released to the press.
    He also denied knowing Bielart, after it was reported earlier today, that she hugged him last month in Chicago at a Tea Party event. I saw a photo of the event with him standing next to her.
    It is obvious that he does not have a good campaign organization.
    Sorry, but this is nothing but a big train wreck.

    • He was never a party to the agreement between the accuser and the NRA. Because of that, he can’t legally ask for release of the agreement. Perhaps the lady that just came out of the closet should ask the NRA to release the agreement.

      As for the photo. I’ve been to several Tea Party events. There are lots of photos taken with the event speakers. There’s nothing sexual about those picture taking sessions at Tea Party events believe me…

      • I found Cain very likable. I had never heard him before. It has to be a plus for him. I read that Sharon B. was fired from the NRA for filing false sexual harrassment charges and was loopy. It still wish it would end.

        • Mr. Cain has been involved with many Tea Party rally’s. He always came across as a true patriot. Never met him personally, but it just didn’t seem like lechery was in his character. Who is behind all this? This is a plot by the DC establishment IMHO. Mr. Cain has threatened the Leviathan’s precious tax system with his 9-9-9 plan, so he must be destroyed.