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Block: Cain Accuser’s Son Works at Politico

Fresh from accusing Rick Perry of leaking the original scandal story to Politico, Mark Block, Herman Cain’s campaign chief, charged tonight on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show that Karen Kraushaar’s son works at Politico. He appears to be referring to Josh Kraushaar.

Except Josh hasn’t worked there since 2010.

Oh, and he’s not Karen’s son.

I suppose this guy will be White House chief of staff.

H/T to Allahpundit at Hot Air.

14 Responses to Block: Cain Accuser’s Son Works at Politico

  1. This whole affair is distasteful.
    It’s like watching an unarmed man being pelted with paint balls from hidden shooters. He reaches for a knife, but is unable to identify or locate his tormenters. All that’s left is for him to turn the knife on himself.

    The tormenters win a shallow victory. The man, his family and his legacy is ruined. Well played.

    • I actually think he knows who is coming out next–he may not think what he said was out of line…thus he never said anything inappropriate. You people are pretty generous with your “benefits of the doubt”–and no need to throw scripture at me–I have my own opinions. If a woman recants–“Forgive me, Axelrod lives in my building and said this would be a neat idea,” then I will throw myself at your feet and ask your forgiveness for my cynical nature.

      • Really? After Bill Clinton Mr. Cain is a liteweight. If a woman approaches a CEO of a company for “employment help”, accepts a Hotel Suite, Dinner and Drinks most normal men would “assume” the sex door was open. When/if an advance was made she claims she said no, so the advance by her own words stopped and he took her back to the Hotel he paid for with no further contact. Where the heck is the crime here? Bill gets BJs from a subordinate in the Oral Office, lies under oath and you folks think he is a super special person. If a man accepts that no means no then enough said. Can’t you find something real to throw at him? I’m sure everyone is busy looking.

        • Assuming this is what “normal” men think, it’s not OK for him or Clinton. Is this what normal men think–a woman comes to a distant city, rents a room, and has dinner and this means she’s there for sex? It’s not a crime–it’s not deviant…if it happened. But it is also not well thought out or decent. I don’t–for the record–think Clinton is a super special person. I wish I had the money I made then, though.

  2. Here is a campaign contribution listed via Free Republic for the registered “Republican”:

    GERMANTOWN, MD 20874

    01/11/2009 250.00 29991055385

  3. A perfect example of why the truly intelligent and gifted citizens of this once great nation refuse to get into politics. Why would you put yourself and your family through this? Mr. Cain wanted to “help the kids and grand-kids”…and look what that’s gotten him…..nauseating!.

  4. He doesn’t actually work there and is NOT actually her son??… A stupid, childish, desperate attempt to discredit the accuser? Maybe counting on the value of empty accusations, uh, kind of like the accusers??? Makes me think Cain is quite guilty. Come on, you can’t possibly think conservatives are as stupid as swooning Obama groupies. Sounds like something Clinton or Obama would put out there… Like “I didn’t inhale”

    Ok, same last name. Any relation that might indicate motive?? Did Fox REALLY blow this one?

  5. The man is ruined and I pity him, politics is dirty but I think this is the dirtiest of all tactics I have ever seen. Sending out how many women to accuse someone of an alleged crime that was done many years ago and showing up after some years just to ruin his candidacy. Detractors, are you afraid that Cain might actually win the presidency? Apparently, Cain is trying to do something to fight back