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Update: New Woman to Accuse Cain Publicly

A new woman will be the first to put her name to accusations that Herman Cain sexually harassed her, according to the website

But the women will be represented by attorney Gloria Allred, an established publicity hound, raising questions about whether the woman’s motivation is for fame or money, or whether sexual harassment actually occurred.

27 thoughts on “Update: New Woman to Accuse Cain Publicly”

    1. She’s probably been out trolling for somone to speak out against Mr. Cain….finally found one. She’ll be parading her around to every MSM talk show… beginning to crawl!

  1. I CAN’T STAND that woman. She gives me the creeps. And the sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. She is rude during interviews, and always interrupts the other speakers. I think this is a total “left” thing, and seriously doubt the sincerity of all these women just NOW coming forward to cry foul about Herman Cain. Disgusting. I truly hope he can prevail and rise above this, and that he will be given a fair chance. I really like his message, and I think he is a real breath of fresh air in Washington. (I know I said that before, but I really do think this guy has some great ideas, and just love that he ISN’T a career politician). Just my opinion…

  2. Whitey’s media is out to get Cain because we can’t have a black man in the White House. But 1/2 black, 1/2 white is OK by them.
    And by the way, where are the brothers calling for this racially motivated attack to end. Quanell X is the only person I’ve heard who is outraged at this treatment of a brother.

    1. It isn’t “Whitey” Knothead, it is the plantation overseers. They reside on both sides of the aisle and come in all different colors. The CBC and Paulbots hate Mr. Cain as much as the establishment does. Heard the Quanell X interview on Michael Berry’s radio show. He is the first black activist I’ve heard come to the defense of Herman Cain. I disagree with Quanell X and everything he stands for, but he is a man of principle.

    2. Knothead you are…Cain is guilty and should admit it, rather than getting angry and acting out. This has nothing to do with your race card theory. Doesn’t matter whether he is black,white, yellow, or brown. Accusations have been made and big money paid to these women. Why, unless he was guilty. As far as black/white, I did not vote for the current leader because I didn’t believe his promises. Turns out I was right. Who is Quanell X anyway? Maybe the brothers think Cain is guilty too…it is possible.

          1. Sorry if I bruised your eyes. We have many brave black conservatives who are using that language and speaking openly about their experiences. Reverse Alinsky tactics. The left accuses members of the Tea Party of wanting to lynch black people. We accuse the left of trying to lynch a black conservative for escaping from the plantation. Herman Cain is getting the same treatment as Clarence Thomas did.

  3. Gloria is a joke but Cain has really not handled this in a presidential manner.
    Where is his wife Gloria?
    He should have observed the decisions of Daniels and Barbour.
    Families are fair game and past history of candidates is also.

    1. Families are fair game and past history of candidates is also.

      I’m just wondering when that principle will apply to any Democrat running for office. I’m not letting the leftist media choose my candidate this time around, and I’m not ready to deem Mr. Cain guilty until proven innocent like many other so-called Republicans are doing.

      1. Well said, if Herman Cain is guilty then let him suffer the consequences.
        If not, I support him for his efforts to dissuade the leftist media from their determined effort to destroy a strong front running candidate that is posing a major obstacle to Obama’s re-election.
        All of the guns are going to come into play to attempt to destroy any opposition to the commander in thief.
        Obama was elected because the people were asleep.
        We are awake now, and Obama’s easy ride has ended.

  4. So this woman now steps forward after how many years? She’ll tell us a sordid tale, Cain will say it’s a lie and then what? Will we be able to look at her past? No, that’s usually out of bounds. You know, victim’s rights. She could say anything and there is no way to disprove (or prove) it. This should not be allowed.

    I heard rumors that Cain was going to sue Politico. He should in order to find out who breached the confidentiality agreement.

    1. Wow! I had only heard about the widely discredited Larry Sinclair in the limo, matter. The “reporter’s reporter” John Martin does indeed need to investigate this.

  5. Needless to say, anyone who hires Gloria Allred, is behind the eight ball when it comes to being taken seriously. Unless of course the motive is to get some auditions for reality television shows or something on that order. 15 minutes is too much, so this latest client will get her 5 minutes of notoriety. Who pays Gloria for all the grandstanding?

  6. Here we go again. How did she pull this one out of the woodwork….AND if this was such an issue for this lady (1997) why did she wait UNTIL NOW to make these allegations????????????????

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