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Obama to Announce New Measures at Noon

From the White House. More “executive actions.”

12:00PM         THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on tax credits included in the American Jobs Act and new executive actions that will help get veterans back to work

Rose Garden

I’ll live stream it.

8 thoughts on “Obama to Announce New Measures at Noon”

  1. He can give all the hiring credits he wants and it won’t make a bit of difference. Until this radical president is removed from office, business owners aren’t budging on hiring. They are paralyzed by Obamacare, his class warfare rhetoric, and the onerous regulations imposed by his numerous czars. This economy will recover when the Obama’s takes that last plane ride out of DC back to Chicago on inauguration day 2013.

  2. Who’s up first now: women? AfAmericans? military veterans? disabled military veterans? long-term unemployed? illegal aliens?

    Who’s at the back of the line: non-military White males.

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