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Live Stream || Cain Accuser Speaks

Herman Cain’s accuser’s press conference.

The event has concluded.

4 Responses to Live Stream || Cain Accuser Speaks

  1. ok, game on. Some ambitious investigator could dig into hotel records and see if there was a room reserved for this young unemployed waif, and if it was upgraded by Cain to a really nice room. That would add-subtract credibility to her claims.

    I find her recolletion of supposed direct quotes from years and years ago to be completely ridiculous, but that could be dismissed as her being naive. Sounded like a teenager’s diary story to me.

      • Oh my gosh… I ordered that movie after Rush talked about it last week. I had never seen it before and that clip is spot on. If the left is able to win tomorrow’s elections, we’ll know whether or not we’re living in an Idiocracy. The person who doesn’t get out and vote tomorrow on whatever issue is up for a vote in your state, is the person who doesn’t mind living in an Idiocracy.