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Latest Cain Accuser Was Not Sexually Harassed

I’m not an attorney, but based on the press conference she held today, the lastest woman accusing Herman Cain of misdeeds does not appear to have been sexually harassed.

She says basically that he made a move on her 14 years ago after she worked for an association affiliated with the National Restaurant Association. She didn’t notify the Restaurant Association and she didn’t file any complaints.

A travesty that will unfortunately detract from what might be other legitimate claims. It’s worth investigating who put her up to this.

The woman, Sharon Bialek, said while she was seeking Cain’s help getting a job with the Restaurant Association itself, he made an agressive sexual advance toward her, but that he stopped immediately when she told him she wasn’t interested. She alleged that he suggested engaging in sex with him would lead to a job at the association.

She hasn’t sought any money for revealing the alleged episode.


40 thoughts on “Latest Cain Accuser Was Not Sexually Harassed”

  1. Beautiful, blonde, Repub, media personality from Chicago, unemployed, single mother accuses MrCain.. of making a move.
    He must have misinterpreted the intentions of the beautiful, blonde, Repub, media personality from Chicago, unemployed, single mother’s motive of flying to DC, renting a hotel room, and asking him for help in finding a job.
    He’s toast.

  2. I’ve been trying to avoid this one– it’s almost impossible. Last night and this morning I noticed several mentions that indicated the whole thing might be trumped up- now you’re suggesting this one might be..

    Cain’s managed to get himself in a unique position he’s very popular with the voters, as a result the Dems, Establishment GOP and MSM are all scared to death he might make it. That’s a big bunch of enemies with influence, money, power and questionable ethics. On the other hand, he’s smart enough to know that if he got this far, he was going to upset those folks..

    For his sake I hope he was more prepared than it looks like at the moment

    1. I agree with you. He started his campaign unprepared and has not handled it well.
      A POTUS must be a crisis manager.
      Mr. Cain is not.
      I understand if his wife does not like publicity but this too should have been a consideration before a campaign for POTUS.
      A candidate’s wife comes with the job….like it or not.

      1. I know she doesn’t like publicity but I think it’s odd that Mrs. Cain hasn’t shown public support for her husband. I really liked Cain and while he may be innocent, the way he’s handled these accusations has caused me concern about how he’d react in an emergency situation as POTUS.

        1. Think it through – this has nothing to do with how he would handle a crisis – this is ‘how to handle PR and his wife”.
          And c’mon, it always seems fake and contrived to have the wife up there ‘supporting her man’. He should handle it himself, privately with his wife, publicly for us.

  3. People do fly to locations to talk to people about work. I flew to NY once to feel someone out on a job (not the way YOU think). I have not heard this yet–but if he promised a job for sex, is that not the classic definition? I guess you mean she can’t prove it, so it didn’t happen. Do you really think this woman with a BF etc wanted a job so bad she flew there to hit on the head of this assn? To me that is dubious. There were jobs in those days!

  4. I detest Gloria Allred and distrust her clients.
    But if he did try to make a move, it would matter to me.
    I do not think Mr. Cain has been properly vetted.
    He should have been upfront with supporters from the beginning and his wife should have been at his side.

      1. Yes–Obama was not vetted–granted. That is why I changed parties. I never could find out who was behind him. But that has nothing to do with this–because Obama skated, everyone should?

    1. all I know is Kal Penn, Reggie Love, Man’s Country, Jeremiah Wright’s Down-Low Club and I, had some good times w/ Mr. Obama…

  5. Sorry – I am not buying any of this. You know Cain had a radio show for years in Atlanta and has not shyed away from the media in many many years. Could it possibly be a factor….just a thought…. that these women (if they were truly so “harmed” and injured by these allegations that they would have voiced them already? Sold their story? Wrote a book? Contributed to a newsmag about workplace harassment (without mentioning the alleged aggressor of course).
    This all smells like dead fish… and is anyone else noticing the very curious pace of “new accuser” about every days or so?
    Not buying it…. this is a set up… GOP establishment is Scared of him.

    1. You are SO RIGHT ON! I am sick of the Dems “dirty tactics” and never-ending efforts to distract every American from the BHO ADM massive mis-management of the Economy. I posted a message that printed below a few minutes ago. JudyBeth

    2. Think this is a joint operation, especially with the appearance of Gloria Allred. She is taking this on for the DNC. The establishment GOP is trotting out their RINOs to keep this scandal alive as well. I want to know who fed the story to Politico in the first place.

  6. Remember, for years the Howard Dean “MEAN Smear MACHINE” of the DemWits Party has been slandering every Conservative and Republican across the States during every election, especially for Presidential Elections, and/or Supreme Court or for any court Nominees’ hearings for many years. Such tactics are part of every local/state/national Dem Party members! Don’t ask me how I know! It is TRUE and involves stalking, photos, money, bribes for records and worse! Many good people have left the Dems for that reason, alone!

    Candidates and supporters MUST Stay on Message:
    I. Stop ObamaCare!
    II. Stop BHO’s “stranglehold” taxes & regulations on the Economy!

    Then, our communities/neighborhoods in Urban & Small Town American cities can begin to recover so many vital LOST family/small businesses and services that once created revenue streams to keep neighborhoods growing and thriving! Obama is at WAR with every small family business owner who has been the backbone of American prosperity!

    For an indepth look at the Cain/Gingrich interview Sat by the Texas Tea Party PAC go to:

    Again, STAY on Message – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! & Jobs! jb

  7. Who put her up to this? The sexual harrassment ambulance chaser Gloria Allred.

    The woman is alledging that Cain put his hand up her dress. That’s NOT sexual harrassment. It’s sexual assault.

    Why didn’t she go to the cops?

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    1. After putting his hand under the white Republican woman’s dress near her crotch, she stated that , and I quote, “Herman, you know I have a boyfriend”, I’M NO FORENSIC SCIENTIST BUT: that doesn’t sound like a response from someone who feels they are being harassed or assaulted sexually.
      Also I felt while watching the lawyer and victim READ their statements that thought it was funny. Sexual harassment or assault is no laughing matter.

    2. I just watched this woman’s statement. She listed how Cain assaulted her.

      And her response after his horrible actions?

      She asked him for a ride to her hotel. If a man has behaved in the horrible, despicable manner that she described; you find your own way home.

      I agree. Her story stinks.

  8. “… she was seeking Cain’s help getting a job…”

    You mean she handed him her resume? Aren’t there appropriate channels that you go through to get a job?

    Also, why didn’t all of this (if there is anything) come out when Mr. Cain was running for Senate?

    “A travesty that will unfortunately detract from what might be other legitimate claims. It’s worth investigating who put her up to this.”

    Keith, You seem hell-bent on besmirching Herman Cain. Why?

    1. Oddly enough Keith Koffler challenges his readers to voice their opinion, whatever that may be. Debate is good, no debate is communism!

  9. I don’t get the impression Keith is trying to sabotage Cain at all. I didn’t agree with his first article about Cain being toast, but he has been fair. He says this isn’t sexual harassment. Cain also isn’t doing a good job addressing these issues – he’s a big boy, he should be able to handle this better, whether these are trumped up charges or not. If he can’t, then he needs to get out of the fire. This is tame compared to what is coming. I would like the truth because it may all be smoke, but it does need to be addressed and the sooner the better or he will be toast. Any time Gloria Allred steps into the picture – it is circumspect. She’s the one who brought the former maid forward in the California governor’s race against Meg Whitman and Ms. Whitman never recovered. In my opinion it was nothing but a hit piece, but the damage was done. Meg Whitman wasn’t politically savvy and like it or not – you gotta be. Why would really good people even want to put themselves through that.

    1. Re: Meg Whitman – Yeah, that’s really working out great for us here in California with “Governor Jerry Brown, The Sequel.” Meg Whitman may have not won anyway, but Gloria Allred helped finish her off just to be sure.

  10. Well, I disagree with Keith. I believe Cain made the move and said what he said. The only thing in his favor is he stopped, but sexual harassment is what it is. As far as Gloria Allred, she latches on to public scandals at every opportunity, not just political figures or those aspiring to be. You don’t have to like her, but she has proven to be a formidable opponent and Cain would do better to admit his inappropriate behavior. The others will soon join in a class action against Cain, so get ready for the next one. This might in itself be excusable, but he is running for presidential candidate and his background, demeanor, and ability to handle adverse issues are obviously questionable. We don’t need any more deception in the WH. Cain needs to remove himself from the candidate roster, explain it to his wife if he can, and move on.

    1. This is just a warm-up act for 2012. Same thing will happen to likely nominee Romney next year…some 11th-hour scandal courtesy of Barry, the DNC, et al — which will ultimately finish him off and secure Barry’s reelection. I guess when it happens Mitt should just remove himself from the candidate roster. Wonderful.

      We’re at a stage now where anyone can say anything and then that’s it for the candidate…they’re done! Is the power to swing an election really in the hands of a “formidable opponent” like Gloria Allred??

      If that’s where we’re at, we’re doomed.

      1. This started years ago when Dan Rather trumped up those fake charges against Bush and all of a sudden it didn’t matter if they were true or not it was “the seriousness of the charge.” So anyone is now allowed to say anything about anyone and we have to take it seriously.

        So I claim Obama was a hit man prior to becoming Senator. I can’t give you any details because that would be insensitive to the surviving relatives of his hit. Now tha’s a really serious charge. It’s up to him to disprove it.

  11. Finally liking what I’m reading. There have been a lot of accusations going out and Cain have been thrown out all the dirt while people do not even try to see if the accusations were true or not, the sad thing is they simply believe. I don’t mean to sound bad but Sharon Bialek do not even sound emotional as she was reading her claims of being sexually harassed. Apparently some people are afraid of Cain’s 999 Tax Plan that you can read in detail from here

  12. She’s a paid hack. She was put in place as the white woman sexually assaulted by the black man and the left is sure the Republicans won’t put up with that because the Republicans are so racist.

  13. What I find interesting is that all these “victims” of harassment did not come forward when Mr. Cain was running for the US Senate; nor did they or their attorneys approach the media when he was one of the pack of GOP possibilities. No–they waited until he became a front-runner to share their sad stories with us all. I would really like to know who started the ball rolling by feeding the first “leak” to Politico and who is keeping the epic going drip by drip. I suspect both the country club GOP elite and the DNC. . .

    1. Plenty of people who have been groped do not “report” it–gloss it over–oh, it’s over now and people will say I am a tramp. Sort of like some of you are saying about her (paid hack). I am not saying this makes her claim true, but going public with something like this is not a fun deal and a big payday. Wait, though–some people did get a payday…never mind.

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