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Herman Cain’s Decline May Have Begun

Last week, I predicted the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain would spell the end of his campaign, though it might occur gradually, as the seriousness of the charges sinks in.

There is some sign that this is beginning to happen.

A poll I noticed in The Daily Caller this morning – performed by Ipsos and Reuters – finds a sharp drop in Cain’s approval rating among Republicans, from 66 to 57 percent. What’s more, some Republican leaders are beginning to demand more, as both Jon Huntsman and Mississippi Republican Gov. Haley Barbour called on Cain to provide a better explanation of what happened.

Cain continues to show the unpleasant underside of his sunny campaign, which has included apparent lies about whether he knew about about the settlement with one of the women who alleged harassment and a disgusting effort to smear Rick Perry as having leaked the original story to Politico.

Here he is, doing something I’ve never seen an actual president do – refusing to even take a question on a topic he doesn’t like and dressing down a reporter as unethical. Quite scary, the notion that a president would cut off speech in this manner.

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Also kind of sickening to see the reporter beg to ask his question. Just ask it and don’t be cowed by a bully!

That the press failed to fully vet President Obama doesn’t mean every story has an agenda behind it or that Republican presidential candidates’ pasts should not be probed. The charges in particular that the Cain stories were driven by racism are so outlandish – I had really thought Republicans didn’t play the race card, but boy was I wrong.

Cain has not one, but two settled sexual harassment suits in his past. Accusations of further harassment are indeed anonymous, but they are based on conversations with numerous sources by numerous press outlets. To just brush away such information when the future of our country is at stake is irresponsible.

With his fulminations against the press and his opponents added to his shallow knowledge about the issues of the day, you get that most dangerous of sorts – someone trying to ride his personality to power.

So we need to fully understand that personality. Here’s a further glimpse of it for you.

Another piercing of Cain’s thin skin occurred on June 18 when Cain was under criticism for discussing loyalty tests for Muslims who want to serve in government, erupting with the claim that he never said he would apply special precautions to Muslims.

Well, you judge if he never said such a thing.

From an article in The Daily Caller on June 8 describing an interview he had just had with Glenn Beck on Fox News:

CAIN: The exact language was when I was asked, “Would you be comfortable with a Muslim in your cabinet?” and I said “No, I would not be comfortable.” I didn’t say I wouldn’t appoint one because if they can prove to me they are putting the Constitution of the United States first, they would be a candidate just like everybody else. My entire career I’ve hired good people, great people, regardless of their religious orientation.”
BECK: So wait a minute, are you saying that Muslims have to prove, there has to be a loyalty proof?
CAIN: Yes, to the Constitution of the United States of America.
BECK: Well, would you do that to a Catholic or would you do that to a Mormon?
CAIN: No, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t because there is a greater dangerous part of the Muslim faith than there is in these other religions. I know there are some Muslims who talk about, “But we are a peaceful religion.” I’m sure that there are some peace-loving Muslims.

Cain is not a victim. What we need to know better, of someone who would be president, is whether he is a victimizer.

20 thoughts on “Herman Cain’s Decline May Have Begun”

  1. Cain may be a “shouter” CEO type, who is used to getting his way by sheer force. I don’t consider that style to be an effective one for a President. A “manager” who gets people/organizations to work smoothly together and who only uses “demands” as a last resort may be a better choice of style for our candidate.

  2. I don’t blame him one bit for refusing to comment on allegations and innuendos that have no basis in fact. He told what he knew about the one incident and until the journolisto Politico hacks give some substance to their accusations, nothing more can be said. How do we know there were two suits against him? He had knowledge of only one and I haven’t seen any proof that there were two or three or however many others crawl out from the woodwork.

    The Republicans calling for Cain to keep talking are the establishment. They are trying their best to tear down Mr. Cain to make way for Mittens. Ain’t gonna happen. As for those poll results, Sarah Palin said it best. Polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers.

    The Lincoln-Douglas style debate between Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain on Saturday was fantastic. I got a chance to really hear the candidates debate the issues without any leftist moderators playing gotcha. Thanks to c-Span for televising the debate.

  3. I think Mr. Cain is demonstrating his political immaturity. I also think he’s demonstrating his lack of qualifications for the job he seeks. The last time the Republicans nominated a ‘business man’ was in 1940 and Wendell Willkie lost to a vulnerable FDR. I don’t think we want to go there again.

    1. Have to disagree with you on the FDR-Wilkie comparison. FDR was never vulnerable…not according to the history books I read. Wilkie was a liberal lawyer, what we call an establishment Republican nowadays. WWII was raging and FDR was so loved by the populous that he was elected to his third term as president in 1940. FDR was our first imperial president and the impetus for the 22nd amendment.

      1. Points taken. FDR was vulnerable for a couple of reasons. We were still in a depression (although starting to recover), the New Deal wasn’t working, and many were reluctant to elect a president for a third term. Since the war was raging in Europe, many Americans were afraid we’d get sucked in just like WWI. FDR camaigned on not getting involved in foreign wars….the campaign worked and he won a solid victory over Wilkie. I guess my point was running someone who doesn’t have high level government experience may not sway enough of the independents you’ll need to unseat the One. You could say that Obama did it….although he never had any leadership positions, he was a U.S. Senator.
        My hope is that whoever gets the nomination can win!

  4. Yeah, I am not thrilled with the “candor” here–and this is going on and on… Supposedly he sent some Journalist Ethics Credo or something to a whole list of people–not sure what that was, but he can shove that as far as I am concerned. Now he is all about how hurt his wife is. Those women did talk to someone, though, and now they need to come out with it, whatever it is. I really despise this sort of free-floating assumption that a women in the pressure-y association world would junk her career just to bug some guy. Like women are just mean dopes and don’t need to make a living.

    As for crocodile tears, Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes–honestly, she is losing it. Jack Abrams was on being all sarcastic and fake-sorry and she was SHOCKED at his saying he had sway over 100 Representatives in his heyday–she actually plunged her head into her hands in utter despair at one point and was almost crying in disgust over our “system.” Oh, please! Grow up.

  5. Mr. Cain is unable to handle a crisis.
    That alone disqualifies him for president.
    None of us know what happened but he has only made it worse.
    Crisis Management can be a daily situation for a POTUS.

    1. He’s been a remarkable handler of crisis and problems….and all of a sudden because a reporter gets his just desserts, he is unfit? Mr. Cain’s supporters did not donate their money to have him stagnate on this issue, and the media are doing their best to keep him here.

      They want Romney – Obama lite.

  6. Whaaaa Whaaa poor little reporters, Mean Mr. Cain!! Whaa he yelled at us, he won’t answer us teh thousandth time we ask the same question!!1 Whaaa Whaaa! He doesn’t understand that we are the media. THE media. “Sniffle” Whaaa!!

    We want a liar!! Gice us a smooth talking liar who is used to our asaninity, double standards, and our hypocrisy!! We want Romney!! He knows how to stroke us!! Whaaaa………

  7. While not a politically correct opinion, I actually agree with what he said with regards to Muslims. Having studied the religion quite a bit, they are required to put the Quran before ANYthing else. The Muslim religion is more than just Sunday worship service, it is a political ideology also. And while they try to deny it, the ultimate goal is to gain enough power to change our constitution. They believe in Muslim law, not the American constitution or legal system.
    That said, it does seem he is beginning to unravel, which is unfortunate, because there doesn’t really seem to be a good option against Romney. Who I really, really don’t want to be the Republican candidate. I really, really do want to vote FOR someone.

  8. As a registered Dem, I won’t be helping to select the Repub candidate, but I’ll still be voting for him or her come November 2012.
    We don’t know what MrCain did or didn’t do 20 years ago. Until we are presented with the facts, everything else is rumor.

    re: the race card.
    The Dems started with the anti-race card against MrCain when it seemed he was getting traction in all the polls; he’s not “Black” enough, a traitor to his race, a UncleTom that Repubs will use and then discard. The Repub response to the Dem allegations was to accuse them of being “racist”.

    When GovPerry was the frontrunner he too was accused of being racist by the Dems because of a word painted on a rock located at a rural retreat that his family rented.

  9. Keith: you turned out to have been right about Cain (re your post last week), and I share your disgust at the spectacle of the GOP playing the race card.

    but please…do you REALLY have to describe Jon Huntsman as a “Republican leader”? who the heck is he leading? nobody in the party can stand him.

  10. Just as Issa said from his own personal experience, it’s almost impossible to jump from the business world into the world of politics. Cain, for all his wonderful qualities is not ready for prime time. PERIOD! Our nation cannot stand another administration who is weak on experience. I would like to see him as Vice President though. For the record, the accusations of sexual harassment don’t effect me at all. Clinton set the bar on this and now the lefties want to lower it. They can not have it both ways.

  11. MT for re-redistribution

    I wouldn’t, by default, trust a muslim either. They put their faith in a set of ideals that tell them to kill non-believers. Duh. Wake up. Is there anything more un-american than that? Sure, let’s just turn a few King Cobras, scorpions, and land mines loose in our living rooms too.

    Disclaimer: I apologize to muslims who are not really aware that their faith tells them to kill people, and that in awful environments, some people become deranged enough to actually obey those tenets.

    How would you present a healthy mistrust of islam in a campaign?

    That being said, I’m not so sure he’s the man for the job.

  12. If Governor Palin were a. Candidate, there would be no risk that allegations of sexual harassment because if she were to demand sex from a man he wouldn’t complain about it. Factor in her actual experience in politics and government and her far more cogent tax policy and unchallengeable supremacy on energy policy and she is far and above the best candidate.

  13. Keith: You said…
    “Here he (Mr. Cain) is, doing something I’ve never seen an actual president do – refusing to even take a question on a topic he doesn’t like and dressing down a reporter as unethical. Quite scary, the notion that a president would cut off speech in this manner.”

    If you want to witness what you say you have never seen, why don’t you ask for Mr. Obama to release his educational credentials? And by that, I do not mean ask Jay Carney, ask the President himself. Or lean a little further in to the associations he had while in Chicago. And then there is the hillbuzz article today questioning Mr. Obama past association with his church in Chicago that goes beyond merely sitting under the teaching of Rev. Wright.

    btw, I am not a Cain supporter, so my challenge does not come from that angle.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I agree Keith, it’s not that Cain refused to answer the question, that happens all the time. It’s HOW he refused to answer. Not answering questions happens more times than not in any political arena, or have you not noticed?? So I don’t think it’s significant at all that he refused to answer.

      I know what your response will be, and I sort of agree with you. We should never take a ‘no comment’ regarding a legit question. It’s not too late to ask O about his grades…

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