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E-Day Minus One Year: Golf

Exactly one year before Election Day, President Obama decided to go golfing.

Symbolic? It’s sure where Republicans want him to be 366 days from today.

Obama was at the Fort Belvoir course with three of his usual crew of junior White House staffers.

Today was the 28th golf outing of the year for Obama and the 86th of his presidency.

27 thoughts on “E-Day Minus One Year: Golf”

  1. Sigh..I just read an article on Drudge on the battle on Issue 2 in Ohio. The writer stated that if this issue is voted down, that Obama will have an easy win here. How depressing.

    1. Time for the Ohio patriots to get out the vote on Tuesday. Something else Ohio will vote on is Issue 3, which would outlaw the individual mandate in Obamacare. If it is passed, it will send a message to the Supreme Court that Americans don’t want socialized medicine. Come on Ohio, do the rest of America proud.

      1. There are alot of out of state people here trying to defeat both bills! We also have the highest tax rates in the country. I have alot of respect for Kasich, I think he is doing what he feels needs to be done.

        1. The progressives did the same thing in Wisconsin but the conservatives won that skirmish. Just try not to pay any attention to the MSM, they don’t control the message any longer.

          1. Nope, I’m not..but they are trying their best to defeat them. I also read that the Toledo area, where I live, has the highest poverty rate in the country. Toledo is very union minded and I wouldn’t put it past them to defeat both issues. Then they will do nothing but complain about how bad it is.

          2. I read the article in Drudge too.
            What bothers me is that the Unions have raised more money for this election.
            Pray that the others turn out to vote.
            Unions = Danger.

      1. Thanks! We didn’t have power for a week. It was just so widespread and we didn’t get the worst of it. South of us had the wettest, heaviest snow. CT was the worst off.

        I found out I could survive w/o being online. It was actually a nice break.

        1. Just a thought; isn’t it past time for the power gurus to come up with a better idea than stringing the wires from pole to pole? Underground wiring would seem to be a good idea in the N.E.

          Anyhoo, welcome back. We missed your clever videos.

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  3. btw that is 77 hours of golf (estimated at 4 hours a game) this year-almost 2 weeks @ a 40 hour week (or a 15 hour week if you are obama)

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  5. Interesting story in the Daily Mail about Obama and golf. Said he was on golf course up until 20 minutes before the BinLaden raid said he wanted to be
    removed in case it went south. That’s him alright ready to say wasn’t me I was golfing or look how brave I am! What a piece of work he is shamefully shallow
    and still ruining our country.

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  7. “focused like a laser on jobs”, and
    ” I will not rest until every American can find a job”.
    Imagine how bad off we would be if he was not on duty 24/7/365!

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