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The Obama Scandals Continue to Simmer

Well, now we know one good reason why President campaigned so aggressively to maintain Democratic control of the House.

With Republicans running the House and in charge of the committees, the White House now has something it was missing in its first two years: oversight.

House Republicans Thursday subpoenaed the White House for internal emails related to Solyndra, trying to ascertain whether political favoritism informed administration efforts to keep the company afloat.

The White House Friday pushed back, essentially terming the request a fishing expedition and charing the effort was the the effort partisan. The two sides will probably try to negotiate a narrower request.

Another ripple in in the Solyndra matter, reported by The Daily Caller, is that the Energy Department paid $1 million to Lazard Ltd., a heavyweight Democratic donor, to see what could be done to bail out  Solyndra as it flailed on its deathbed.

Meanwhile, 35 Republican members of Congress are now calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over his handling of the Fast and Furious matter, which may have included perjury before Congress in his testimony about when he learned of the operation.

Holder will testify on Capitol Hill next week. It should make for interesting viewing.

14 thoughts on “The Obama Scandals Continue to Simmer”

  1. Distractions, distractions, distractions! Nothing worse than an angry house. When it gets hot the paint begins to peel.. And what in the H E double hockey sticks was our leader doing in Cannes besides photo ops?

  2. The two sides will probably try to negotiate a narrower request.
    Damn Republicans better grow a pair and stop with the compromising. They are compromising away our republic to a man who has made no bones about the fact that he wants to go beyond his role as president of the United States. I for one will not be ruled by any man. If the Republicans don’t stand up to him and force him to play by the rule of law, we will lose our country.

  3. The WH will stymie any oversight as long as they can. If the subpoena is too broad and a fishing expedition the GOP will narrow its scope. Then it will become a matter of national security or executive privilege.

    I can see this one going the way of Watergate and ending up at the SCOTUS. Same with Fast and Furious. I can’t see Holder resigning, unless he becomes such an albatross to the administration that he suddenly develops serious “medical issues” that force him to retire.

  4. This administration could write a manual in all the ways to destroy the trust and support of the voters.
    Start off by passing out taxpayer’s money to the money-grabbers in WallStreet, buy off the Unions with taxpayer’s money and crony regulations, enact laws that the voters don’t want, and best of all, when caught doing something wrong or stupid just deny the whole thing and refuse to cooperate with the investigators until you’re forced to do so months before the next election..
    On the private side of politics, have your wife take exotic vacations at the taxpayer’s expense. Encourage her to wear expensive clothes and jewelry while you exort the voters to up their ‘sacrifices’ for the greater good. When that’s not enough, you take the whole family on excellent vacations to pricey resorts while most taxpayers are staying at home looking for loose change in the sofa.
    On the global stage, shock and outrage the voters with unwarrented apologies to foreign leaders on behalf of America, insult select foreign leaders for no forseeable gain, interfere in volatile nations to change their leadership from a tyrannical dictatorship to one of tyrannical Islam, and ignore any and all forms of accepted protocols by doing or saying anything that pops into your head.

    1. Our Pestident (sic), who by the way is living in public housing, wants to be the leader of the World. Period.
      But observing his actions at the G20 payday summit, POTUS came off as the class clown.

    1. I echo your above statement, and now the world sees US as the idiots for putting him in office.
      A fool is as a fool does.
      We won’t be fooled again.

  5. We will not see Holder resign anytime soon, nor will we see Obama suggest such a course of action. Holder is doing EXACTLY what Obama wants him to do and has tried to carry Obama’s water on KSM’s trial in NY city and related issues. He is still USAG because he represents Obama’s thinking and philosophy across the board. Even passing on the New Black Panther intimidation case was acceptable in the White House. Imagine what that blank check handed over to the NBP party and their colleagues in SEIU portends for the coming election. It is going to be one of the most violent general elections we have seen in modern times.

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