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Obama: Baby Pretty. Daddy Ugly. Mama Hot

President Obama Friday managed to insult French President Nicolas Sarkozy while flirting with his wife. Take a look.

I know he meant well. And I hate to think I might be taking an effort at lightness too seriously.

But this moment embodies two perilous situations: When a stiff man tries to loosen up, and when a short, not particularly attractive man receives a comment about his looks. And I think the peril veered into a minor diplomatic accident.

Obama and Sarkozy are hardly chums. The reaction in the French media has been mixed.

Given that the French are sensitive creatures still sore over their long-lost claim to world leadership, it might have been better for Obama not to be needling their president.

45 thoughts on “Obama: Baby Pretty. Daddy Ugly. Mama Hot”

  1. In every situation that he is required by protocol to speak and think and behave with decorum, he must always prove to the world that he has no class whatever.

    The French are formal at heart. They love pomp. For Obama to pull out a bar joke that he believes makes everyone feel more “chummy”, is both bad form, and egoistic. But what can you expect from trailer trash on steroids?

  2. It’s an old joke, and one that I have said about myself – glad my kids inherited their mom’s looks instead of mine. BUT, that is the type of joke told in private, not to the world’s audience. At least Sarkozy got a smile out of it, or the translator changed the wording.

    Levity and humor are not Obama’s forte, and the longer he is around Biden the more he seems to stick his foot in his mouth. And no, I don’t think hiring a WH joke writer will help. You need to be able to deliver, and over the past three years we’ve seen that Obama can’t.

    1. I agree. It’s an old buddy-buddy joke, usually with an added reference to the mail-man’s looks.
      To anyone else, it’s an insult.

      1. I think it’s both. He excuses any “diplomatic ignorance” because he’s so great and powerful he doesn’t need to be bothered by such nonsense.

  3. Jackass. You can put a suit on it but it’s still a ugly, stinky, loud mouthed jackass.

    He never means well, why would you think that?

  4. That’s one of the problems with megalomaniacs…they are always the most handsome, the most intelligent, and the most personable people in the room. He thinks the world loves him and I think he’s standing up there with no clothes on…figuratively speaking of course.

  5. They could save a dime by firing the protocol person at the WH because either
    the person is totally inept or not able to get either of the Obama’s to act in a
    way that doesn’t embarrass the US. Time and again they go overseas and look like rubes. And no you don’t hug the Queen ever! And don’t even start
    on gifts guess he gave the new addition his children’s book and that would be
    anything he’s written.

  6. Not cool…Sarkozy could have replied by saying that he hoped none of Barry’s kids would grow up to look like him or her..both unattractive, and arrogant for some strange reason!

  7. Is it a term of endearment for Barry to drop the “s” in Nicolas’ first name? Or was he concerned about whistling that “s” too much, which is one among several of the the irritating things about to listen to the One, speak.

    The miseable thing about his delivery was that he made this comment in nearly the same tone as his other remarks (deadpan and nearly monotone) whereas he might have been able to pull it off a little less offensively had he used his trademark big toothy grin. What an amateur.

  8. bettyann says: “The French are formal at heart. ” she 100% right. Americans are casual and intimate; we don’t understand that the French get offended at that, and think we should be more reserved. (then of course WE interpret their reserve as “the French are snobs and don’t like us,” which is also not true. it’s actually the British who don’t like us.)

    and there’s a way to do this–and that wasn’t it. you know…you say something like “with her mom’s good looks and her father’s intelligence” or something. or say something disparaging about yourself, like how your kids take after Michelle (which wouldn’t be true, but whatever.)

    not that being charming is a must for a president, but George W. Bush probably would have come up with something pretty adorable in the same circumstances. just sayin.

  9. Geezus. Obama’s always flirting with women in the most cheesy manner. Remember the “cell phone in my pocket” incident, when his phone rang while he was hugging a supporter? “Not trying to get fresh,” Obie Won quipped, “that’s my cell-phone buzzing in my pocket.”


    1. Obama insults every American every day by sitting in the Oval Office with his big feet propped up on the Resolute Desk.
      For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed by the man we must call POTUS.

  10. Appears to me as always the POTUS is reading his prepared comments. Even an imbecile could say same without reading. This man does not do his homework but relies on others who apparently are not very intelligent

    1. How dare you say his advisers are not intelligent.
      O would never allow anyone but Ivy League imposters to advise him on anything.
      Especially concerning anything !
      O has standards you know !

  11. You know he doesn’t with this stuff which means somebody talked him into just sounding lame. The undeserved reputation of eloquence and savvy that actually some voted for, only thinly disguises a huge ‘cringe factor’. To be fair, they all seem to carry this gene.

  12. I thought it was very bad taste on Obama’s part.
    Actually, he has no taste.
    Maybe he envy’s Sarcozy his gorgeous wife!
    He surely does not have one!!!!!

    All I like about Romney is his elegant, lovely, “Lady” wife.

    1. Sarkozy may be height challenged, but he has that power thing going on–the man is president of France, for heaven’s sake. Obama has long since frittered away his power advantage.

  13. The man has no class. He doesn’t realize he is a representing the United States. They have a totally different culture. In our culture, we tell jokes like that to someone we have a strong personal bond with. It definitedly would not be in public to an unfamiliar audience that would embarrass the recipient. Obama only thinks of himself. Maybe someone should have given him protocol lessons after becoming President.

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  15. What was Obama thinking? you can pull out that kind of joke with friends but not with people you are not even friends with but merely an acquaintance and worst of all-a president! Well, seem like every president or aspirants like Herman Cain needs to take a hold of themselves.

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