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Perry’s Strange N.H. Appearance

Any idea what’s going on here? Booze? Meds? Booze + Meds?

Man, this crop of GOP candidates is a peculiar bunch.

Below is a video with some excerpts from an appearance by Rick Perry last Friday in New Hampshire. I will say he somehow sounds better and smarter here than in some of his stiff, tired debate performances.

13 Responses to Perry’s Strange N.H. Appearance

  1. I don’t think it was bad at all. He was able to make a long speech without telepromptors. I loved his joke about Timmy’s taxes, and at the end when he says that we are the land of the free and to give it back to us.

    We have to look past the beautiful hair and “stage presence” to pick a real candidate. If sometimes they flub what they’re saying, so what? No matter how polished Obama is during debates, he has nothing to say. I’m beginning to believe a lot of us are seeing that.

      • As opposed to a man incapable of speaking without at least 2 prompters
        and repeats the same BS time after time? Genuine humor beats robotic
        BS for me. Uncomfortable is a President who dislike America and half
        of it’s population he prefers OWS types.

      • I just don’t see what you’re seing. I see someone who is relaxed and able to go off script. He’s speaking to a friendly audience so he should be more relaxed. I would not expect his State of the Union address to look like this, but I think he’d know the difference. Although Reagan and Bush cracked jokes during their SOTUs.

  2. Hey – I got it! He is expressing what we all feel AND is expressing it the way we all do, you know, when we’re around the kitchen table with a ‘lil bit of sarcasism Still, I’m voting for NEWT!

  3. He may have been a little loopy, but I like what he had to say. At least he doesn’t need a teleprompter to speak coherently, unlike somebody else we know…

  4. I have seen people interviewed who were present at the speech the entire time…this clip is edited.
    At the end he received a standing ovation.
    What is wrong with having a good time?
    He was not drunk but who would care if he had a glass of wine or not?
    At least no teleprompter.
    He could give a great Inaugural Speech and I hope he gets to do just that!

  5. Could very well be the pain medications for his back. That’s a lot to deal with considering his schedule. Hats off to the man for that alone.

    But back to topic–those that were there, some even sitting with him said he was not drinking and he was just in a jovial mood. The tape makes it look different than reality. After I read that–I think it was Daily Caller–, I just chalked it up to just one of those things.