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Is Obama Chewing Nicorette at the G-20?

The White House this week released the results of a physical exam in which President Obama was triumphantly declared “tobacco-free.”

But watch the wording here closely. He doesn’t seem to be “nicotine-free.”

It is widely known that Obama was using Nicorette to quit smoking. But it’s not clear he’s quit the Nicorette.

The White House Pool reporter today caught Obama chewing away on some type of gum at the G-20 in Cannes, France.

A very long start to working session #3. Because host French President Nicolas Sarkozy had not yet arrived, the pool was allowed into the start of the session for nearly 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, pooler could not hear most of what was said. But there was plenty to see, including Obama, who was chewing gum throughout, spending at least 15 minutes in animated conversations, first with British Prime Minister David Cameron and later with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Now, when do world leaders ever chew gum at the G-20? Or the G-8? Or the G-anything?

Never. Except maybe if they are having a Nicotine fit.

I’m sure Nicorette works wonders for some people. But everyone I’ve known who has tried it is either still on Nicorette or back smoking cigarettes.

The use of cute phrasing – in this case, “tobacco-free” – to paint Obama as a man taking the tough road to quitting smoking is not new.

Early in his presidency, in 2009, Obama offered a Clintonesque response to a question about his cigarette use:

“I have not smoked in the White House.”

Again, look closely. He was trying to suggest he hadn’t smoked since he got to the White House, but Obama in his lawyerly way was actually saying he hasn’t physically smoked IN the White House.

I have a theory that he golfs so religiously not just out of a love for the game but, with only his trusted band of regulars on hand to see it, to fire up the smokes. But it’s just speculation.

114 thoughts on “Is Obama Chewing Nicorette at the G-20?”

  1. For any not paying attention, just more evidence of the distain comrade Hussein holds for all world leaders, as he is the ultimate narcissist. No reason to be polite when your marxist upbringing has taught you that you are the end all and be all. Although our leftist MSM will not report it, the European leaders show nothing but derision for Hussein, the abject failure to them, but complete success to all anti-American haters who see the destruction he has wrought in his completely calculated manner. The U.S. is history if this marxist/muslim narcissist gains 4 more years, and perhaps history just based on the ongoing destruction he and his marxist thugs are inflicting.

  2. Obama chewing gum at the G20 just once again shows his lack of character and class.He thinks so many people want to see him, he covers the faces of other “prominent ” leaders and he likes to put his feet upon the W.H. furniture.Obama has less class than Billy Carter had. But Billy Boy, never tried to present himself as having class. Nor did Roger Clinton.

  3. Of course he’s still smoking. You can hear it in the effect it has on his voice. And if he had quit, he’d out on weight. He still thin enough for Muchelle to snap in half.

  4. Within last 6 months it was reported that his wife announced it was a Year since he quit smoking. Remember, her speech during campaign that we would have to change the way we do many things INCLUDING change our History.?! Is it possible that he also has a “Say It Isn’t So” Czar? Smoking or non smoking is not going to be a factor in his legacy.

  5. He can’t answer in a lawyerly way because neither Obama has a law license, they both had to surrender it. But then on the other hand, it is Clinton-esque because he lost his too, chicka bowwow.

  6. Obama has no respect for the white house, the presidency or America. He has earned no respect from any country and continues to embarrass the American people.

  7. He is a classless punk. And you can thank the 60+ odd million equally as classless voters for putting him in office. November 2012 cannot come soon enough.

  8. How can you expect to lead a major world power if you can’t even lead yourself to quit a stinky and damaging habit of sucking chemicals through a burning stick of dried leaves? Be a man–be master of the urges of your own body at the very least.

  9. You don’t chew nicotine gum like regular gum. You chomp a few bites and then hold it between your cheek and gum like chewing tobacco for a minute or so and then repeat… I don’t think he was chewing nic. gum, he’s just so pompous that he doesn’t think he needs to practice manners, they everyone should just be grateful to be in his holy presence. He’s such a sad joke!!

    1. And where has all this politeness gotten the world? The absurdity of political correctness. The don’t-show-an-Arab the bottom of your shoe because it’s offensive behavior. Actually, it’s offensive Bull$hit ! Make me President. I’ll chew bubble gum and blow bubbles.

  10. I’ve tried to quit smoking more times than I can count. I once made it for seven years, and then got married. Started smoking again. I have used the gum, patch, lollypops, you name it. I’ve even gone so far as to use the gum and patch at the same time – I don’t recommend it.

    Smoking is a nasty, dirty habit, and unhealthy. But I would rather have someone be honest about their nicotine/tobacco habit than trying to hide it. Churchill smoked all through his Prime Ministry. FDR was filmed with his famous cigarette holder. Kennedy had Cuban cigars brought in just before the embargo went into place. Clinton had his cigars and “unique” humidor. It is a personal choice whether to smoke or not, just don’t try and paint a picture of something or someone you are not.

    If you can’t be honest about something as mundane as smoking, how can people trust you to be honest about truly important issues?

  11. How proud we must all be to have our President representing us among the international leaders, standing there, chewing gum like a street punk. How proud indeed. This is why the US is looked down on as being led by a petulant child.

  12. Could be he uses a patch as well. It wouldn’t be visible beneath his jacket and between the gum and the patch, he’s getting plenty of nicotine to keep him happy.

    As with Mark Block, let him smoke. Who cares? It’s his own pretensions that keeps him from doing so in public.

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  14. Chewing ANY gum at such an open/public prestigious affair is simply crass!!!!! So is putting feet upon antique desks! So is not observing the time honored civil and dignity of international gatherings. Most young people going into diplomatic or overeas assignments are REQUIRED to attend classes/courses in decorum and basic culuturaly recognized good manners. These recognized norms and mores display courtesy and dignity. These good manners are without a “class distinction” they are simply behaviors that people of culture recognize and practice. Shouln’t we expect this or our POTUS and FLOTUS?

  15. I’d be inclined to forgive his bad habit if at least we had a strong America with a growing economy and virtually no unemployment… but on top of being a slob and an unmannerly individual –with the best protocol team on earth at his disposal,– he’s by far the worst POTUS ever.
    November 2012 cannot come sooner enough!

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