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Is Obama Chewing Nicorette at the G-20?

The White House this week released the results of a physical exam in which President Obama was triumphantly declared “tobacco-free.”

But watch the wording here closely. He doesn’t seem to be “nicotine-free.”

It is widely known that Obama was using Nicorette to quit smoking. But it’s not clear he’s quit the Nicorette.

The White House Pool reporter today caught Obama chewing away on some type of gum at the G-20 in Cannes, France.

A very long start to working session #3. Because host French President Nicolas Sarkozy had not yet arrived, the pool was allowed into the start of the session for nearly 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, pooler could not hear most of what was said. But there was plenty to see, including Obama, who was chewing gum throughout, spending at least 15 minutes in animated conversations, first with British Prime Minister David Cameron and later with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Now, when do world leaders ever chew gum at the G-20? Or the G-8? Or the G-anything?

Never. Except maybe if they are having a Nicotine fit.

I’m sure Nicorette works wonders for some people. But everyone I’ve known who has tried it is either still on Nicorette or back smoking cigarettes.

The use of cute phrasing – in this case, “tobacco-free” – to paint Obama as a man taking the tough road to quitting smoking is not new.

Early in his presidency, in 2009, Obama offered a Clintonesque response to a question about his cigarette use:

“I have not smoked in the White House.”

Again, look closely. He was trying to suggest he hadn’t smoked since he got to the White House, but Obama in his lawyerly way was actually saying he hasn’t physically smoked IN the White House.

I have a theory that he golfs so religiously not just out of a love for the game but, with only his trusted band of regulars on hand to see it, to fire up the smokes. But it’s just speculation.

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  1. Quick question re: G20 summit–is MO there as well–can’t imagine she’d pass up an opportunity to go to Cannes to mingle with the “beautiful” people? Thanks and keep up the great reporting!

  2. A friend of mine once tried to quit by using nicotine gum. After a year of chewing the gum, he went back to cigarettes. Why? Because he was spending so much more money on the gum than he ever spent on smokes.

  3. All he needs now is a ball cap turned sideways, untied tennis shoes and pants around his knees. Obama – thanks for proving the stereotype. You are an embarrassment.

    1. A black man chewing gum to keep from smoking proves a stereotype? Until the dangers of smoking were known, Presidents often -wanted- to be seen smoking their pipes. Do you know what kind of stereotype YOU are proving with such a bizarre, racist, nonsensical comment?

      1. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, guess what? It’s a duck. He’s proving the stereotype many people have, including Democrats of a black man. I couldn’t care less if you want to call me a racist – big freakin’ DEAL!!! I’ve over the white guilt buddy.

  4. Chewing gum in a professional meeting of any kind, much less an important political summit is completely unprofessional and a reflection upon how Mr. Obama views himself and respects others. Maybe no one taught him any manners.

  5. Aren’t those nasty cigs produced by some filthy rich corporation ?
    Run by filthy rich executives ?
    … he looks like a circus clown with his fake smile
    running to & fro for a photo op … a classless embarrassment to our nation !

  6. Now, see, this is sorta what I was referring to in the other thread – about “optics.”

    Obama “can’t” smoke, or be a smoker, because that would be bad optics. And sorta hypocritical. So they hide it or he quits.

    When the reality of the situation was that he WAS a smoker for a large part of his life.

    I could care less about Obama, because smoker or not, he’s a horrible president. But his smoking habit should have never been an issue.

    Politics is just beyond insane.

  7. your pathalogical pettiness with this story has earned you a link by the very evil Drudge Report. Good for you. Oh I see the lie that The President did not observe Easter is your most popular post. Pure scum gathers together.

    1. excuse me – it’s the left that made smoking such a big deal. We’re just following suit. You know – smoking tobacco is bad but smoking pot isn’t. It’s not the smoking that matters to us, it’s the hypocracy so prevalent in the progressive lefties we take issue with.

    2. try to pay attention. rjp3. We don’t care that he smokes.

      He can smoke a pack a day for all I care. Unless he did it in the Oval Office, with his feet on that desk.

      Light ’em up, Obama!

    3. Michelle can dictate what you feed your children, Dems can make a big deal about Cain’s manager smoking… and you don’t see the hypocracy of it? You, yes you, are what is wrong with this country. If you only hold one party to high standards but make excuses for your own, in a JUST world, you would have to refrain from selective outrages, and the country would be better for it.

      1. 2 cents:

        Subjective thinking is what passes for “liberal” intellect. Also, subjectivity is the basic justification for evil. When a person connects “liberal” thought with its true extension, political situations become understandable.

  8. This man is an embarrassment for the US on every level. He has no ethics, morals, gravitas, credibility or courage. Just a liberal, delusional imbecile.

  9. And while he (Obama) is chomping on Nicorette he is over there doing what? assisting the G20 folks how to stabilize the worlds economy? and make things better…HA-HA-HA, are they really that stupid????

  10. It is about discipline and desire. I was able to quit s moking after 16 years of smoking using only 1 box of gum spanning 1 month. I only chewed when I had a craving and left the gum in my mouth until the next craving. I haven’t smoked in almost 15 years. My grandmother quit cold turkey after 40 years.
    With discipline and desire it can be done. This president does not strike me as disciplined!

    1. Yeah, I used the patch for a month or so to quit after smoking a pack a day for 14 years and haven’t lit up in the last 14 years. It really is about self-discipline because there are times I would love to smoke now but I don’t because I’m stronger than nicotine. It’d be nice if my president was too.

  11. I bet he was waving like a maniac to everyone during the photo shoots too. He seems to break protocol every time he meets with other ‘leaders’.

  12. I’ve been tobacco/nicotine free since 2003. Stopped cold turkey which does require a bit of will power and I’m sure President Ego doesn’t have……obviously.

  13. Has he no idea of proper decorum?! If nicotine is the problem, use the patch do not, I repeat, DO NOT go into an international venue like a cow chewing on its cud!

  14. A clown that stumbled into the WH that needs to leave as soon as possible. I love the carefully parsed, legalistic statements about his smoking. Liar.

  15. He also chomped disrespectfully at the change of command ceremony for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Lazy and shiftless.

  16. Nicorette Gum is more addictive than smoking… Been there done that.

    If you really want to quit smoking… use the patch… Always buy the stage one patch… do it for a couple weeks… and then cut it in half…. then do that half for a couple weeks… then cut that in half… keep doing this cycle until you are down to a pea size patch…then stop all together.

    Doing it this way is the best because you are not getting peaks and valleys in the nicotine… you are getting a gradual decent until you land to freedom.

    1. He’s right about patches versus gum, folks. That’s pretty much how I beat a pack-and-a-half, three-decade-long habit. Before quitting, I used the gum for getting through lengthy flights. Nicotine gum was barely adequate for that, so I already knew I wouldn’t succeed with it during a serious quit attempt. Oh, and I did this days after the Smoker in Chief signed that huge tobacco tax increase back in 2009, so that offered another big incentive to stay off the cancer sticks.

  17. This Chicago Community Organizer, who also happens to be a bastard.Is the lowest classed President, in American History.
    And , that is saying something when you consider Slick Willy & Jimmy Carter !
    Economic statistics are worse than during the first Demonrat created Great Depression !

  18. You know he hasn’t quit. He does not have the fortitude. Why should he quit?? He has the DNC propaganda wing to cover for him (AKA mainstream media AKA State Run Media). They’ll do anything to make him look good. So why bother. Quitting is hard.
    Now, didn’t they just ream Cain a new one because of his ADVISERS made a commercial with him smoking? Where’s the press reaming obama the lawless for smoking? Oh yeah…. never mind….

  19. Everyone I know who has quit smoking has gained weight. Some more than others. Barry is still rail thin which leads me to believe he is once again lying through his nicotine stained teeth. The man is a national disgrace and embarrassment.

  20. I am CERTAIN that bo will be CHEWING A BUNCH MORE nicorettes, as more and more subpoenas hit his oval office !!
    LET’S ROLL, ISSA !!! You should have had a DOZEN SUBPOENAS on bo’s desk by LATE 2009 !!! Are you in bed with the perp !??

    1. The Republicans didn’t gain control of the House until Jan 2011, and you know Stretch Pelosi wouldn’t be interested in wasted taxpayer money or murdered Border Patrol agents. Issa is doing it the right way. His team is performing a thorough and methodical investigation of the facts.

  21. I’m not a fan of our current president, but if he has to chew nicotine gum for the rest of his life, it’s OK by me. I’m a former smoker who also uses nicotine gum, as the urge to smoke has never left me. Better life for all involved.

  22. So on the one hand, we have the President of the United States CHOMPING on gum while meeting with world leaders, and on the other, his wife, shoving greasy, fried, sugary foods into her mouth like there’s no tomorrow (while telling others they need to watch what they eat!)…

    I realize that most Americans were making an historical statement by electing the first black man (albeit, half black) to the White House. But now that we’ve seen that elections rest on far more than the color of skin, could we all please use our brains next year to kick these incompetents out of the White House. Their incompetence is a humiliation to the citizens of this country, making us the laughing stock of the world!

    1. That administration came in with the approval of a majority of voters. If you don’t like it, blame voters and then, follow-up with blaming democracy.

      When democracy is considered, it’s simply mob rule. And, of course, mobs’ intellects typically slump to the lowest common denominator.

      1. Good thing our founders decided on a representative republic rather than a democracy. The biggest problem is our educational system, which hasn’t taught civics to school children for decades. Welcome to the Idiocracy.

  23. All that leftwing condemnation over Cain supposedly condoning smoking in his campaign ad has seemed to effect the President’s ability to reach for a smoke. tsk tsk tsk leftwing press.

  24. Politicians parsing words… how novel! Those who do show such contempt and condesention to the public.

    Parsing has become synonomous with mis-leading/lying (thanks Bill) and I will treat it as such. Don’t play games Mr. President, there are those of us who will not be used and insulted with word games, code phrases and out-and-out deception. NO- you may not have my vote… regardless of what % I fall into.

  25. Our “healthy president and first lady” yeah, right. He’s a smoker, plain and simple. He chews nicorette when he can’t get away with smoking. Anyone who is a smoker or has been around this filthy habit knows what’s up. Same thing for Michelle -we should all be eating dried fruits and salad greens while she packs away 5000 calorie meals, french fries and other fattening foods. These two are beyond reproach. I’m more concerned with the image Obama creates around the world while chomping on gum like a 5th grader. Geeze…. Its no wonder no one takes us seriously anymore. We have a clown for a president.

  26. This leftest hypocracy is evident here to: infidelity on the right = BAD, infidelity on the left = Okie Dokie! Sexual harassment is AWFUL unless of course, you’re Clinton.

  27. This guy just keeps giving us reasons to feel proud! 4 years of hearing him lecture us with “deez, demz, doze, and diss” and other ‘coolness’ will be enough for a lifetime, thank-you!

  28. Saw him chewing his cud on a G-20 news report yesterday. He works awful hard at being the coolest guy in the group, but he fails miserably. He made an insensitive comment “I was hoping to come and see some movies” upon his arrival in Cannes. He shook hands with all the European leaders and gave a big hug to the Islamist PM of Turkey. Then he insulted Sarkozy about his looks. He must think he’s on another Tonight Show appearance…

  29. Wow – comments all over the place. Bottom line – I could care less if he smokes – it’s the hypocrisy. As for chewing gum in a professional setting – where I work chewing gum is one of the things you are not allowed to do. I personally don’t like to see anyone chewing gum in a business setting – very distractive and rude.

  30. Our president and his spouse may have money and position in life,however,
    as you can see, neither the prez or the mooch have any class. It’s kind of like
    Sanford and Son in the White House.

  31. I quit smoking years ago with Nicorette. Used properly, it works. However, chewing gum in public in highly un-Presidential. Nothing new for Obama.

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