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Jobs Report More Bad News for Obama

President Obama today received another lousy jobs report, with the economy adding only 80,000 new jobs in October, well short of the 150,000 needed to keep pace with population growth.

Nevertheless, the unemployment rate moved down slightly from 9.1 to 9 percent as hiring estimates for previous months were revised upward. But October’s hiring slackened from the month before, showing no sign of a trend toward greater hiring that Obama needs to start now in massive numbers to bring the unemployment rate down significantly before Election Day.

Asked about how all this would affect his reelection prospects Obama said,

I have to tell you the least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of a year from now.

Do you believe that? Does anyone believe that? The frightening thing would be if he believes it.

Obama went on to pretend his insistence that Congress vote on pieces of his jobs bill – even though he knows full well they won’t pass – had nothing to do with politics.

There’s no excuse for inaction. That’s true globally; it’s certainly true back home as well. And I’m going to keep on pushing it regardless of what the politics are.

And he offered up some misleading information on the economy.

And in terms of my track record on the economy — well, here’s just a simple way of thinking about it: When I came into office, the U.S. economy had contracted by 9 percent — the largest contraction since the Great Depression. Little over a year later, the economy was growing by 4 percent, and it’s been growing ever since.

Does that sound like the economy is still growing at 4 percent? Well, it’s not.

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  1. Little over a year later, the economy was growing by 4 percent, and it’s been growing ever since.

    Ah, but he is tricky, remember. It might have been 4% for a quarter or two–but Berrnanke just rolled it back this week to … 2 something, I think. What he said is not a lie–it just leads you think something that isn’t true.

  2. He may not be concerned about next year (cough, cough) because he knows he’s already toast, one and done, fini, quit, out o’ here, so why worry about the inevitable.

  3. When obummer says ” the least of his concerns at the moment is the politics a year from now” I am rather inclined to believe him…after all , he will have to explain to Mooch why she won’t be getting all the vacays and all the perks with those lovely boob-belts….would YOU want to be in that position ???

    • I agree with you on the numbers from Washington and have thought that way for years.

      What I take exception to is the statistics lie stuff. Stats don’t lie. What you choose for your variables and how you setup experiments can allow you to reach a pre decided conclusion, but the math itself doesn’t vary with statistics. For example, weather data doesn’t lie, but you need to review how numbers were arrived at, how experiment was done, Gage R&R are or are not done (key fact, if not done, you can bet they are hiding something).

      Accounting, on the other hand, is where someone can really lie with numbers.

  4. 9%? Does anyone believe that anymore? Last spring I saw a company that had been doing monthly phone surveys for the last 18 months and asking 1000 homes if anyone in the household was unemployed and actively looking for work. They’d been getting between 22 and 28 percent (man, I wished I’d saved that link, I’d love to still be seeing their numbers). Take those numbers and add them to real inflation and it makes you really miss the Carter Misery index numbers.

  5. I remember many times the phrase : “the worst economy since the Great Depression” “the worst economy since the Great Depression” “the worst economy since the Great Depression” repeated over and over and over and over again. Who was that uttered by? The current inhabitant of a once great house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Most psychologists will tell you that repetitiveness alters behaviors.. ( Or at least what my psychiatrist told me )
    This administration created their problems, but they can’t create solutions.

  6. “unemployment rate moved down slightly from 9.1 to 9 percent ” due to many unemployed being too busy at OWS to make it to the unemployment office.

  7. A few years ago I bought a business that was in trouble.
    Three years later, when I hadn’t turned it around I still was blaming the former owner.
    My banker wasn’t impressed. He called my loan.

  8. And you guys want Romney?? I’m reposting my response to Giants Walked the Earth, by Shofar. Because Romney is not going to help us here.

    My unapologetic post about Romney:

    I’m sorry, I cannot support Romney based on two simple facts: establishment Republicans want him, and because he is the least detestable Republican to democrats.

    We need solid conservatism, right now. We need it yesterday. You damn right there is our country at stake, and I’m not voting for the handsome mormon guy being shoved down my throat by people with less guts than me. What is this, let’s try on all the American minorities constest?? The black globally minded guy, now a nice mormon guy with the hair, the kids, the money?? Who will fill his cabinet with other nice people and everything will be just so nice and comfy?

    BULL SHIT. We need a warrior in there, and a cabinet full of warriors who need to ask this country to take up arms and steer hard right or we are going over this cliff face first. Face plant baby, right in a pile of socialist shit.

    “Now, gird up your loins like a man! And answer me this….!!”
    God, to Job, 4000 b.c.

    Give me the man who does not wrinkle his forehead over a problem, because he already has the solution in his gut. If we can’t have Sarah – who can gut a moose – why in the hell do you people want a Romney, the handsome puss???

    • Not everybody is on the Romney bandwagon, bettyann. One would have to be a blubbering idiot not to see he is the one the establishment wants to anoint to manage the decline. I’ll do everything within my area of influence to see that Romney is not the nominee. If we fail and he is the nominee, I’ll do everything I can to see that he is elected.

      We absolutely can not have another four years of Obama in office. As I type he is thumbing his nose at the rule of law, and he still has the threat of the electorate over his head. If Obama wins in 2012, America will cease to exist. Sure we’ll still have football games and shopping centers, but the American experiment will have failed. We can’t let that happen. Anybody but Obama…even if it turns out to be Romney.

    • Jonah Goldberg had a good summation of Romney in yesterday’s Godberg File:

      Where I think Romney differs from Cain in this regard is that Cain’s a manager. Hire a professional, motivate him, and stand back. Romney’s a technocrat. He thinks that the government is there to fix things. That’s what Romneycare was about, after all.

      What worries me about Romney is that since he starts from the assumption that government can fix things, he thinks the way to fix things is with government. (Obviously, this is sometimes true, even according to us extremists. There are legitimate functions of government, and in those areas I can see Romney being a pretty good, even possibly great president.)
      The trick, therefore, for conservatives in a Romney presidency — should it ever come to pass — is to see Romney like a tool. I don’t mean tool in the pejorative sense, like “Man, that John Kerry is a tool.” I mean it in the figurative-yet-instrumental sense. Romney needs to see that his number-crunching wonkiness must be applied solely to ways to dismantle the current inefficiencies of government, not for creating new ones.

      I don’t think his experience at Bain Capital is all that well-suited to creating jobs in the private sector, at least not in the way he talks about it. But the ability to effectively downsize and streamline large institutions to get them refocused on their core competencies, strikes me as something we can use in the Oval Office, so long as we point him in the right direction. If he’s pointed in the wrong direction, well, ugh.

  9. National disgrace in the White House, parading as president. Liar in Chief, Thief in Chief.
    So Transparent, he won’t turn over the Solyndra Files to congress. The claim it’s a partisan request since only R’s voted for it. Of course you can turn that around.

  10. I hope it is not too late to alert you folks that C-SPAN has picked up the Cain/Gingrich one on one debate to take place tonight at 8 PM EST.
    per Drudge.

  11. Off topic–but I tried to comment on the WaPo story on the economy and why can’t that paper run a comments section–did they go to the Huffpo School of Websites? Grrr–it is so frustrating. Here is some technology–learn it, use it. But noooo.