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No Record to Run On? Run Over Romney

The Federal Reserve Wednesday downgraded its forecast for the economy, meaning that when all is said and done, when the smoke clears from all the little initiatives and pronouncements, President Obama does not have a record to run on.

From today’s New York Times:

The central bank predicted that the economy would expand 2.5 percent to 2.9 percent in 2012, well below its June projection of 3.3 percent to 3.7 percent . . . The unemployment rate, it predicted, would still be at least 8.5 percent at the end of 2012.

Let’s think about this for a second. The main issue for a president is the economy. After four years, the economy is going to be bad. So what’s a president to do?

Disembowel the opposition.

What we are seeing right now is an effort to define the likely GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, before he can fully define himself. We know Mitt Romney, but we won’t form our full picture of him or any of the GOP candidates until they have become the prospective nominee and reap the enormous attention that goes with the upgraded status.

So the White House, which has the biggest bully pulpit around, wants to color in Romney for us, right now.

It’s a tactic used to great success by George W. Bush in the 2004 campaign, in which the impression of John Kerry as a flip flopper who threw SOMEONE ELSE’S medals over the White House gate and embellished his war record was ingrained in America’s collective conscious by the summer before Election Day.

The early Obama take on Romney: He has no soul.

White House political adviser David Plouffe took to the airwaves Sunday to pronounce that Romney “has no core.” On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was not denying that this is official White House policy.

Well, I mean, Mr. Plouffe works for the White House, so I would say that his views represent the White House’s views . . . I think as anybody who’s watched this campaign and watched Mr. Romney’s previous campaigns, it is always a question as to where he was and where he is and where he might be on any given issue.

You will hear this theme of “Mitt the Empty Suit,” again and again, until you have been fully hypnotized and your spouse tells you that you are repeating in your sleep.

Of course, for such tarring to stick, there must be some truth to the allegations. And Romney, who provided the template for Obamacare, who courted gays and pro-abortionists in Massachusetts when running for governor there, who has waffled on global warming, and who now runs as Barry Goldwater, provides plenty of material for the Obama attack machine.

The deepest irony, of course, is that Romney is being accused of having no core by a man, Barack Obama, who in the space of just three years has transformed himself from a visionary unifier who transcends politics into a Chicago-style political hitman.

Two hollow men. Is this the best America can do?

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  1. Keith, you are a wordsmith.
    How right you are: two hollow men with no core.
    Surely, as Americans, we can do better than that.
    Romney = Obama.
    What a choice….Obama is likely to win if that is the choice.
    What a frightening thought.
    Good-by Liberty.

  2. Well, I hope they are successful taking out Romney now so that we can have a real candidate in the election. I didn’t want to have to hold my nose and vote again.

  3. We’ve been slowly heading this way ever since society decided to try to remove consequences from bad decisions. When people don’t learn that bad decisions lead to bad consequences, they don’t learn to make good decisions.

  4. I had such high hopes for the election of 2012. My dream was for a candidate with the same love of country and his/her fellow man that Reagan possessed. That person would step forward and return us to our roots — God, family, and country. As each day passes, those hopes are starting to fade. Maybe it’s too late. Maybe this society has slipped so far that it can’t be restored. It’s a battle every day. Every day this man Obama steals a little bit more of our freedoms, and the free press that was supposed to provide the unvarnished truth plays cover for him by destroying his opposition. My greatest fear is that Romney will win the election. He’s a good man so don’t believe he will do the damage that Obama has done, but he doesn’t have the bold visions that are needed to restore America. He will serve to manage the decline of this once great country and our society will continue to disintegrate.

    1. sigh. Plus, I believe he truly is a moderate. He’s going to inch us ever further toward disaster.

      Not the full-out sprint that we currently are doing. But in the wrong direction, just at tad more slowly.

      1. Yes really. Obama is losing his base fast and furious. Pun intended. This election is up to the Republicans to lose. Four years of Romney will pave the way for another progressive Democrat. I’ve seen this play before.

        1. Yes, THIS. Mushy conservative policies have allowed the progressives to declare that “our way” is a fail. How many times have we heard Obama declare “we’ve tried that for the last ten years” …

          Well, no. The last 10 years haven’t tried anything. Bush grew the government just like every other president before him, plus a little more.

          I don’t see anything different from Romney, and I don’t know if he could be as strong as a leader as Bush was should he be faced with a similar national emergency. I worry.

    2. Susan, I’ve seen you express this hope for another Reagan several times, but before you had more hope. But now it does seem that though this is the most important election since Reagan-Carter, this time there will be no Reagan.

  5. There was a time when those that sought the office of POTUS had the best interests of America at the forefront of their mind.

    Reagan was a visionary who saw the greatness of this country, and wanted to strengthen that greatness and defeat communism. Kennedy, while a flawed man, was willing to learn from his mistakes in office, and challenged the people to achieve – “Ask not what your country can do for you . . .” His vision lead to putting a man on the moon, and his courage pushed back Soviet encroachment in Cuba.

    Truman, while at times coarse and blunt, knew who ultimately was responsible for what went on in this country – “The buck stops here.”

    Lincoln, while some of his policies were later deemed unconstitutional, was memorialized by his Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, with the words, “There lies the most perfect ruler of men the world has ever seen.” Lincoln saved a young nation from disintegration.

    It is unfortunate that today’s politicians are more concerned about their own success than that of the country. This is more and more apparent as we tick down the time to the election. Republicans are eating each other, and Dems are distancing themselves from their once exulted messiah.

    The 2012 election may be the tipping point of no return for this nation, and we the people are being offered nothing more than myopia and fear. It is a shame that the “baby boomer” generation has yet to produce a true national leader. One that holds this country dear to their heart, and is willing to speak the truth about what needs to be done versus simply responding to polls.

    Election 2012 – Romney the empty suit or Obama, the emperor with no clothes. Some choice.

  6. It isn’t over yet. The MSM, working for the Dem machine, have lost their place as the guiding force in politics.
    Their phony outrage at the alleged actions of MrCain has only made the thinking public disgusted with their attempt to paint MrCain as the stereotyped, sex-crazed, Black man.
    The attempted smearing of MrRomney only reminds the public of the cover-up that the Journolists provided (and still provide) for MrObama. We know who MrRomney is and what he stands for, we don’t even know MrObama’s real name. We know all about Mr’s Perry, Gingrich, Paul and all the rest; we know next to nothing about MrObama.

    When MrO campaigns on the premise that the Repubs have kept America from moving forward, he will only sound like the pathetic loner and an incompetent that he is. He doesn’t have the political skills necessary to move legislation, no vision beyond spending money we have to borrow from the Chinese, and a history of trying to destroy his opponents or ordinary citizens with ridicule and insults.

    1. Yes, the MSM has followed this story obsessively and no doubt with the idea of knocking a front runner off–but I don’t think the sex-crazed black man meme has been the focus. In fact, I don’t see too much of that–I see man-woman, respected v subtly disrespected, old school v wised-up as more the issues.

      1. Think about this; who’s getting blamed for trashing a decent Black man? The Dems? nope.
        MrCain fell right into the trap and blamed a fellow Repub.
        The message to any AfAm who was thinking about leaving the Dem plantation: see what Repubs do to the Black man.

        1. I’m not giving up on Herman Cain yet. His greatest attribute is his inability to lie. That is refreshing to see in a candidate. I just hope he doesn’t let the naysayers in MSM and the establishment Republicans run him out of the race. If he rises above all these lies and innuendos, and I believe he can, he could win.

          1. I’m not so bitter and disillusioned that I believe they all lie, and I’m not going to trash the man for making honest mistakes. Before judging a man, walk a mile in his shoes. He is a human being. Have you ever tried to recollect the minute details of an incident that happened 15 years ago? This is an incident that he never had to give testimony about. An incident that never went beyond the HR dept of the NRA. He didn’t even know about the second case brought against him. Most important, he never changed his steadfast denial of the charges.

  7. That Romney=Obama is probable, but not an absolute. In any case, the solution is to make darn sure the places that count; House and Senate, have veto-proof majorities of GOOD conservative Republicans.
    Should Mr. Obama win it would give the option of a well deserved impeachment at his first attempt at misfeasance/malfeasance, something woefully missing now with the Democratic Senate. Although that might leave us with a Biden to contend with, I would supect Plugs would get it that the free ride is over and would become bi-partisan overnight.
    And of course, Romney, if elected, could also have a bit of heat applied, especially if there were a strong VP.

    1. I believe conservative leadership in both houses is an absolute must. The Republican leadership has been a big disappointment so far. Boehner and McConnell are more interested in maintaining the status quo rather than pushing conservative policy.

  8. Good article Keith. Pretty much sums up my thoughts and concerns.

    I for some reason centered on your “Barack Obama, who in the space of just three years has transformed himself from a visionary unifier who transcends politics into a Chicago-style political hitman” comment. I think we all knew Barry was apart of the Chicago machine and a hitman within it as he was/is a student of Sal Alynski’s Rules for Radicals. This hitman style is so Alynski on several levels. Barry being the anti-colonialist that he is, found a niche in his style and mannerisms to appeal to the independents & some republicans. I think that these independents & republicans have is number.
    Yes, may the GOP nominate a conservative and not a Barry Lite.

  9. I’m sorry folks, but at this point, like it or not, a true conservative will not beat Obama. I live in California – feel sorry for us please. I would rather have the Senate turn Republican with some strong conservatives, the house stay Republican and Romney win then have another 4 years of Obama with a Republican Senate and House. His tenure has been devastating and it will only get worse – there likely would not be enough Republicans in the Senate to override anything because they likely won’t have 2/3 of the Senate – period. You gotta start with baby steps. In California it is virtually impossible to change anything that is happening in this state – you can scream all you want, try to overturn ballot initiatives, but our hands are really tied.

    However, I do agree with Keith – this is the best America can do? I think this was the same mantra last time. Running for President is almost guaranteed to destroy any reasonable/rationale candidate. Can you imagine if Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio were running what would be said and done to discredit them. They’ve already been subject to smears on the threat that they might run or might be considered VP Candidates. And the money required to run for President – it’s obscene.

    1. No, this is not the best America can do.
      The constant message of the MSM is,…don’t mess with us.
      The libs will devastate any conservative challenge posed to their agenda, and they realize that if a conservative candidate does get elected, it will expose the failures of at least the present administration.
      They are desperate to retain their power, for if they were to lose it, even for 1 term of a conservative president, and both houses of congress, it would set them back for years and they can’t afford that.
      Not when they are so close to grasping the brass ring as they are now.
      We all know what Obama is capable of.
      One year from now we will know what he is willing to do.

    1. I like Newt and would love to see him obliterate Barry in a debate, but I can’t get past that global warming ad he did with Pelosi. Plus, he’s easy fodder for the MSM.

      1. Well, I agree I wish he hadn’t sat on that dang couch. However, he’s got some very valuable attributes we desperately need now. Experience both domestic and foreign and and he can handle the MSM. Any candidate will all be fodder for the democrats and the MSM, but he can dish it better than anyone and still look like the grown up. The only way the MSM can hurt him is if we let them. I’ve made my decision.

        1. You can disagree for sure…we shall see I guess. It is early days–or should I say, early daze? Personally Newt completely creeps me out, although he is smart, and would be a noseholder–but I would grab my face and vote.

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