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Once Giants Walked the Earth

Below is a comment that one of our readers, Shofar, made on a post today. I thought it was so eloquent that I wanted to make sure everyone saw it, so I’m running it as an article.

I hope you all enjoy.


There was a time when those that sought the office of POTUS had the best interests of America at the forefront of their mind.

Reagan was a visionary who saw the greatness of this country, and wanted to strengthen that greatness and defeat communism. Kennedy, while a flawed man, was willing to learn from his mistakes in office, and challenged the people to achieve – “Ask not what your country can do for you . . .” His vision lead to putting a man on the moon, and his courage pushed back Soviet encroachment in Cuba.

Truman, while at times coarse and blunt, knew who ultimately was responsible for what went on in this country – “The buck stops here.”

Lincoln, while some of his policies were later deemed unconstitutional, was memorialized by his Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, with the words, “There lies the most perfect ruler of men the world has ever seen.” Lincoln saved a young nation from disintegration.

It is unfortunate that today’s politicians are more concerned about their own success than that of the country. This is more and more apparent as we tick down the time to the election. Republicans are eating each other, and Dems are distancing themselves from their once exalted messiah.

The 2012 election may be the tipping point of no return for this nation, and we the people are being offered nothing more than myopia and fear. It is a shame that the “baby boomer” generation has yet to produce a true national leader. One that holds this country dear to their heart, and is willing to speak the truth about what needs to be done versus simply responding to polls.

Election 2012 – Romney the empty suit or Obama, the emperor with no clothes. Some choice.

– Shofar

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  1. I believe Mr. Romney has the best interests of America at the forefront of his mind. Maybe he’s not Thomas Jefferson. Maybe he’s not Ronald Reagan.

    But maybe he is. He can hardly be called an empty suit. A self made man of considerable substance. A man with a wonderful family. A man of integrity.

    Perhaps he’s changed positions. Don’t we all. I’m pro life but understand the reality of the rights of women to free choice. I believe in marriage, but understand that gays want to live together with fair treatment, too.. I don’t believe in man made global warming, but advocate recycling and auto emission controls. The social issues are wasting our time.

    We need a man who wants to bring America back from the brink.

    I’m willing to give Romney a chance…

  2. I can agree with everything except the last line; MrObama is not the faker or the man beyond his comptetence. MrO is a deliberate and dedicated Socialist whose goal is to destroy the American way of life and replace it with some ill-advised Marxist society..
    We have a certain choice next year that will decide the future of our country.
    MrRomney is not an empty suit; he is a proven leader with a solid background. We won’t be disappointed if he is elected the POTUS.

  3. If Romney is the Republican nominee, the nation will be choosing between Obama and Obama Lite. And as George Will points out, Romney as the nominee will reduce the likelihood of Republicans getting a majority in the Senate.

    Gov. Palin strikes me as the prospective candidate with the best resume and the best plan for restoring America to prosperity and greatness. She loves American and makes people believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their dreams. It seems to me that she decided not to run because lazy establishment Republicans thought Romney would be the easiest path to victory because he is rich and handsome — never mind that he derives his core beliefs from polls. Since Romney’s support is stagnant, I hope they reconsider and recruit Gov. Palin to run.

    • I like many things about Palin–seeing a problem, setting out to solve it, but she is a showboat, too–if I have to spend a yr defending and explaining her, you can fly to AZ and put me out of my misery. Maybe Romney could put his head down and run this joint. All I ask.

    • @Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian

      Don’t fool yourself Cynthia, you may think you’re a Conservative but true, real Conservatives aren’t homosexuals. You’re a Liberal.

      • Anthony, conservatism is about individualism and its diversity is based on ideological affinities, rather than identity or grievance. The four basic ideological groups comprising conservatism are fiscal conservatives, national security conservatives, libertarians and social conservatives. Of these four groups, the one most antithetical to the conservative values of financial and individual liberty — and the Constitution — are social conservatives. This is because they often pose as fiscal conservatives but vote as fiscal liberals. That is why government grows under both liberal and nominally conservative administrations.

        Social conservatives are the architects of the Left and liberalism because of their relentless tests for ideological purity and constant purges, which have driven out three affinity groups that belong on the Right as fiscal conservative/social liberals: gays, women and Jews. Gays and women were driven out for being uppity about wanting to have equality and control over their reproductive lives. Jews were driven out for preferring to remain Jewish rather than convert to Christianity.

        The reason that over 30 percent of gay voters voted Republican in the 2010 elections is that the amount of hatred, rejection, abandonment and discrimination we must endure from our own families, religions, employers, society and the government mean that a very large percentage of the lesbian and gay community is self-employed. We KNOW we must be self-reliant and create our own charities because we can never, ever look to any government for help. So the lesbian and gay community actually is the best model in America of how to live and prosper using fiscal conservative principles.

        At my blog, A Conservative Lesbian, I educate the Right about gay equality as an unalienable right (not a civil right bestowed by governments) that is a matter of freedom of religion. And I educate the Left about the conservative movement and how conservative principles are the foundation of individual and national prosperity.

        In my opinion, because of purges by social conservatives, no fiscal conservative/social liberal is able to rise in the Republican party. And that is why Republicans will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2012 presidential election. People are not going to vote for a social answer to a fiscal problem.

        • Excellent response Cynthia. I don’t care what anybody does in the privacy of their own home as long as they don’t ask me to pay for it with my tax dollars. This election will not be about social issues. It will be about the survival of the American experiment — Can man rule himself?

  4. Cynthia-I love Sarah Palin, but you have to put “your hat into the ring”

    We can’t afford another Obama term.

    Romney will rise to the occasion. Perhaps be great.

  5. Well said Shofar, but I don´t think that Romney is an empty suit. Maybe still somewhat too careful and ingratiating but I would say that he appear to be smart enough to tackle the treacherous, fraudulent Obama. I hope he will do away with some of his carefulness and really give Obama a hard time in the debates that will come. If he can get an exciting name as number two then there is time for great optimism.

  6. Profound and right on target. I am ashamed to be part of the generation that may ultimately cause our great country’s destruction due to our selfishness. What have we done? This is our last chance (2012) to save this country. It is time WE THE PEOPLE take it back!

  7. I do not so much agree that such a leader doesn’t exist. The problem is the manner in which we choose our leaders. During the 2008 elections, I heard so much about the “optics” of this and that, I was ready to go and live in the wilderness. We tear apart those who could be great leaders because they once said someone, long ago, with which we disagree. Careers are ruined for macaca moments.

    It’s just ridiculous.

  8. By the time election day rolls around, there really won’t be much of a choice. We can either vote for Obama or for whoever ends up being the Republican nominee. I’d say most folks who are not union members, minorities, or coast-dwelling Liberals will vote for anyone other than Obama as long as they don’t come across as a wild-eyed yahoo.

    I understand where the passion for a hard-core conservative like Ron Paul or even Sarah Palin comes from, but the truth of the matter is that the republican nominee HAS to be electable and appeal to independents, and Romney is (at least to my way of thinking) the most electable candidate so far. He may be a “politician”, but he’s waaaaaaay better than Obama.

  9. There is a candidate for 2012 who is a real citizen, who speaks plainly versus politico-gibberish, who can effectively speak without a teleprompter and without consulting his handlers – Herman Cain.

      • I really like Herman Cain’s message. I think that, why now, are all these allegations coming out? B/c he is running for President. And I can’t help but think that the left has their hand in this. I hope that he can get past this, and that the American people will look to his fresh ideas and give him a fair chance. For me, Cain is a breath of fresh air, no career politician, and I think he and his ideas should be carefully considered, just as you would consider any other candidate.

        • Cain is drawing the attacks because he is the front runner.
          He is a major threat to Obama both because of his skin color and his outstanding achievements.
          Herman is indeed a breath of fresh air.
          The attacks against Cain will also insinuate his lack of political experience. I for one am sick of politicians, with no business expertise.
          Obama is obviously one, Clinton was another.
          As to the election in 2012, the Patriots of this Country had better make their voice known at the polls or the America we grew up in will be gone.

          • Sent my first presidential campaign donation to Herman Cain after the attacks on his character. I had been saving up to support Sarah Palin, and was devastated when she bowed out. Mr. Cain is an intelligent and principled man, and he will be a good leader if given the chance.

  10. Romney is not only an Empty Suit he is an Empty Jock as well. The man has no spine OR soul. I remember his daddy George Romney who set in motion the decline of the American Auto Industry and the State of Michigan as Governor of our State.

    If Romney is the Republican candidate I will vote for Obama and I HATE Obama…

    • No,No,No !
      Any of them are better than Obama.
      All of them have faults.
      If this country gives Obama another 4 years, we are doomed.
      He has already used executive orders,(98) to date to bypass congress.
      Do you want another four years of that ???

  11. I don’t know when Reagan morphed from an actor with a medium talent into a great leader. He is praised, and has been praised in this column, I believe, for reading words written by others. He was an actor. His shoving of mentally ill people out of hospitals and onto grates and sidewalks is the ultimate irony since he himself died of a brain disease — in the lap of luxury. He ruined the Post Office by insisting that it become self-sufficient. His “deregulation” of parts of our society was nothing more than organized looting for well prepared vultures.

    That side issue aside — Shofar has written a piece that puts the finger directly on the problem. A related problem is corporations who no longer see their success tied to a successful nation, but instead feel free to exploit workers and markers globally while assuming there will always be a “nice” place for their rich owners and stockholders to live faraway from the rest of us.

    The founders thought that government officials would have roots in a local society and the trip to centers of power would be to represent the people back home. Our current leaders are career politicians with their eyes on the prize of power and a wealthy retirement.

    It is telling that the baby boomers and the radical thinkers of the 1960s have produced nothing but self-serving avaricious graspers. We have jettisoned the values of our founders and now many people have nothing in their minds but a mental shopping bag in our hand and a raging desire to fill it with material goodies while they live.

  12. nice post, but please–

    [JFK’s] vision lead to putting a man on the moon…

    it’s LED. not LEAD. sorry to be Grammar Cop but this has become the #1 common mistake on the interwebs recently, and it must be stamped out.

  13. I’m sorry, I cannot support Romney based on two simple facts: establishment Republicans want him, and because he is the least detestable Republican to democrats.

    We need solid conservatism, right now. We need it yesterday. You damn right there is our country at stake, and I’m not voting for the handsome mormon guy being shoved down my throat by people with less guts than me. What is this, let’s try on all the American minorities constest?? The black globally minded guy, now a nice mormon guy with the hair, the kids, the money?? Who will fill his cabinet with other nice people and everythign will be just so nice?

    BULL SHIT. We need a warrior in there, and a cabinet full of warriors who need to ask this country to take up arms and steer hard right or we are going over this cliff face first. Face plant baby, right in a pile of socialist shit.

    “Now, gird up your loins like a man! And answer me this….!!”
    God, to Job, 4000 b.c.