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Quote of the Day || November 2, 2011

“I admit I said, ‘You’re a saucy little thing,’ but I was talking to my pizza.”

– Herman Cain

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

18 Responses to Quote of the Day || November 2, 2011

    • Just because I asked for two plump melons on top you think I was talking about her ? its the pizza stupid ! the pizza !
      Poor Herman.. bill clinton had more than one CREDIBLE allegations ongoing & the media never showed a fraction of the interest their showing now..
      hmm.. could it be political? nah, that’d never happen!…

    • The Mittens jokes, and concerns about his religion, will not occur until he gets the nomination. Until that point, like with McCain, he is going to be offered up as the most reasonable (and most electable!) of all the candidates.

      I’ve seen this show before.

  1. Clever, as always Keith. However, I can’t agree with the guilty-until-proven-innocent sentiments expressed here about Cain. In moments like these I wonder if your loyalties really lie more with Politico—where you often write—or the truth.

  2. I guess I have lost my sence of humor because I’m not finding this funny at all.
    Rushing to find him guilty with such zeal do you really want 4 years of more
    Obama? Not so funny is it?

    • I haven’t found him guilty of anything. I am saying these reports raise grave concerns, and will likely end up leading to the end of his campaign. I could be wrong. But I don’t think so. And I do wish these allegations did not exist.

  3. OK. I see this more clearly now and sadly have to conclude you’re right Keith. I hate it ,I hate it, but this man is not fit to be president. It’s not just because of a long-standing pattern of suggestive sexual innuendos over the years, but worse because of his shocking defesiveness and violent loss of temper exhibited today at the Hilton in Alexandria.

    This all makes me very sad.