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Jewish Groups Try to Muzzle Critics of Obama on Israel

Well this is pretty startling.

Two major Jewish groups are trying to round up others in support of something called the “National Pledge for Unity on Israel,” which seeks to prevent candidates from criticizing each other’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

From the Pledge:

We salute the long line of American leaders who have moved beyond their often bitter policy differences over issues of the day to stand shoulder to shoulder together on the side of a strong and enduring U.S.-Israel relationship.

The Jewish community has had a strong interest in ensuring that American support for Israel is one of the critical strategic issues that unites rather than divides parties and officials. U.S. – Israel friendship should never be used as a political wedge issue.

The intent of the Pledge, produced by the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Community, is to immunize President Obama against criticism from Republicans charges his policies have been hostile toward Israel.

Abraham Foxman, who runs the hallowed, was crystal clear in a statement revealing that the intent of the “pledge” was to censor the debate:

We want the discourse on U.S. support for Israel to avoid the sometimes polarizing debates and political attacks that have emerged in recent weeks, as candidates have challenged their opponents’ pro-Israel bone fides or questioned the current administration’s foreign policy approach vis-à-vis Israel. The last thing America and Israel need right now is the distractions of having Israel bandied about as a tool for waging political attacks.

Wow. As a Jewish American who strongly supports Israel, I’m speechless. Well, yes, I’m typing away here. But honestly, I’m having trouble speaking.

Really, really, really – Jewish leaders are seeking to suppress speech? Is this possible? Israel should not be subject to political debate? Is this the Soviet Union?

Gosh, let me check the Constitution and the Federalist Papers for a minute . . . checking . . . checking . . . yes, the foundation of U.S. democracy is indeed political debate.

Obama has given Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu the finger in so many ways – even walking out of a meeting with him – while cozying up to sworn Israeli enemies like Iran.

He has ratcheted up the pressure on Israelis in the negotiations, intensified U.S. criticism of the settlements, made the 1967 borders the starting point of negotiations rather than a goal, brought the Palestinian “right of return” into the negotiations, and suggested that Hamas could become a legitimate negotiating partner.

In short, there’s a lot to criticize.

It’s no secret that Jews overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008. That’s fine. What’s reprehensible is any attempt to protect a favored candidate by trying to preempt debate and criticism.

H/T to Douglas Feith who wrote about this in the Wall Street Journal today.

24 Responses to Jewish Groups Try to Muzzle Critics of Obama on Israel

  1. What? I had to read this piece twice. The Jewish community doesn’t want anyone to pick on MrO about his hostile attitude toward Isreal because they don’t want to make it a political issue.

    I don’t think that these groups realize how many non-Jewish, non-Dem people support a free Isreali state and believe that we, the US, have a moral obligation to support their right to exist and protect their borders.

  2. add one to the list. USA TODAY headline from today, 11/2/11: “Obama team criticizes Israeli settlements.”

    once again the WH is wee-weed up about Israel’s construction in “the settlements” (= “Jerusalem and any other place Palestinians feel they might like to live”). it was ok for the Palestinians to spit in Obama’s eye and take their statehood case to the UN…it was ok for Abbas to admit publicly that he would “never accept a Jewish state”…and it continues to be ok for Hamas to lob rockets into southern Israel. but gosh darn it, building apartments in Jerusalem? WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!

    this idiot pledge seems like an act of desperation to me. someone is terrified of losing the Jewish vote, with good reason. Foxman should be ashamed of himself for trying to stifle dialog. I predict this is going to backfire.

  3. November 9-10 will be the 73rd anniversary of Kristallnacht. It will be interesting to see what happens, given the current OWS movement through out various cities, the economic unrest in Euro land, the fact that Israel has test fired a missile that could hit Iran and Bibi working up support for unilateral action against the Mullahs.

    In Islam, especially amongst the Jihadist, dates are significant to the success of their actions. There has been speculation that 9/11 was chosen because it was the date of the Ottoman Empire’s greatest defeat, the Battle of Zenta. A battle that stopped the Islamisation of Europe in 1697.

    It is unfortunate that Foxman has become such a blind fool to what history has told us, and what this administration has showed us. The Jewish people, going back thousands of years, have always been a warrior people. Unfortunately, with the assimilation that occurred after the Diaspora much of the fight has been removed in the name of comfort.

    I fear it will take another Kristallnacht to reawaken the true warrior in the Jewish people, whether they are in Israel, Europe or America.

  4. This is from the ADL. This really shouldn’t be too big of a surprise. However, the saying that “insanity is keep doing something over and over again and expecting a different outcome”. I would say this is a perfect example of insanity.

  5. Wow, good find. Look at some of these phrases: “moved beyond,” “community,” “unites rather than divides us,” “polarizing debates.” Sounds like this statement could have been edited from someone inside the White House.

  6. Jewish leaders are trying to cover their asses in case O wins again. Very spineless. Not what I would expect from a group fighting for survival.

  7. As a Christian I am appalled that these groups are putting politics over suport for the home country. They have no respect for history or are just plain dumb.

  8. I don’t understand the article. Obama is an ignorant street hustler buckdancing and smackjabbing on the Wall Street plantation. What more can we ask of himj?

  9. Susan, sounds like a compliment to this SEWER-RAT…maybe he’s of a Soros ilk, both slick and slimy and as much anti-Israel as anti-American…so sad to see 30’s and 40’s Germany alive and well today in America ! B-O may be a street hustler, but he’s not ignorant…only DANGEROUS !!! And she stands beside him in her own destructive right.

  10. To be clear, I am a conservative Republican; my family’s support of a Jewish State goes back to before the 1940s- before her rebirth in 1948 and the reclaiming of Jerusalem in 1967. I am an American and love my country. With that said, it is important to remember history-people are no different today-during WWII Jewish leadership around the world tried to curtail discussion on the “Jewish problem” in Europe (not my words!) so as not to offend the British, especially any movement to transport Jews to Israel (then known as Palestine). It was a handful of very brave European Jews, Brits, some of Europe’s “righteous Gentiles” and Americans who attempted and succeeded in rescuing thousands of men and women from the evil grip of the third reich-but too few and too late for most.
    These current attempts are naive at best and at worse- self-serving with complete disregard for Israel and her safety. In either case, it is dangerous.
    “Why can’t we all just get along?” is the elite’s and left’s mantra- Neville Chamberlain will fit in just nicely with this group, croquet anyone?