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Cain: China Trying to Develop Nuclear Capability

13 thoughts on “Cain: China Trying to Develop Nuclear Capability”

  1. So what? Herman Cain, or any one of the current Republican candidates, would be a vast improvement over what we have now. ABO, even it turns out Huntsman wins the nomination.

  2. I, BarackObama, perfect in word and deed, will calm the seas and heal the world as I continue campaigning in all 58 States with my trustworthy corpseman by my side.
    God wants me to do these things because I am who I have been waiting for.

      1. Jusrt wondering…how Krauthammer, Rover, O’Reilly, everyone of that ilk, told Sarah she needed to take a year off and bone up on foreign policy to I guess negate what Tina Fey actually said about Russia being visible from her house…and no one EVER says maybe Cain should take a year off and learn foreign policy–they just say oh, it’s his weakest point, etc. Is it because she is female she really needs to buckle down andstudy?

  3. Im a US Vet with a double major in History & International Affairs and a minor in Modern Chinese History.

    Am I OVERQUALIFIED to be a Cain “advisor”…?

  4. He misspoke.

    “The U.S. should be less concerned about China’s economic potential than by the military threat it poses. Three Chinese spies were recently indicted in the U.S. for conspiring to steal numerous naval warship technologies. This summer China and Russia participated in a week-long joint military exercise. China’s build up of nuclear, military and space technologies to rival the U.S., and its saber-rattling over Taiwan’s independence, signals a commitment to more red, not green.”

    That’s from an article written in 2005 by Cain.

    And F*ck Mitt. That is all.

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