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Three New Allegations Lodged Against Cain

Three more allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior or language by Herman Cain emerged today.

One of them, though, is sure to be suspect if it is not confirmed. It was lodged by someone who worked at the National Restaurant Association but who now does work for Rick Perry.

From a report by Politico:

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that a third woman experienced behavior by Cain that made her uncomfortable and considered filing a complaint but ultimately did not.

That report, coupled with the revelation from veteran Republican pollster and former National Restaurant Association employee Chris Wilson that Cain sexually harassed a woman at an Arlington, Va., restaurant in the late 1990s, quickly overcame Cain’s efforts to keep the day limited to discussions of health care policy.

Wilson, now the principal of an Oklahoma-based GOP consulting firm, told Oklahoma City’s KTOK radio station that the episode took place in the neighborhood where Cain kept an apartment when he headed the restaurant trade group. Wilson declined to say specifically what Cain said or did to the woman, but said that the CEO’s actions made other individuals at the table uneasy.

“It was very uncomfortable,” the pollster told POLITICO, recalling that other individuals present asked Cain to stop.

Wilson is a Rick Perry supporter and does polling for a super PAC that supports the Texas governor’s presidential bid.

Steve Deace, an influential conservative talk radio host who hosts a nationally syndicated show in Des Moines, Iowa, also accused Cain of saying “awkward” and “inappropriate” things to his staff.

The Cain campaign responded forcefully, accusing the Perry campaign of orchestrating the allegations. In an interview with Forbes, Cain accused another Perry supporter, Curt Anderson, of leaking the damaging revelations of the original accusations. Anderson, a consultant on Cain’s losing 2004 Senate bid, swiftly denied that charge.

“I’d never heard any of these allegations until I read them in POLITICO, nor does anything I read in the press change my opinion that Herman is an upstanding man and a gentleman,” Anderson told POLITICO.

31 thoughts on “Three New Allegations Lodged Against Cain”

  1. And this all started with the reputable reporter’s reporter, Jonathon Martin, who smeared Sarah Palin relentlessly, and scewered Joe the Plumber.

    All the reference articles are from Politico. I’m sure they are raking in the bucks from sponsers, and that’s all this is about. The media wants Romney. We want Cain. This is war.

    1. The media may want Romney now…but they’ll be doing a number on him next year to ensure Barry’s re-election.

      This is all just practice for the big game to come.

      1. So, in 2012 the “media” WILL NOT go back and look into Barack Hussein Obama’s “background/life”…?

        I try to ask Obama sycophants what Obama: the messiah & genius, “college GPA” was and they have NO ANSWER! (they then yell ‘racist!’ remarks at me -LOL)

  2. Slimy, sleazy, anonymous innuendos. The hacks at AP and Politico have sunk to a new low. They are really showing their lack of journalistic integrity. Never heard of Steve Deace in this neck of the woods, so calling him influential is a stretch.

  3. This is a smear campaign. Unless Politico names their original source so that Americans can judge the motivation of that source, Politico will continue to be viewed – correctly – as a bunch of hacks.

    1. Don’t worry–wifey will soon be out backing and filling, wither thou goest, and some of the women will emerge. I am sick of the whole thing, though–bah! You know that infamous smoking ad–well, this is SMOKE if not fire!

  4. So Cain has now been accused of using inappropriate language and gestures that aren’t overtly sexual? No touching. No groping. No demand of sexual favors.

    And here you are, Keith, trying to destroy a good and decent man while appeasing the hand that feeds you as the Politico hides behind “anonymity”. How terribly convenient!

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog – and I’ll still visit daily. But for you to take each anonymous and flimsy accusation as another nail in Cain’s coffin without the slightest bit of questioning, you aren’t being the journalist you claim to be.

    Quite the opposite: I find it hard to take you seriously when you tell your readers that you’re on a quest to find the “unvarnished truth”.

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        I don’t understand what it is about blogs that makes people think it is acceptable to be hate-filled and venomous. We see threads devolve at the drop of a hat into name calling, accusations, childish insults… If the lack of accountability and anonymity are allowing people to show their TRUE nature, and this is what is revealed, I feel very sorry for many people’s families.

  5. The minions in the WH house must be really getting a deal on this ‘story’. I
    guess Politico is on their speed dial for running with lies and hit pieces.
    Must be so proud at Politico they rank with Air America, Michael Moore and
    make Baghdad Bob look like a real journalist. Hacks and cowards.

  6. Why would Wilson not say what happened? Was it too horrible? Or too silly? There’s so much gray area surrounding all this. Where are the women that this happened to? All we have is reporters and political hacks. I’m going to withhold my judgement until at least a few more real facts come out.

  7. So Keith, we are supposed to take your word for it that Herman Cain is a liar, right? You seem to be on a crusade to destroy this candidate and choose Mittens Romney for us. Thank you so much.

    1. I’m not trying to destroy him. There are facts in his past – two settlements for sexual harassment and other accusations – that raise serious concerns about the man. And I said he appears to have lied if you look at his statements, which you can, without taking my word for it.

        1. If you want to argue that the press goes easier on Democrats, I won’t argue with you on that one. But Republicans candidates should be vetted by the press too, and I think the Politico piece was an important contribution. I want to know more, not less, about these people.

    1. And all the messengers are lined up for the firing squad, too–Keith, Martin, the staffs of opposing candidates, etc. Bang bang bang. I predict you will get your specifics–and soon.

      1. PS I do find it amusing that all of a sudden, the lawyers and HR people say oh, heck, we just pay, what’s a year’s salary compared to a lawsuit, business as usual, here’s some money honey now button it, etc. DC must be one big slush fund to hear them tell it. That is sure not my recollection.

        1. Heard on the news that D.C. earned the title of the highest earning city in the United States…during a recession. We all suffer but D.C. is doing just fine. Lot’s of money and favors are changing hands in that cesspool..

  8. This is backfiring on the media-people are sick of them and are rallying for Cain.

    Unless someone steps forth with some really awful behavior on Cain’s part I think he and his campaign can weather this tempest in a teapot.

    1. Strange huh, it never backfired on Bill Clinton, or for that matter, Hillary.
      The double standard is in play.
      The thugs are in power, again, for the time being.

    2. If he gets elected, at least this blog will still be hot–we will have plenty to chew on. Behavior, confusing statements, unconventionality, even pizza. No rest for the weary over here.

      1. Keep in mind the terms, ‘alleged and accused’.
        The very insinuation of wrongdoing is enough for the left to go rampant on the MSM against a conservative candidate.
        However, the facts we have on Obama are relegated to the back bin and dismissed.
        Ted Kennedy, John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and his wife, are nothing to pay any concern to.
        Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  9. Keith…I’m not a Cain supporter but this is indeed beginning to look like you are definitely not a supporter. I realize your buddy at Politico got a raking over–rightfully so–but I think you’re leaning a bit too anti-Cain. I have to agree with another poster, if I want to read Politico, I’ll go there. I don’t and I stay away. Quoting nearly an entire piece does you no justice or service.

    Just my opinion…

  10. Hate to kick a dead horse but this certainly looks like a hit job. Here’s a headline from Drudge…

    POLITICO publishes 90 Cain stories in 5 days…

    Now please, that’s either a hit job or Cain’s a heck of a lot more interesting than I gave him credit for.

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