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A Response to Comments on My Herman Cain Post

Well, I read all the comments on my post Monday, “New Sexual Allegations Likely the End of Cain.” Glad to see my readers are as feisty as ever. I’m happy when you all give me a piece of your mind, because I learn from you. I mean it.

I’m one of the few people in Washington who reads on a daily basis a steady stream of wisdom from people outside the Beltway. It’s invaluable and gives me a completely different perspective from those I deal with around here. And so I respect the views of the many of you who disagreed with my Herman Cain piece.

But my view of the Herman Cain story, as reported by Politico, has not changed. And I’m appalled at how so many conservative think leaders have assumed they understand the motivations of the reporters involved and have skewered them in a manner that in several cases has been so completely vile.

I don’t jump on outrage trains led by others. I listen and make my judgments as honestly as I can. And then I provide them to you. I’m not part of the groupthink in Washington or in the conservative movement.

The purpose of this blog is not to offer an arena where everyone can say, “Wow, just look at these bastards!” It’s to give a realistic assessment of what’s going on and to provide genuine, brutal accountability for the president and sometimes the presidential candidates. And more often than not, the reality is so ugly that it leads anyway to everyone correctly saying, “Wow, just look at these bastards!” But not always.

The facts of the Cain story are the facts of the Cain story, whatever the motivations of the reporters. And the facts are what I’m focusing on, since I don’t know the motivations of the reporters.

Since many conservatives have followed the lead of Herman Cain’s spin artists and made Politico the issue, instead of Herman Cain, I need to make sure you are aware – and I know many of you are – that I regularly write opinion pieces for Politico and am paid for it. I don’t believe my view of the Cain story is affected by that, but if you suspect it is, I understand.

Also, I know the lead Politico reporter on the story, Jonathan Martin, from having worked beside him at the White House. But we are not at all friends, and my opinions on the story are not driven by a desire to protect him.

For all I know, Jonathan Martin was taken to Honolulu, brainwashed by Obama-supporting parakeets, and sent back to Washington to do his bidding. But that doesn’t change the facts of the story.

The report stated that there were two sexual harassment suits against Herman Cain, and that both women were paid by his organization to go away and not talk about it. Despite initial non-confirmations by the Cain camp, the story is true.

I agree that a man might say “Nice day today,” and get sued for sexual harassment. And that people may decide it’s better to make a payment then have a problem, even if nothing bad happened.

But when a woman who is just trying to do her job is put in a position where she feels sexual pressure from a superior, it is a very serious situation. If there is a possibility that the leading GOP presidential candidate did this, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT. We’ve had enough deeply flawed presidents over the years, don’t you think? Politico, by revealing this, has done a tremendous public service, particularly for conservatives.

That there were two women who did this, and that both got payments, deepens my unease. And Herman Cain furthered my unease further yesterday by apparently casually lying about the case. In the morning, he didn’t know anything about the payments, and joked that he hoped it wasn’t for too much. By the afternoon, he not only knew about them, but offered details on how much.

I could sit here and rail against the liberal media – and the Washington media is liberal, believe me, I know them – and suggest there are vast conspiracies trying to take down a conservative and that this is a “lynching” and so forth. Believe me, it would be good for business around here.

But the truth is, I respect you, and myself, too much to do that. And so what you get here is my effort to find the unvarnished truth.

I sometimes err, and I may be wrong in this case. Many people honestly believe these reporters have shown bad judgment and done poor reporting, and I respect that, even if I disagree. But I don’t respect the viciousness of the attacks hurled their way, the assumptions of evil intent. And I won’t join in this.

This is the most important election since at least 1980. People need the facts, even if they are unpleasant. And they need honest assessments of what the facts mean. And that’s what I’ll always try to give you.

Alright, go ahead, have at me.

84 thoughts on “A Response to Comments on My Herman Cain Post”

  1. I agree with Scott, thanks for the response.
    It is seldom we get a response from reporters, so for me this was very refreshing.
    I too think that there is more to this story and I am disappointed that Cain and his advisors have not been handling this situation better. Do I think something happened? Yes I do. I also believe that men are often targets of unfounded claims, and this maybe one. But until we know more, the story will continue.
    Again, I appreciate the response and please keep us posted as you learn more.

  2. I must admit to being dismayed by your original post about Cain, firstly because Politico’s report was so thinly sourced and, secondly — as a Cain enthusiast — I was in denial about what you were saying. But I applaud you for writing what you honestly think and that’s why you are always worth reading.

  3. Not long ago I added your website to my reading list, sorry to say today I remove it. Your writing for and defense of Politico is the reason. Politico is a left wing hit factory, if you write for them you must be one of the believers or an idiot.

    Blogs live and die by readership numbers, hope my moving away helps put a couple of nails into a Politico helper. Good riddance!

    1. My three cents worth.
      Do what you gotta do Peter Brown about leaving Keiths blog.
      It doesn’t bother me one bit that his articles appear in politico as I think that Keith writes what he sees and hears. I go to Politico and other “left wing” sites more to see what is on the top of the fold and to try to understand where they are going. One of those understand your enemy so that you can defeat them things.
      I think that Keith writting for them actually might open their eyes to a different point of view.
      Again my 3 cents worth.

      1. You’d hope Keith’s articles might open Politico’s reader’s eyes to a different point of view, but mostly they just cream Keith as a right-wing hack in comments to his articles. They’re pretty funny to read if you’ve read Keith’s blog for a while…

        1. actually, Keith’s writing for politico has increased my respect for politico, it hasn’t decreased my respect for Keith. but leave by all means if you want, peter brown. me, I’d rather hear the real deal from someone who writes what he believes.

  4. I still think this is just a hit piece by people who want to take Cain down. Dig a little. This morning I heard 2 campaign veterans speculate it was started by a primary opponent of Cain, and I think that may be true. Remember what’s been done to Sarah Palin and her family. This disgusting history makes this current smear mean nothing to me.

    1. I tend to agree with you Margaret.
      When it comes to politics and politicians, no-one is more skeptical than me.
      Just compare this incident with what both the Clintons got away with for years.
      I still like Cain, the jury is still out.

  5. I appreciate your honesty and further explanation of your Cain article. I’ve added your column to my daily “read” list because I feel you genuinely care about what you are doing and you are not on some mission. You are willing to commend or criticize either side and offer your honest opinion.

    People are upset that reporters are looking into Cain’s past but I’m still mad that no one did this to Obama before he was elected. Get the facts out on the table, no spinning and let the people make an informed decision.

  6. Thank you Keith for your honest opinion, it really is very refreshing in a reporter. I don’t know what I believe regarding this story about Cain, going to watch the fallout carefully. Too many good candidates have been ripped to shreds by the MSM for me not to question the motives, and Obama still has not been properly vetted by them, which is downright hypocritical.

  7. add me to those who agree with your position, except for the conclusion that it’s the “end” of Cain…not so sure about that, only b/c the other candidates have negatives also, including on issue of trust & transparency

  8. Keith, I am with you in this. My view of the Cain story hasn´t changed either. Candidates must be properly vetted, this wasn´t done with Obama and that mistake shouldn´t be allowed again. I appreciate your candid articles. Keep on writing ! The unvarnished truth, what every good journalist should strive for !

  9. MrCain now admits he was, indeed, accused by two women and those women’s silence was bought by MrCain’s employer. No further action was taken by the accusers or his employer. The Politico story was correct.

    However, being accused of a crime isn’t proof of wrong-doing in America, nor does it mean that the accused is forever damaged. The MSM, Politico, and even you, claimed that these accusations would be the end of MrCain’s quest for the WhiteHouse. That might be true. Time will tell.
    The anger and accusations of political assination of MrCain are the expected result of 4 years of MSM hit pieces that aren’t necessary or even factual; MrsPalin was (and still is) unmercifully slandered, as was anyone who dared run against a sitting Dem politician and of course, the whole body of conservative Americans has been denigrated and ridiculed by every MSM and out-spoken Dems.
    SenRubio was the latest target of the MSM because it wasn’t clear how his parents immigrated from Cuba. And why was this important? MrRubio is being considered a “rising star” in the Rep circles.
    American’s Secretary of Labor, MsSolis, believes that anyone who opposes her agenda is a sexual pervert (a teabagger) and the MSM stays silent.

    I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed and enjoy reading your take on current events and personalities. Any opinion that isn’t the same as yours is just a different opinion. Viva la difference!

  10. I certainly can’t fault you for your opinion. But on the other hand, I have a problem with this. Mr. Obama campaigned from 2007-(2011) and no one seemed to vet any of his negatives, Ayers, lack of documentation etc. Cain has been in the running for a few months, and frontrunner only a few days and already the negs are flying.
    Now, the report may well be true, but since pandoras box has been opened lets get some investigative reporting done. If there was a settlement it would have had to have been disclosed, probably by the Association. Lets name some names, open some books and get away from this ‘anonomous’ crap.
    I’m leaning toward Mr. Cain but certainly not wed at this point, but I do recognize he is Obamas’ worst nightmare. After all, its hard to call another Black man ‘racist’, and especially if thats the only thing you have to run on.

    1. Well said Tom.
      Never underestimate the tentacles of the radical Democrats, and for that matter the thugs that have infested the Obama regime.
      Obama did not get where he is on his intelligence.

    2. I like your post Tom.
      My thoughts are the same in that for those that say lets open the book and let it all out, well, lets open Barry’s book for the first time and let it all out.
      Yes, Cain should get away from this anonymous bull corn and let the names, terms and documents fly. We are big kids, we can handle it.
      I also think that now would be a great opportunity for the country to have a discussion on just what is sexual harrassment because this bull corn of stating that a female is about the same height as your wife just doesn’t rise up to the intended reason.

  11. I read the following on twitter and agreed fully with it – “I would take this story/the allegations seriously if they would have come out when Cain was polling at 6%.”

  12. Please read “” and comment on his opinion. I am truly troubled by his statement “minorities cannot rule a white nation. Only white men can rule a white nation”. The writer is very intelligent but I cannot get my mind around his statement. Thank you and God Bless.

  13. I am trying to read various articles about the incidents and while I would agree that the Cain people did not respond adequately – the impulse by all candidates is to quickly deny and then go back to records and check the information. I also believe that there was some stretching on the media’s side as well. We are talking about incidents that allegedly occurred in the 90’s – if my understanding is incorrect, please correct me if I am wrong, but there was no “suit” filed – there was a claim filed with the HR Department. Those are totally different scenarios. Whether you agree with it or not, “severance” packages are paid out all the time for people to move on.

    I know that I have seen incidents in my own work environments over the years I(‘ve been an employee in the legal field for almost 40 years) where I believe harrassment – sexual and otherwise was exhibited and nothing was claimed by the employee and an instant or two where someone alleged harrassment that I believed was totally bogus.

    It is water under the bridge from 2008, but it is still disturbing that Mr. Obama was not properly vetted and continues not to be vetted. Vet them all – none of them are going to be perfect people. Give them the opportunity to honestly respond to what is reported about the person and their past. How I acted when I was 25, 30 and even 40 is a far cry from how I live my life at 59!

  14. Thank you for a very honest and thoughtful response Keith. I don’t always agree with you, but applaud your sincerity. We all see life through the lens of our individual experiences, which is why Obama’s desire for some great group think of collective salvation will never work in this great country. The political class lives in a bubble and they see those of us out in flyover country as a bunch of idiot rubes who can’t think for ourselves. You are one of the few D.C. insiders who sees us for who we are. In my opinion, Herman Cain is one of us. He is not a slick politician who can hire a team of consultants to keep the bad press at bay.

    The treatment of Herman Cain by the Politico hacks is atrocious. An editor with an ounce of journalistic integrity would never allow a story with absolutely no sources to go to print. I have zero respect for Politico and the authors of the article because it smacks of liberal hypocrisy. Never would they treat Obama to the same anal probe as they did Mr. Cain. Politico has sown the wind, and so they shall reap the whirlwind. Don’t expect us to sit back and watch as another good person is destroyed by the political establishment.

  15. “And Herman Cain furthered my unease further yesterday by apparently casually lying about the case. In the morning, he didn’t know anything about the payments, and joked that he hoped it wasn’t for too much. By the afternoon, he not only knew about them, but offered details on how much.”

    Could it be that he actually learned more about the 15 year old case yesterday afternoon after speaking with the NRA legal team? I think it’s irresponsible for you to call him a liar on that point. I agree that he and his campaign haven’t handled this well – and I also understand your position with regards to Politico, but it’s my opinion that Politico (like HuffPo) employs a couple good guys like yourself to seem “independent” to casual observers. The fact is “physical gestures that were not overtly sexual” is not in the same league as how sexual harrassment is typically defined. And Keith, you know this.

    I remain that this is a hit job now that Cain is at the top. The Politico buried any comments supporting Cain’s character on the last page. You seem to forget that last page, Keith. And until more ACTUAL facts and sources come out, I’m completely dismissive of this so-called story.

    1. I am in agreement with you Andrew that it is irresponsible of Keith to be calling Mr. Cain a liar at this point. I would find it difficult to recall exact details of an occurrence 15 or 20 years ago, especially the matter was resolved with what appears to be three months severance pay and the files sealed without any further involvement on my part.

      I also agree with you that this is a hit job and I am coming to the conclusion that Karl Rove’s greasy fingerprints are all over this. He has all but come out committing himself to Romney, probably expecting a job in a potential Romney administration. I would not put it past him to attempt to take Mr. Cain out of the running and not to be to scrupulous as to the tools he would use to effect this, thus Politico. I seem to remember he played a less than honorable part in removing McCain from contention in South Carolina in 2000.

      1. You are saying that Cain shouldn’t be judged on so little evidence . . . yet here you are accusing Rove of things without any evidence. I think maybe you should reflect on that. You are doing to Rove what you dislike others have done to Cain.

  16. Thanks for the response Keith. That is why I come here almost every day; to get the unbiased inside scoop from an honest man. We may not always agree, but I know that you respect my opinion and I respect yours. That’s what civil discourse is all about. I thought the timing on the Cain piece was curious. Politico said they reached out to the Cain campaign several times without a response. His staff is so small; I can imagine that they’re barely keeping their heads above water day-to-day. If nothing else, this was a real wake-up call for Cain and his staff. We’ll see how it plays out. If they only had vetted Obama with the same intense scrutiny….
    Your loyal reader, Just2old

  17. I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like he pinched their rumps or made lewd remarks about them.
    With no sources or more information on this, I consider it old news.

    Way to stay with your belief Keith and keep up the good work.

    Don’t know if your single or what, but Kim Kardashian and her mother are looking for men with the KK monogram. TeeHee

  18. While sexual harassment must be taken seriously**, apparently it was, at the time, and dealt with to the victim’s satisfaction. Since the recent reports lack substance and detail, Cain has done all he needs to. These could very well be minor matters handled expeditiously by NAR. I don’t see anything NEAR the scandal of Clinton/ Arkansas highway patrol with a long pattern of womanizing. As it stands, it falls, and this is a sapling in the forest.
    **and the standards have been so lowered and lawsuits so feared, without eyewitness/ earwitness testimony, it is not unreasonable to be skeptical

  19. You are one of the few making sense at this time. I fear conservatives are doing the same thing with Cain that Democrats did for Obama in 2008; that is not vetting him and not wanting to see any problems. Look what we got stuck with. Cain people refuse to see any flaws in their candidate. Let the dirt come out now, because it’s nothing compared to what Obama will hurl at the GOP candidate.

    1. I agree with you Georgeann. They are doing the exact same thing. It does make me a bit concerned and I am more than a little concerned.

  20. I think the intent of the article was to bring Cain down. And I think Martin was willing to do that with a relatively weak factual piece. Facts would be who, what, where, when and why. So, I am not satisfied on that level. There are far too many baseless sexual harrassment charges made in America period. That said, if Martin did try and contact Cain’s office with no response then that’s on Cain. I wasn’t satisfied with Cain’s defense. I think he should have held one press conference, dealt with it, and moved on. son. But this “scandal” pales in comparison to others. No matter, this was an intended hit piece with or without adequate documentation. My opinion of Politico as a tool of the left remains. And while I have great respect for this blog, I will read more carefully. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  21. Having been a lawyer for 15 years and now in a management position, I call b.s. on this being any indication of Cain’s character. I’ve done enough confidential settlement agreements just to make nuisance cases go away (many times against my client’s wishes but at the instruction of his insurance carrier who has the legal right to settle without his consent) because it just ain’t worth the fight. People also forget how sexual harassment is no longer about the “quid pro quo” of “you give me sex or else you are fired or don’t get a raise” and is now about a “hostile work environment” which pretty much means anything, and I mean anything, that some overly sensitive worker takes offense at is worthy of a lawsuit. You’d be surprised at how many powerful businessman are targets of such actions. Heck, we even had a President who was alleged to have committed sexual assault in the Oval office, wait, that happened to be a true allegation.

  22. Keith,
    While it has been painful to see Mr Cain unravel in front of our eyes, your piece was spot-on as to his evasiveness and disingenuity.
    He tries to use his “I’m not a professional politician” persona to excuse what has amounted to flat out lying about what he did and didn’t know about this topic.
    While I believe Politico clearly had an agenda in their article, it still doesn’t excuse Mr Cain’s attempt to avoid, deny and distort his role in some serious sexual harassment allegations. The fact that money changed hands as part of a settlement completely rebuts his attempt at feigned innocence and ignorance of the entire ordeal.
    Nice job reporting the facts,

  23. Sorry — one more little thing. New Sexual Allegations Likely the End of Cain. That is a typical Politico headline and one of the things that gave me pause.

  24. Keith,
    I’ve been reading this blog for a few months, have tweeted some entries but never commented until now. I really appreciate how you’ve handled this story, straight-up. It is appreciated.

    1. Herman Cain lynched himself when he tried to tap the help and attempted an Anthony Wiener style cover up. His campaign success is attributable to the train wreck reality TV show called the GOP primary. Now that his bought and paid for affirmative action career is about to run off of the tracks the RWConservosphere is struggling to find another rationale to explain their collective delusions, Republicans and conservative policies have bankrupted this nation, they have given us corrupted leadership, corporations are now people(but you can’t jail or execute them). The believes that the free market unicorns & wall street is can be trusted to guard the nations wealth, and that Rush Limbaugh isn’t a junkie.

      1. Disjointed and ignorant post – thanks Robert, you’ve increased your standing.
        BTW, please enlighten us on ‘bought and paid for’.

  25. Look…I am no fan of Politico, but it is better this happens now then in October of 2012 when/if he was the nominee.

    It is what it is.

    Keith is a fair guy…more than I can say about most of the White House Press.

  26. “48,000 twitter mentions”.

    Herman Cain = Tim Tebow. Personally, I dont’ think either is qualified for their respective jobs but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let -what passes for journalism today asking BHO in 2007 what his favorite color M&M was, lynch a presidential candidate or disparage a chosen faith. Twitter mentions my ass. What else you got?

    Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley and Mary Jo Kopechne, unavailable for comment. (spitting on my own office carpet in disgust)

  27. I feel that you and Prof. Jacobson are two of the most honest/thorough bloggers around these parts! I trust your judgement and feel that you will tell your readers the truth, no matter what. Americans are hungry for the truth from our media and leaders.

  28. Keith, thanks for your original article and this clarification. I’m not sure you’re correct in that this will be the end of Cain, but only time will truly tell. I am a bit concerned in that, according to what I’ve read, Cain was made aware of these charges two weeks ago yet his initial response was sputtering and incoherent. It’s that lack of co-ordination and organized response that worries me. One of Cain’s common responses has been that he’ll surround himself with knowledgeable people and use them to help decide critical issues, where were they?

    1. You wrote ‘will’ [future tense], and ‘were’ [past tense] in the same sentence. It’s well known Cain’s campaign has been on a shoestring. I suppose it was not possible to get the ‘best’ manager when he was at 1% in the polling and not much money.
      And I read 10 days not two weeks, and that was without seeing the actual article I believe.

  29. Thanks for the article Keith. All candidates should be veted, just wish more had been done on Obama. Either way its up to the voter to find out about their candidate of choice and make up their own mind.

  30. Great job as usual, Keith. Sexual harassment cases can be legitimate and they can be witch hunts (In a previous life as a middle manager in a corporate setting, I had to “manage” an employee so accused and who was exonerated). My concern with the Cain issue is how he and his team handle the matter. So far, I’m not impressed. Regardless of who brought the issue to the attention of Politico, it IS an issue, one that Cain’s own team should have been prepared for. My logic says “If they can’t handle this, how could they handle Hillary’s infamous “3am Phone call” or something like it”?

  31. My take is he either had that sort of faux-courtly and somewhat clueless way of making personal remarks to women or he actually tried to press a point on a business trip. I have no idea which. After many years in Washington, I used to see this all the time–the clunky older guy trying to chat with “gals.” I also worked in a trade assn for 16 yrs–and I know when general counsels and payments get involved, this is serious. I also had older executives make overtly sexual remarks to me, ick ick. I also don’t believe his “explanations.” And I don’t really think much of the word salad being tossed with Clinton, Palin, Kennedy, Thomas, this Martin guy, the Koch Bros etc. in the mix. Stick to the subject. I don’t always agree with Keith, but I guess I do more than don’t on this.

  32. MT for re-redistribution

    So many facts are not known, it is impossible to say that Cain has demonstrated a serious character flaw and is unfit for office. However, his handling of it might make that statement anyway. It could be that his lawyers are telling him to not ‘fess up to what happened though. Whatever the facts, right now, it continues to look bad for Cain.

    Most comments made have great nuggets of truth and reason to them, especially the lawyer/HR who added that there are many reasons people are paid hush money, possibly at the objection of the supposed perp.

    The fact that there are two similar events looks real bad, but did these girls know each other? Was this a hatchet job back then? Were they a couple of bipolar psychos? I’ve witnesed a few of these situations in my day (tease and accuse)…

    Just not enough is known here. Cain COULD help his case by fessing up to whatever happened, but he’s not, which in my opinion is as damning as anything. When has the press EVER let a conservative candidate go on anything like this? If Cain doesn’t ‘get’ that, then maybe he’s unfit for office.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      One more thought, the ‘old school’ attitudes about women that were once considered quite acceptable could very easily result in sexual harassment cases in a modern work environment. Things have changed a LOT, and Cain was raised under the old standard.

    2. “Cain COULD help his case by fessing up to whatever happened….”
      Unless, of course, as he insists – nothing happened.

      “When has the press EVER let a conservative candidate go on anything like this? If Cain doesn’t ‘get’ that, then maybe he’s unfit for office”

      Hopefully he does not succomb to the political water boarding. If the case were that significant to their lives and their country, why are the women not coming forward? Persons worthy of respect who have known Cain a long time, are having their testamonies to his character dismissed as irrelevant: as usual, the bottom feeders are stirring up some drama to cover for The Won. Because will make the dems LOSE the black vote. A lot is at stake, and Herman must be taken down.

  33. One of complainants’ lawyer’s statement seems to back up Cain’s recollection or non-recollection:

    ” he said that he had not even remembered the name of the association official who his client had accused. He said doesn’t remember going to the association offices and thinks the matter might have been handled over fax and phone, and quite expeditiously. “

  34. October surprise. Today it seems the media fell for a old gem of adding a sex
    scandal to ruin Cain. Fingers are pointing to Perry and/or Obama. It was
    handeled badly but they are not professional politicians who have attorneys
    on speed dial for these things. Harassment claims like this are murky and can be for something big and then again almost nothing. The media gave a pass
    to Clinton and JFK’s sexual indiscretions all the time. They turned a blind eye
    to the warning signs that Obama was an empty suit and his very left leaning
    friends. So now this is blown out of proportion by some and I just wonder
    why the media have such short memories? I think this may be a mistake by
    the media and voters are wise this time. We won’t be fooled again as the song

  35. My initial gut reactions to support Cain. Beep in mind he is my reluctant second choice after Gov Palin declined to run.

    However; sexual harassment cases are traumatic for the accused no matter if they are innocent or guilty. Even if the monatary settlement was chump change by Cain’s standards, the process of accusations and depositions would have been unforgettable. In spite of this, Cain pretended ignorance then began to recollect vivid details later in the day. This hurts his credibility.

    Obviously, this is reminiscent of Clarence Thomas.

    Judge Thomas distinguished himself and enhanced his credibility by being the only man in America who would deny being worthy of the pseudonym “Long Dong Silver”.

  36. Keith: I personally think you’re writing Cain off a bit too soon, but like most of the others I respect you for writing what you think! I share your frustration about blaming the messenger: we don’t do ourselves any good if we can’t look facts plainly in the face. I mean, even Keith Olbermann has probably been right once or twice (altho I can’t remember when).

    btw, on Fox tonite he told Krauthammer that he meant he hadn’t known of a LEGAL settlement, not a financial settlement, when he was first asked about that. I don’t know that I buy that entirely…but that’s his story and he’s sticking to it until he thinks of a better one!

  37. Thank you, Keith, for your response. I have my problems with this story. Part of me wants to believe Cain. Part of me finds it very hard.

    One woman is “meh” from me. Two women goes “well, hmmmm”. Cain’s reponse has me very concerned about his ability to deal with national crisis. I just don’t think he is ready for prime time, but I am thinking that the conservatives will push him. I see another disaster like the O’Donnell disaster. That really, really concerns me. I am fairly certain Obama would rather face Cain than either Perry or Romney.

  38. Thanks everyone for you comments on this post.

    Something I want to emphasize. I think we are all in agreement about at least one thing. The media fell in love with Obama, both because of his politics and what he represented, and they failed in their job to scrutinize him.

    And so we got a president who was essentially un-vetted, whose background we really don’t understand. And that’s a tragedy, and I think it is where, understandably, some of the anger about the Cain story comes from.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Obama’s first campaign was the perfect storm of all the wrong stuff for the country. His bizarre affair with the press resonated to an adoration from the gullible sector of the voting public, and now we have a compromised presidency (with odd characteristics like Obama’s bromance with Immelt, which *should* make every proper liberal’s skin crawl, but doesn’t). You’re right Keith, the scrutiny Cain is under serves a purpose. I hope his campaign survives it. If Cain runs, the confusion that racist voters will experience should send them back to their non-voting status quo. If we get a conservative in office, our economy will snap back into a *real* recovery in 6 months.

  39. Thanks for your response, Keith.

    It is within the realm of possibility that a man sexually harassed a woman. It is also with the realm of possibility that a woman falsely accuses a man of harassment. So what do we really know?

    If Mr. Cain is the kind of man who treats women like this, there will be others who come forward. I find it odd that so late in his career he suddenly starts disrespecting women.

    Time will tell.

  40. Herman Cain may indeed be guilty of “inappropriate behavior”, whatever that is, but the fact remains, it was a hit piece by Politico. Their intent was to take down a conservative and they would report anything to do so.

    Herman Cain could have handled this a lot differently. Now he’s resorted to the race card, for the second time in his campaign, and that’s not pretty. I listened to him on Laura Ingram’s Show, Bill O’Rielly, and Bret Baier, and I must say, it was not getting better. He would have been much smarter to shut up, get out of the media and let it all settle down.

    Although I disagree with some of your posting on Herman Cain–especially your support of the authors of the hit-piece, overall, it was a good write-up. I come here to get your everyday-guy view of the Whitehouse and will continue to do so.

    Thanks for all, Keith.

  41. My issue with the entire deal is that I doubt the veracity of the claim. Having known people wrongly accused of rape, and employees wrongly make claims regarding their employer – I just simply am a doubter now.

    Were there charges brought against him? Yes. Was money given? Yes. Did the charges have merit? I dunno.

    I’m so cynical, I doubt there is a man anywhere in power that hasn’t had such accusations made against him.

  42. He paid these women $ to keep quiet and they didn’t keep the agreement. That tells me a lot about them — they’d take hush money and they wouldn’t feel bound by their choice.

    As for Cain and sexual harassment, unfortunately this culture seems to think that men with power can have any woman they want. When Magic Johnson (and I’m not choosing him because he’s black) got AIDS there was universal indignation along the lines of, “How dare one of those anonymous f-uck-babies give our MAN a disease?” No one ever asked, “How many women did Magic give AIDS to?” Bill Clinton (and I did not choose him because he’s white) seemed to feel that youthful assistants were his hors d’oeuvres. And on it goes.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Cain may have harassed women who depended upon him for their income and for recommendations to further their career. It is deeply disappointing though. It is the hush money, however, that ends my interest in him. Guilty or innocent, handing out cash to shut people up is a low and unethical move — and if one is innocent it sets up exactly the opposite impression.

    How ironic that the women blabbed anyway. I wonder if they are getting book deals or pricey interviews anywhere. Might as well exploit the situation if you have so little ethics that you’d take hush money and babble.

    1. We also have a culture where people are awfully happy to make complaints, sue, or attempt to get $$ from just about any entity. Men in power, companies, business owners, their neighbors …

      1. You are absolutely right Car in. While my judgment might be clouded because of my personal experiences with one of those opportunists, my antenna is raised with this revelation. How could someone have a stellar 30-year business career before taking a job in the cesspool of Washington, D.C. where he suddenly becomes a letch? Sexual harassment charges have long been used as a weapon of the left against conservatives…

        1. More to come. His wife supposedly will be on Greta Fri, unless someone thinks better of it. Cain himself was on O’Reilly, who went easy on him I gather because of O’Reilly’s own pecadillos in the tacky remarks arena of a few yrs ago. That is my opinion–that he went easy. I am pretty sick of this. We are all looking at it through our own prism–mine is of a former assn exec who knows that world and as a woman in the halls of Washington for many years who knows THAT world. I could be totally wrong. I do maintain the man should have had a story to stick to. Stay tuned. More to come.

          1. Also reading that in these cases there is a clause in the settlement tht both parties remain silent on all details. One of
            British papers said this woman got a years salary and that could’ve been a lot or a little depending on her job. I met him and
            stood and spoke with him in the early 90’s doesn’t seem the type.
            Could be something he said that then was taken wrong and these were settled quickly and quietly. After 20 plus years in the restaurant business I’m surprised thy have any $ money left as
            some of what goes on is less than professional but it happens
            in all workplace situations some more serious than others.
            Unlike he media wanting to gin up a story I will trust Mr Cain.

  43. Hilarious. This is what happens when people take them selves far too seriously. The Cain Train will keep chugging along, even without the self-important RINOs.

  44. This whole story reminds me of how Obama let the media destroy Jack Ryan during the ’06 U.S. Senate race in Illinois.

    Sealed court testimony is “leaked” to the press the same way the Chicago Tribune shopped around in California to find a friendly judge that would
    unseal Ryan’s divorce record from his marriage to Jeri Ryan.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the White House stamp wasn’t on this somewhere.

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