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Is Lanny Pulling a Fast and Furious One on Us?

I once did a story back during the Clinton administration about “crisis” PR managers. One of the people I interviewed was Lanny Breuer, an attorney who specialized in the practice and had helped defend Bill Clinton during Monica Lewinsky scandal.

He said to me his mother once asked him, “Lanny, Lanny, why do you always want to help people?”

Well, helpful Lanny, who now heads the criminal division of the Justice Department, said today in testimony before Congress that he regretted failing to notify Attorney General Eric Holder about Operation Wide Receiver – a project started under the Bush administration that allowed guns to “walk” across the border into Mexico and land in the hands of Mexican drug dealers – and it’s similarity to the Obama-administration “Fast & Furious” operation that allowed many more guns to walk.

So is Mr. Helpful taking the fall for his boss?

Also, documents released by the Justice Department yesterday also show that Breuer learned of the gunwalking tactic in April 2010.

The Justice Department had assured Congressional Republicans earlier this year that gunwalking allegations were false, noted CBS News investigative report Sharyl Attkisson.

Not very helpful Lanny!

6 thoughts on “Is Lanny Pulling a Fast and Furious One on Us?”

  1. . MrHolder was the bus driver of this program and throwing a passenger under the bus isn’t going to fly with Congress. Taking one for the team…
    I’m getting lost in metaphors here.

    Nothing will satisfy except MrHolder’s full admission that the program was a failure and he will offer his resignation to the Prez.

  2. I’m looking through the fog to see that they are trying to shift the issue. The issue is the lie Holder told to Congress under oath on May 3, 2011. He testified that he only found out about Fast and Furious in “the last few weeks”. Obama admitted in a March 2011 interview with CNN espanol that he heard “on the news” about Fast and Furious and had already worked with Holder to appoint an IG. Which one of them is lying? My guess is both. Issa needs to take a phrase out of the past and ask Holder point blank — “What did the President know, and when did he know it?”

  3. When does the Shyster AG actually testify before Congress?
    If the President was any kind of leader or man as a matter of fact, he would get this issue out front and be done with it.
    Unless he is complicit.
    Man up President “No questions because, I have no answers” Obama.

  4. Of course he is trying to fall on his sword for Holder and Obama.
    Let us hope that the congressional investigators do not allow it to unfold in that way.
    Holder and Obama are both guilty of much more than just Fast and Furious….their entire adminstration has been fast and loose with integrity….none there.

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