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Obama Can Create Millions of Jobs, but Won’t

President Obama is traveling the country pretending he’s not campaigning and that he only wants Republicans to cooperate with him in his Quixotic campaign to create jobs for America.

And yet, what is he really doing? Promoting a jobs bill that has no chance of passing Congress but an excellent chance of making some people think Republicans hate teachers, firefighters and similar salts of the earth, and don’t want to get them jobs.

But in an article today for the Wall Street Journal, Jim McNerney, the chairman of the Business Roundtable – a group of corporate CEOs that has been traditionally quite bipartisan, as business groups go – says that Obama himself has the keys to creating more jobs. Except he can’t get them out of his pocket.

According to the man most in touch with the country’s top corporate leaders, Obama could create millions of jobs by putting regulations on a diet.

A tsunami of new rules and regulations from an alphabet soup of federal agencies is paralyzing investment and increasing by tens of billions of dollars the compliance costs for small and large businesses.

No one wants to discard truly meaningful public-safety or environmental regulations. But what we face is a jobs crisis, and regulators charged with protecting the interests of the people are making worse the problem that’s hurting them most. Regulatory relief in the energy sector alone could create up to two million new jobs, and we won’t have to borrow a penny to pay for it.

Obama has disingenuously framed the choice as one between the thicket of new regulations in which he’s enmeshing the economy and the end of civilized conduct in America – letting factories belch asbestos into the air for the sheer joy of it or allowing banks charge $10 for the lollipops they give kids for coming with you to deposit your check. Something like that.

Just about every regulation that’s out there (Republicans) want to get rid of — clean air, clean water — you name it.

We are not going to win the race in this competitive 21st century economy by having the cheapest labor or the most polluted air. That’s a race to the bottom that we can’t win. There’s always going to be a country out there that can exploit its workers more, or pollute its air more, or pollute its water more, have lower worker safety standards. There’s always going to be somebody out there to win that competition.

Actually, according to McNerney, the president’s agenda may create a certain number of new jobs. In Asia.

Absent a clear change in course, no one should be surprised if some companies ultimately invest abroad, creating jobs beyond our borders that could have been based here. This doesn’t have to happen, but an increasingly skeptical business community needs proof Washington can put America on a sustainable fiscal footing and promote economic growth.

13 thoughts on “Obama Can Create Millions of Jobs, but Won’t”

  1. obambo is a stupid, pompous,jerk who lives for the next lie he spews & the next PAID vacation he takes… he’s in panic mode to do & say ANYTHING
    to keep his part time job.. its rather odd to watch a man with so much to be done, merely self destruct before us….watch him closely ,he appears increasingly unstable/angry as he internalizes every word of criticism to the core !!! before this is all over I’m betting his vices: booze, cigs etc. will play an even bigger role in his undoing…

  2. MrO has no intention of reducing or removing the regulations that the myriad of Federal agencies use to justify their existence. He’s not interested in boosting the employment numbers for average Americans, his only concern is his re-election and the campaign money that flows from the Unions that he’s supporting.

    The Dems have spent the last year telling us that our government is “broken” and want to put the blame on the Repubs for breaking the system. Our government isn’t broken; it’s bloated with unnecessary departments filled with employees who carve out little fiefdoms with their own rules, and a Congress filled with men and women who consider their elected positions as their “careers”. All of these people have conspired to make themselves so important that their individual views on any subject shouldn’t be questioned, nor should any action they impose on the public be reversed.

    Until the wealthy quit supporting politicians that make all our lives unbearable they don’t have any right to complain. The very CEOs who want the government off of their backs and out of their pockets are the ones keeping these elected officials in power with their $38K donations and their PACs.

      1. Thanks, Susan.
        When I vote for someone who proves to be a great disappointment, I don’t just blame them, I blame myself for being so gullible.
        The CEOs mentioned in this piece have the means and the public platform to change the way things are done in Washington.
        It’s time they quit whining and start taking action.

    1. they know it is just ‘lip service’ or ‘politics’ in general. They know they will not be harmed by any of the rhetoric.
      I did not see ANYONE from the banks/investment banls held to any accountability. (Like Scooter Libby?)
      Just sayin

  3. We just can’t shake that Stupid Americans mantra for our global neighbors thanks to the continued ignorance of our so called leaders in the cesspool we call Washington D.C.

  4. But they miss the point. Americans with jobs are Americans who aren’t reliant on the government. Americans not reliant on the government are Americans who do not need the endless parade of bloated government agencies, because they can take care of themselves. If they can take care of themselves without the government, then the government is not needed. If the government is not needed, then all those lovely pay offs, lifelong political careers, under the table deals, etc., will dry up for the politicians. Money drying up for the politicians means BO will have to get another job, one with less benefits and without all those wonderfully expensive perks that millions of someones (the taxpayers) pay for. So you see, he couldn’t possibly allow companies to expand and grow for fear of losing his job. Even though it seems that’s what’s going to happen anyway.

  5. Bill Jones and Bob Smith in mainstream America don’t subscribe to nor do they read the The Wall Street Journal on a daily basis. Please modulate references to WSJ … the best news publication in the country. Find a new focus of reference for declaring criminality, incompetence and weakness now rampant in our U.S. government. Any quote by Jim McNerney in todays Journal will be read by significantly less than 1% of our somewhat interested voters. Let’s identify and leverage additional ‘bell ringesr’ in order to reach the REAL constituency. Can this be done?

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