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Annoying Error Message in Explorer

Updated October 30 at 11:26 am ET


If you are viewing the website in Explorer, you my get a pop up message saying “Message from Webpage: Stack Overflow at line: 115.” Working to fix this now. If you are able in the meantime to use another browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari, you should avoid the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


UPDATE: Technicians continue to work on this problem. I would note that Internet Explorer users who update to the latest version may avoid seeing the message. Thanks for you patience and again, my apologies.

42 Responses to Annoying Error Message in Explorer

  1. I have not seen that message Keith.
    I use Firefox.
    However, I have seen what appears to be ‘server overloads’ on this site.
    Love the website.
    Keep up the good work man !

    • Oh, it’s an icon on your computers’ screen that allows you to search the internet.
      It happens to be imbedded in the operating system of windows, so you can’t get rid of it without destroying the functionality of your system.
      Firefox however rides above the nefarious tentacles of the windows operating system and allows the users to eliminate the nasty messages that appear from time to time while using IE.

  2. Look, anyone who does web development knows that IE should be chopped up for good and served as cat food. But as someone who still has an AOL personal email address, I’m hardly in a position to fault anyone who still uses it!

  3. Using Firefox, so haven’t seen that error. But…

    Every couple of days, I’ll get the October 10th (“Obama Visiting with Wounded Warriors” at top) page instead of the latest. Clearing the cache and reloading doesn’t help. I just try again in a few hours and (usually) I get the correct page. I think that started maybe 7-8 days ago.

    Never griped before because the site’s free (and I’m too broke to donate), and I generally like your writing (even if we don’t always agree; maybe even especially — new perspectives can improve understanding).

    • Carl, thanks and nice to hear from you. I’m glad to hear you don’t always agree because my best readers as you’ll note from the comments all have very distinct minds of their own! Feel free to disagree because I honestly learn from the views expressed here by those who don’t see it my way.

      And I appreciate your letting me know about the difficulty you were having with the wrong date on IE. Never hesitate to let me know because then I can correct it. Just noticed it today myself because I was looking at IE. I think it’s fixed.

      • You’re quite welcome, Keith.

        BTW: I use Firefox, so that “wrong date” issue I was seeing wasn’t in IE. And it may not be a problem at your end or mine. If no one else is seeing it, my ISP may be having web cache glitches of its own.

        • I was using Google Chrome and last week the Oct 10th date popped up. I thought it was something with Chrome and sent them an email. Didn’t hear back so I deleted Chrome and went back to FireFox. No problems since. :) The only thing I’d really disagree with Keith about is I would never feed my cat chopped IE. He’s much too precious! LOL

  4. Wow i am using IE and experiencing some error messes.. But what the heck, 30 years ago I tied messages to pigeons legs to keep in touch with my neighbors.. Well almost.

  5. I use Firefox and had a tough time bringing up your site yesterday. I tried posting at one point and may have left a post 4-5 times. Sorry if that happened.

    I finally figured I might be doing just that and moved on. I’m blonde so it takes a while. :D

    • Hey Panz, I’m blonde too — mostly grey now but still qualify. We should form a new victim class. We could create a non-profit group to put a stop to all the blonde jokes that make fun of our level of intelligence, and get Congress to fund it. Worth a try…every other victim class seems to get a government hand out. Resist we much!

  6. Speaking of annoying errors. I think MO has been doing something to avoid
    those pesky problems with her very expensive taste in clothes. Now when
    she is photographed it’s in a dress she’s worn before several times. The newest scam was the infamous $500 tennis shoe. She was painting a Vet’s
    home and had on a pair of tennis shoes $59.95. But all these fundraisers are
    closed to the press no pictures so that’s when she drags out the million dollar
    boob belt and diamond ‘borrowed’ jewelry. Bored but I do think they are trying
    to reel her in from looking too Marie Antoinette:)

    • That Plouffe guy, with his rabbity teeth–I can see him coming out of the office of a used car lot, hand extended…brrr. Oh, well–I knew better, but watched anyhow.

  7. I use Explorer and over the past week and a half, I have come to your site 3 or so times and WHD’s home page is Oct. 10th. And I click on home a bunch of times, and it showed your home page as Oct. 10th.