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Quote of the Day || October 27, 2011

“Also today, I’m announcing complete, 100 percent loan forgiveness to students whose dogs ate their homework.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

4 Responses to Quote of the Day || October 27, 2011

  1. Oh, and the Euro leaders just gave Greece loanforgiveness. I guess they did not have many options at the moment, the situation had gone too far.Thank heavens for Mrs Merkel who kept her steel among these quarreling men from France, Italy and Greece. However, ordinary Europeans, especially people from the northern countries, now see that fraud and wastefulness ( Greece ) is rewarded with enormous amounts of money. Many of us want the EU project dismantled. But some politicians even threaten with war if that happens. I am not so sure of that, EU is a giant welfare project for megalomaniac politicians. So now, Mr Obama, learn something from this.

    • From our perspective here in the states, I think most would agree that the EU has been a failure at least on the monetary side. And, Obama will continue to attempt to lead us down the same path. What an idiot!

      • Well, it started as a peace project between France and Germany, The Coal and Steel union, but in a few decades it grew without proportions. Before this breakdown there were serious discussions whether to involve Turkey or not. Imagine that, Turkey, with it´s backward society, old fashioned agriculture, poverty, corruption and millions of muslims. It would have been a disaster. It isn´t possible to have so many culturally different countries under the same umbrella.

  2. And for any college student who does not shower for a week and then participates in any “Occupy” movement, you will receive: an unlimited Starbucks cards, debit cards for McDonalds and an economy size bottle of tear gas eye wash.