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No Politics to See Here, Please Move Along

The White House continues to claim that President Obama’s jaunts around the country, billed as an effort to get Congress to pass his American Jobs Act, are actually an attempt to get Congress to pass his American Jobs Act.

But really, they’re an attempt to get reelected, and to try to prevent Republicans from doing the same.

Veteran CBS White House reporter Bill Plante possesses a sophisticated olfactory system that he’s fine tuned over many years to sniff out NONSENSE.

He likes to ask White House Press Secretary Jay Carney what the real reason is Obama is running around the country criticizing Republicans for rejecting a bill he knows they won’t pass, and then sending it over to Congress in individual pieces he knows they won’t pass. Instead of, say, negotiating with them.

Here’s an exchange he had with Carney today.

Q: So does what you say mean that the president has decided that there’s no way to work with the Republicans…

CARNEY: Absolutely not.

PLANTE: You meant, therefore, it’s important for him to take his case campaign style to people in states which are going to be critical for his reelection.

CARNEY: I know it sticks in your craw that the president actually leaves Washington and goes out and talks to the American people…

PLANTE: just asking.


CARNEY: But the president — the president believes very strongly that Republicans in Congress will not take action because he asks them to. I think that has been established over these nearly three years.

What he does also believe is that Republicans in Congress will take action if their constituents demand that they do it. So that is why he is out in the country talking about the need to pass the jobs act and why he was talking about the actions that he’s taking without Congress — because we can’t wait for Congress to act  . . .

You know, he will continue to do these things and he’ll continue to press Congress to take action.

But, again, you’ve heard him out there. We’re being quite transparent, calling on the American people to call on Congress to do the things that the American people say they want done.

First of all, it’s always a sign someone at the White House is hiding something when they say, “We’re being quite transparent.”

Now, the odd thing about Carney’s response to Plante is that just moments before, he said this:

I would just point out that when you see this 100 percent Republican opposition, it’s totally disconnected from Republicans out in the country. It’s not just Democrats out there and — and the president.

It — you’ve seen the data; probably ABC’s own poll. I mean, it’s — they’re out of sync with Democrats, independents, Republicans, Americans who want Washington to act.

This means, in the White House view, that Republicans in Congress DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT REPUBLICANS THINK. Because . . . they  . . . because . . . what?

And so Republicans in the hinterland are going to listen to Obama, the theory goes – Obama – who has the approval of 40 percent of the nation and effectively no Republicans – and ask GOP lawmakers to pass Obama’s bill? Really? That’s the strategy?

A Republican couple mulls whether to contact their Congressman after listening to Obama

And then if a few of them do contact GOP lawmakers, these Republicans who supposedly don’t care what their base thinks are going to suddenly support the legislation? After voting in lock-step against it?

Excuse me. Back to the real world.

So why, one reporter – I think it was still Plante – wanted to know, is Obama going to presidential battleground states to do this?

“Look,” said Carney, “I think he has been around the country, including to places that are blue and purple and red, making this case, and he will continue to move around the country to states of all colors.”

I guess technically this is true. It’s also true that Picasso used other colors during his “Blue Period.” But it was still his Blue Period.

And if Obama goes to Ohio one more time, they’re going to make him a common-law resident of the state.

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27 Responses to No Politics to See Here, Please Move Along

  1. I don’t know about my craw, but I know it frosts my cahooties to watch him bounding around trying to belie his 50 years and making stupid comments about how his fellow Americans lack ambition or want to destroy the country. Go read a book, let Bo walk you, or hang with your kids–something! Or talk to an adviser with some ideas–maybe even a member of Congress.

    • Does Obama ever meet or talk with Democratic members of Congress? I have not seen Obama within 20 feet of a Democratic Rep/Sen in sometime. Beside the Elections 2012 = Democratic members of Congress being COWARDS for not wanting to be seen with Obama -The Dear Socialist Leader, shouldnt Obama being a “leader” want/have to meet with Democratic Reps/Sens…?

        • Why would he want to meet with ANYone? I am sure he has decided that it is a waste of time to hear alternate opionions because he himself knows he will dismiss anything out of hand that does not align with his ideals. They are set in concrete.

  2. Excellent article Keith. Makes me wonder what it takes to be a press secretary for Obama. One qualification would be no conscience and the second would be the ability to lie with a straight face. Does the Carney barker have children? If so, guess he’s okay with giving up their freedom and liberty to this corrupted government.

    Obama is so desperate to pay off the union thugs so that their circle of life can continue, that he is making mad dashes around the country in an effort to stir up his base. If Obama keeps singling out the House Republicans as the enemy, how long before his base physically confronts one of them. Wish someone would ask him about the Oakland riots caused by his 0WS troops. These people are showing the capacity for violence.

  3. Prediction: American on American violence before Nov. 2, 2012. Just what Amadinnerjacket is waiting for…I hope I’m wrong but who TF is in charge anymore?

    CARNEY: “Eat your apple slices and stop asking questions.”

  4. Would love to see some migration of Plante’s superior olfactory system that you have witnessed in the questions posed to Mr. Carney-Shipman, to the news that is actually broadcast by CBS. If the baiting questions and the obviously duplicitous answers don’t wind up being reported, it is merely a game being played between the Plante and Carney-Shipman with both sharpening their skills, but only one using those skills to their end-game advantage.

  5. Keith, another excellent piece.

    However, I really doubt that in tonight’s CBS news broadcast we’ll see Mr. Plante throw the BS flag. Perhaps someday you can take the time to discuss why it is many reporters ask “tough”” questions at the WH and other press briefings yet when it comes to the evening broadcast those exchanges almost never are broadcast. Are the networks really so afraid of losing access? It seems to me the networks really have the power, after all, they could play the game. “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.” The administration needs the press more than they need him. Is it simply something as simple as if they make things uncomfortable for the Washington power players they’re worried they won’t get the invitation to the White House Christmas party and other events? .

    • I’ll tell you what, if you think people taylor their work bec they’re worried about whether they’ll get invited to the WH Christmas Party . . . you’re not far off. Not Plante, though, he doesn’t care.

  6. Loved the article love to see that little twerp twist in the wind:). Boy the entire
    Obama adm is delusional I think for their own safety they should all be in
    quarantine until 2012 and after dumped out of office let out to live out their
    lives on a farm for the terminally deluded. This Obama experiment has
    been a ‘Blue Period’ for America. It makes me mad enough at his permanent
    campaign on our dime but it’s worse that they think American’s believe his BS!

  7. Color me Blue – as in very depressed. I’m not certain what infuriates me more – BO’s intentions to bypass Congress or his bragging about it beforehand.

    • Take some deep breaths and have a cup of tea, my friend.
      The Speaker of the House, MrBoehner, drew a line in the sand when he advised MrO that Congress will be watching him carefully.
      MrO should be forewarned that the American public won’t tolerate a President who assumes powers not assigned to his position by the constitution.

      • srdem65 – thank you for your kind reply and words of hope. At this point I am beyond a cup of tea. Perhaps Long Island Iced Tea and a round of Angry Birds.

  8. Susan asks then opines :
    Does the Carney barker have children? If so, guess he’s okay with giving up their freedom and liberty to this corrupted government.
    Good question and opinion.
    The inner circle of the Obamanation will amass wealth and their children and grand-children will be comfortable in their estates as the masses suffer. In other words the Carnival clown will push hisn masters platform.

  9. True story:when the prez came to NC last week a Teacher friend of mine was told to bring her 3rd grade class to be used as a prop for one of his stops in Jamestown. The kids sat there stone-faced. Like most of Americans, these kids have been affected by this President’s policies what with some whose fathers and neighbors losing jobs and homes. NC’s unemploy rate is 10.5

    • Speaking of Carney–you have to bear in mind that every single person on TV telling you about “poverty levels,” foreclosures, misery indices, OWS, and so on–those people have a job and many are hundreds-of-thousandaires or millionaires. Even most if not all of the consultants and interviewees.