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Obama Fundraising Tastes Great, But Less Filling

President Obama in 2011 has attended more than twice as many presidential campaign fundraisers as George W. Bush had by this time in 2003 – the year before his reelection in 2004 – but has raised less money than Bush for his campaign.

Obama has been electioneering and fundraising at a torrid pace in recent weeks. White House officials say he is making up for time lost during the deficit negotiations with Republicans this summer, when some events had to be cancelled.

Nevertheless, the time away from from work seems extensive given that Election Day is more than a year in the future.

Obama was out of the office three days this week and three the week before. His excursion out West this week, from which he returned Wednesday afternoon, included six fundraisers in Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The president last week took a three-day bus tour through the key battleground states of North Carolina and Virginia. While supposedly a trip to promote his jobs plan, many saw the barnstorming as an obvious de facto campaign swing.

According CBS Radio News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, Obama has staged 60 campaign fundraisers this year compared to only 28 by Bush by this time in 2003.

And yet, Obama in the first two quarters of his campaign – the second and third quarters of the year – has raised $86.2 million for his campaign compared to $104.2 million for Bush in inflation-adjusted dollars. Bush’s nominal total was $84.5 million.

But Obama also has raised millions more for the DNC, which can use the money to help his presidential campaign.

Obama launched his presidential campaign April 4, while Bush kicked his off in May 2003.

Hat tip to Karl Rove for his piece today in the Wall Street Journal, where I first saw the number of fundraisers held.

23 Responses to Obama Fundraising Tastes Great, But Less Filling

  1. Sheesh. Does Obama EVER work?

    As a taxpayer, I’m sick & tired of subsidizing his jaunts all over the map on AF1. If his followers want to host him at a fundraiser, let them pay for him to get there.

    • Amen Lindy,
      If he’s so “adored” then why wouldn’t they mind flippin the tab for obambo’s travels? A God-like figure like him should have no trouble getting ALL the funds he needs! ! ! they should consider it a “tithe”!

      And if you total the $$ brought in, then average to per lie he spews,he would by far be the highest paid liar in the history of the world !!

      Hope for a change in 2012 !

  2. Jim Geraghty

    <Obama’s relentless fundraising schedule is not, in fact, about the money. It is about something else — increasingly, the sense that this is one of the few venues where Obama gets to feel the relentless admiration and euphoric adoration that he experienced throughout 2007 and 2008.

    Obama gets to say to his adoring Potemkin crowds, it’s great to be out of DC, gets to show off his newly greyed hair now that he stopped dying it,( see how hard I’m working,) gets to stop at delis, bakeries, fried chicken joints and BBQs and eat junk food all the while saying don’t tell Michelle or as he said in LA Michelle wil be mad I came here without her…always the passive-agressive towrds her.

    Geraghty is right Obama has psychological needs that must be fed.

    • You and MrGergahty might be right about the real reason for all of this frantic activity in the name of fundraising, but I don’t think it’s going the way MrO wants. The crowds are sparse and mostly polite, not adoring.
      MrO’s reception at the college venue in Colorado had to a disappointment to him and his advisors who depend on the naive youth to support him as they did in the past. His cadence started to falter and he seemed to struggle for the words as he must have realized that he was speaking, not to the worshiping choir, but to the curious who wanted to be convinced of the message.
      More and more, the crowds that appear at his public venues are there to see the Presidential theatre and not necessarily BarackObama.

  3. Nice piece Keith. This country needs a fulltime president. I would say that Obama has never really stopped campaigning since day one. He has yet to begin governing.

  4. Maybe all the campaigning takes him back to the good ole days of community organizing. He misses the thrill of lathering up the masses, working them into a fevered pitch of love and adoration for the Won. Yep, the 0WS dredges are his kind of people — lawless mobs that disrupt the lives and livelihoods of their fellow Americans.

    Only difference – rather than ACORN paying his way to the rally, the taxpayer is…

  5. All he knows to do is campaign and he is getting pretty lousy at doing even that.
    Does he think that Community Organizers built the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam?

  6. O’Reilly had some poll in which 48% of those polled said they would be “distraught” if Obama won. Distraught? I know I would be, but 48%? Still, he has many ways to divert and digress in the next yr. I wonder if it occurred to him that he is raising less money because people don’t have any.

  7. I am wondering what the attendance numbers are for the great one is at the campaign stops. I know that the union will bus in numbers, but if I recall it was reported that when Barry went to St Louis the arena was not even half full as compared to the similar event in 2008.
    Would be interesting to have more comparisons disclosed.

  8. I saw the same piece you did, Keith, and went looking for information but was unable to find it. Conventional wisdom is always “they all do this” (you even used the line the other day) – but do they? I couldn’t find anything that really compared Bush in 2003 to obama since he announced.

  9. He is just a narrcisstic deluded man and his wife who are desperate to get 4
    more years of a free ride as neither do the jobs they should be doing because they are incapable. They just look upon this as a free vacation no
    responsibility they could care less about the American people or the country.

  10. Little Barry must just be exhausted what with all his campaigning at taxpayer expense and all the taxpayer’s money he is giving away on idiotic promises to people he hopes will vote for him. I really believe it would be better if he would just go play golf or go on vacation until the elections next year. That way he couldn’t screw the American taxpayers any more than he already has. Just until the elections when we kick his skanky butt out of office.

  11. While Obama seems to be continually campaigning since he took office in 2008, he has yet to be a Leader. At this point I don’t think he knows how and does not have the ability to learn it. All the campaigning is just to assuage his ego…

  12. Campaigning was the first and last successful part of his presidency. No wonder he can’t wait to do it again. Oh, yes, he so loves the worship of swooning morons and young commies…

    I remember when Bill and Hilly left the white house, they pillaged it. The Obamas make the Clintons look like aristocrats. Imagine the condition this trailer trash family is going to leave the white house in. I can’t wait!