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I’m Not Going to be Ignored!!

Michelle is in the news. A lot.

From the Washington Times:

A media research firm says Michelle Obama has gotten nearly 30,000 mentions in the press since her husband was elected president, more than tripling the attention paid her predecessor, Laura Bush, during the equivalent time.

The current first lady steamrolled, garnering 29,634 mentions, compared to 8,707 for Mrs. Bush in the nearly three-year periods under review.

Michelle is also relentlessly campaigning and raising money and, in the manner of her husband – and to be fair, her husband’s predecessor – at your expense.

Tuesday, she flew to Detroit and Chicago for a pair of fundraisers that will go on the taxpayer’s tab because of her appearance at an “official” event in Chi-town, “The Mayor’s Summit on Food Desserts,” the mayor of course being Rahm Emanuel.

On Thursday, Mrs. Obama jets to Jacksonville and Tampa for three fundraisers, holding official events at the airports.

The Jacksonville “event” will include a meeting with “culinary students who won the ‘Cooking up Change’national healthy cooking contest,” according to the White House. I assume this and the meeting with “students from John Sexton Elementary School, which received an award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for its health and wellness efforts,” mean the DNC gets taxpayer help with the trip.

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  1. I would love to know what they are served when in the White House.
    Calorie content, fat content, fiber content, and if all of the information is provided on the menu so that they can all make ‘healthy choices’.
    What does Moochie chow down on while on the airplane ?
    It takes a lot of food for her to maintain her physique, no ?
    I know, nothing to see here, move along. Not !

  2. Does anyone know if the Bush first ladies did this much fund raising? I’m just curious….seems like the current one sure does a lot…..or is it just my perception? Thanks

    1. I’m sure Keith could give you some perspective on this – and while I know that first ladies do fundraisers, the fact that Mrs. Obama’s mentions in the news are triple that of Laura Bush at the same time in the first term of Pres. Bush, I think it is safe to assume she did not travel or fundraise nearly as much.

      Bottom line – I am beyond what used to be done. It is out of control the amount of travel that a Pres. and First Lady do on the taxpayer dime. The amount of money needed to run for President has become sickeningl. The length of time, the special interest money (and don’t be fooled – Pres. Obama may say he isn’t taking money from lobbyists, but the Hollywood crowd is no different – they are a special interest too) is over the top. There just is no humility in this administration – talk, talk talk. No budget out of the Senate, which is criminal; the promises to “certain” student loan payees to reduce their payments (you can get deferment after deferment if you aren’t able to pay); the promise to responsible homeowners – let me know if anyone hears about a responsible homeowner getting a refinance any time soon. Please voters – wake up. This has got to end.

    2. It doesn’t matter to me how much the Bush ladies did. They were classy ladies who liked a lower profile than MooMoo. Don’t get in the way of MooMoo and a camera! (Or a tamale , I guess.)

      I think she watches the fat content on the WH menu, I guess they only eat Kobe beef . I think it is about $100 lb.

  3. “The Mayor’s Summit on Food Desserts”

    Too funny. She probably went there thinking there was going to be a 15-layer carrot cake and a smorgasbord of assorted desserts. Instead she probably got a couple of carrot sticks.

    1. I bet they meant food deserts–inner city areas with no store? No? Otherwise, what is a food dessert…I mean, as a term?

      This is making me hungry! I could eat a food dessert about now.

  4. Not to be redundant but if MO the big gun is going to continue using the
    American taxpayer as a credit card then we deserve a schedule just like BO’s!
    Her book is not official it’s not yet in print so let’s see how much she racks up and for the heaven’s sake somebody do something about it stand up!
    I really am sick of that sanctimonious witch and her salt free garden!
    Sorry I am grumpy fell down should I write to Barry?:)

  5. I know her current campaign jaunt is concentrated on cracking down on us peasants for eating too much, but what about our troops? Probably doesn’t matter much to the king and queen, but our blood and treasure is being wasted in the deserts of the Middle East. How about caring more about the deaths of the troops under your command Mr. president? This young man, 29 years old, died on his 14th deployment to the Middle East. All the while you and your wife are off campaigning on the taxpayer dime, signing executive orders in defiance of the constitution. Megalomaniac totalitarians.

    1. Susan you are so on point. These two are an insult to our military.
      Was in the Dr’s office today and had a wonderful conversation with a Veteran. He was a WW2 POW and gives talks at schools he said they
      don’t pay attention I said probably because they don’t teach history.
      How sad is that I thanked him and wanted to cry. The Obama’s bring
      back memories of Vietnam they are an embarrassment.

      1. What a beautiful man. Sad how we are losing the values and principles of the greatest generation. Nowadays liberal parents raise spoiled, selfish children who turn out to be just like them. They were never taught to respect and love their country, so would never consider joining the military and giving back. Wish the self-indulgent young mush heads would look up from their naval gazing and see what is going on around them.

      2. They are already laying the groundwork using returning troops from Iraq as campaign trophies with their slogan ‘Homecoming for the Holidays’, he started using it already on the Leno Show, which is pretty pathetic – the President going on a late night comedy show, while our troops are dying in Afghanistan.

      1. That is outrageous! He is so busy flying around the country extorting money and performing his community organizer schtick that he can’t be bothered to even call the negotiators. That is one part of his job that is mandatory. He likes to think he’s the boss, but if he was in the real world of business he would have been fired long ago. He’s a lazy bum who never had to work a day in his life.

      1. We used to send a lot of Kool Aid to friends in Vietnam said it made
        the water a little mor palitable. I was working for Procter and Gamble
        and when they came out with Pringles I was able to send them worked well not crushed such small things that meant so much.

  6. Michelle Obama = arrogant, spoiled, out-of-touch b*tch who is the FLOTUS (2008-2012) and has been making the once proud role of FLOTUS a pathetic, poorly dressed joke

  7. In the beginning, the public was open to a new kind of FirstLady; an active, proactive novel take on the position. It wasn’t long before we realized that the MSM lied when they said she was a “fashion icon”, a learned attorney, the Mom-in Chief with “toned arms”.
    As time went on we realized that she thought that parents were incapable of feeding their children correctly and she had the answer or the solution; a massive change in the school lunch program that assumed that children become obese by eating tater tots and mystery meat sandwiches. She twisted corporate food supplier’s arms until they called out “enough” and changed their menus as dictated by the FirstLady’s agenda.
    As soon as her personal footprint was placed on school lunches, private restaurants and grocery stores across America she turned her attention to military families and their pathetic plight. With the help of MrsBiden, MrsO arranged to provide “onesies” to a few women with babies, encouraged people to pay for manicures for military wives, and to have access to military bases located near to political fund-raisers, thereby being able to claim “official business” even though there is no “official” office of the FirstLady.

    So, yes. She’s fair game and has provided millions of character strokes, over the internet for those who can’t wait for her next fashion disaster, eating binge, vacation or project.. We can’t wait.

    1. Also–bringing her MIL to take care of the kids, built-in babysitting as she did in Chicago. That really burned me. As if the maids etc in the WH weren’t enough. But yes–mostly the bossiness, the shussy lispy speech, the laughable outfits…the “Barack won’t let you’s…,” this is a mean country she is not proud of, the endlessly PhotoShopped mag covers (tours de force of the art on those), etc. Ugh.

    2. This is such an angry and pathetic woman! Based upon her rear end she eats a lot, otherwise it would get bigger by the day.
      She used to be a lawyer, until the court force-suspended her license (due to some funny business). Both of them are disbarred attorneys. Besides, Barry is known to be ‘lazy’ according to former professors, and employers.
      Don’t forget they are going on vacation this month – to Indonesia, how much will that cost us again, and for what? Do they really need monthly or bi-monthly vacation? Barry doesn’t even work anymore, all he does these days is running up the tab on the taxpayers for his campaign, badmouthing anything and anybody.
      These ‘holier-than-thou’ grifters are really sticking it to the taxpayers.

  8. Susan I have been fortunate enough to meet a Tuskeege Airman
    and a Navajo Code talker as well as several WW2 veteran friends
    of my late Uncle their stories are so wonderful to hear they are so
    proud but humble about what they did for us with no complaint.
    I have the little book my Grandfather carried during WW1 he lists
    the dates and where he was from arriving in Brest France to the
    fact he survived the Spanish Flu epidemic and returned to the
    trenches. We must always remember these men and women who
    are leaving us and make sure no service person is forgotten or
    worse used as a pawn.

    1. Please encourage them to share their stories on video Lizzy. We can never forget the sacrifices their generation made to preserve our liberty and freedom. William and Langley you should do the same. Our soldiers are the keepers of America’s history.

      1. Also met a sweet Jewish man my Aunts neighbor who was a survivor
        of Auwschwitz as was his wife when we were introduced he tipped
        his hat to me I want to cry every time I see his face. We should all
        send our stories in and have them compiled into a book and the money would go to military and other charities. Bet they would sell
        very well.


  10. She is as arrogant and phony as her husband. Really showboatin’ around the world at our expense and taking relatives and friends along with her, staying in fancy hotels, using government planes, staff, and security. She is a joke, and so is he. Before 2008 when voters were bought and paid for, neither one of them had been out of the south side of Chicago. They bought their house from a convicted felon now serving time, attended a Muslim church, and hung out with questionable people. I ignore her and him and refuse to watch either one of them on TV, which is always. Please please go away….

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