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Dr. Obama Makes a Diagnosis

From the pool report Tuesday night at a fundraiser in Denver:

Early in Obama’s remarks, someone in the audience appeared to have fainted. Obama asked if there was an EMT. “Make sure she’s OK… I think she’ll be fine,” he said. “And, Michael, this is no reflection on the length of your introduction.”

Pool couldn’t see how it resolved, but a Democratic official said someone got her water and escorted her out.

Well, I guess he was trying to keep things light and not get everyone all worked up.

Gals fainting in the audience? Maybe this signals the return of Obamamania.

17 Responses to Dr. Obama Makes a Diagnosis

  1. I smell a set up. I never bought all fainting at Obama events. It just happens too frequently and he makes too big of deal out of it…besides with the crowds he’s been drawing lately is anyone really there to verify?

  2. OK, I’ll try my hand at a diagnosis: the poor woman had a revelation during Obama’s remarks that revealed he was unintelligent, hateful, uninspiring, narcissistic, immature, hypocritical, Marxist, spiteful, dropped his ‘g’s when speaking to the little people, and stroked out.

  3. I’m sure that it was not Michael’s introduction length but rather how many words Barry utters in one breath.
    This guy has the ability to make people dizzy by his 3,928 word answers to questions and his dialogue seems to go on and on before the point is made.
    Yes, this was a signal to the MSM that they must report the fainting of the audience in an attempt to revive that magic from ’08.
    So sad.

    Where’s Michelle? She plotting her revenge against Paula Dean?

      • Susan, I wonder where the State Dept purchased these books. I took a look at Amazon and they are selling for ~$10 so they could get about 7,000 of them or if you use Ebay they could get 17,500 of them as they are for sale there for $4 (but no returns!)
        Oops, I forgot, using Amazon or Ebay would be the equivalent to conspiring with the enemy, so I am sure that they purchased directly from the publisher.
        This would all roll back to Barry’s check book, so there isn’t any conflict I’m sure.
        Susan, you have placed your advanced order for Moochies book, right?

        • Russell, There is a principle I live by nowadays. I always look at the person who wrote the book or stars in a movie or TV show they are trying to sell. Are they Obama drones? If the answer is yes, they don’t get my money or my viewership.

  4. Hmm, maybe it was one of those protester removal jobs. He does that as well, someone speaks out and all of a sudden they need ‘help.’

  5. During the 2008 presidential campaign, I attended one of Obama’s campaign stops at ECU in Greenville, NC. When Mr. O finally came out, a woman in the audience fainted.

    I thought the woman had fainted because they had us standing in line for over an hour to get in and then sitting and waiting for his entrance for nearly two hours in the hot facility. It never occurred to me that the woman might have fainted because Mr. O finally appeared…