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No Photos, Please, of Obama’s L.A. Fundraisers

The White House wants you to see President Obama bash the rich, and everyone in the press corps is invited to cover the various rallies and speeches where he claims average people can’t get a break and the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.

What the White House doesn’t want you to see is Obama schmoozing the rich so that he can pocket some of their money for his campaign.

Nothing could be more ostentatious than a Los Angeles fundraiser, replete with movie stars, athletes, and cinema moguls who embody the very exclusivity and bejeweled abundance Obama is not supposed to be about.

So not surprisingly, news photographers were barred from both of Obama’s L.A. fundraisers Monday. The best the public could do was get bare-bones written descriptions of the events that give only a hint of the lavishness that surrounded the president.

From the press pool report at the first fundraiser:

The President appeared at an intimate fund-raising dinner at the home of James and Mai Lassiter in LA’s Hancock Park area. He spoke softly to guests sitting at four tables, 8-10 seats per table. Tickets cost $35,800 per person.

Actor Will Smith, looking dapper in a three piece suit, stood near the back of the room and watched.  Boston Celtics nemesis Magic Johnson sat at a table to the president’s right.

Pool was ushered out after 10 minutes, as potus opened it up for questions . . .

Pool is holding contentedly near the Lassiter’s lighted backyard pool, enjoying a cool LA breeze and snacking on individual-size pizzas.

And from the second:

About  8:20 p.m. local time, pool was led to the rear of the imposing Spanish-style mansion of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith and into a large white tent where about 200 people sat in folding chairs, just as someone said “the program” would continue soon. That gave the crowd, who paid at least $5,000 each, time to ogle the riff-raff of the Fourth Estate as we took our seats at the rear.

Soon, to enthusiastic applause, the hosts and POTUS entered with Eva Longoria, who introduced the president, as folks stood holding cameras and cellphones above their heads.

Meanwhile, news photographers were welcomed earlier in the day when Obama made an unscheduled stop at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles in West L.A., where he ordered the No. 9, “Country Boy” – 3 wings with choice of waffle, potato salad or French fries for $8.90.

Because that’s who Obama is supposed to be.

244 thoughts on “No Photos, Please, of Obama’s L.A. Fundraisers”

  1. He spoke softly to guests sitting at four tables, 8-10 seats per table. Tickets cost $35,800 per person.
    That’s a cool $1,432,000 cash grab in one fell swoop. Eva Longoria is a ditz. She used to be the toast of San Antonio when she was married to the Spurs Tony Parker. That was before Hollywood fever cooked her last 5 braincells.

    What ever happened to real reporters? The kind that reported on what a politician says rather than the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the glitzy fundraisers with the beautiful people and the token appearance with the little people at the local eatery. Nice that he spoke softly for a change. My question is what did he say? Is it different from the class warfare he is spouting to the rest of us?

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        The point is his hypocrisy. So what exactly did he tell the wealthy liberal socialists? “I plan to distribute the wealth, but not the wealth of those who contribute to my campaign” (???)

      2. The difference Joe Bob is that GOP candidates doing go around bashing the rich to one group of Americans then come calling to them for money.

    1. Well said Susan, but sadly the 99% still have no idea who supports Obama or just don’t care. The COOTUS speaks their language so regardless who he schmoozes with as long as he claims to support them they wont care about the former lobbyist Obama has helping him this time around with his campaign.

      The fact that his own party is hiding when he comes to town says enough to those who pay attention.

  2. Out of context:
    Is B.Obama a man of the common people or a hugger-mugger of the wealthy?
    Is M.Obama a woman of steely agression or a humble house-wife who gardens and shops at Target?
    While they try to be all things to all people, they end up being for nobody and nothing.
    MrO touts his escalating deportation of illegal Mexicans, while promising the Latino community he’s fighting for amnesty for illegal Mexicans. He fosters a class struggle between the haves and have nots, while promising the haves that he really doesn’t mean it.

    Friends of this blog have commented many times that the Press pool that follows the Prez act like star-struck groupies. The Press that works out of the WhiteHouse are more concerned with keeping their positions then searching for and speaking the truth.

    1. I don’t mean to include MrKoffler in my criticism of the press.
      If it wasn’t for him and his blog, and the hundreds like it, we would only have the slanted, biased MSM for information.

  3. Well, maybe he looked out over the adoring crowd, smiled, and then told them they were responsible for the current state of the economy. If they would just give more of their ill-gotten wealth to the “99%” then things would rapidly improve. And if they didn’t, then they were the definition of “GREED” and should be ashamed of themselves!

    OK, I’m willing to bet POTUS said nothing of the sort….any takers?

  4. Obammy is just trying to show us that his private school education, Harvard degree, raised by grandmother who was the president of the largest bank in Hawaii, PhD Mother, Masters degree father and million $$ books fortune doesn’t mean he is any different than the rest of the praying, gun toting, raised by single mothers, truant fathers, crack addicted, welfare living commoners from the black community.
    Laughable how the black community thinks this elitist little rich turd can relate to and represent them. What a snake oil salesman.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      The problem is that they ARE stupid enough to buy the snake oil and vote for him (apparently only because he’s black), for as you point out he is nothing like the ‘class’ he shmoozes.

      1. All the while droppin’ his “g”s….butt only , of course,. while talkin’ to his homies…..and I am assuming that does not include the follywood idoits. Could someone PLEASE explain why the morons in Californication continue to support him when the 1% there are still funding him? I am sooo confused. Wait…..maybe I am not.

  5. Hobnobbing with the rich and famous 1%, while telling “the folks” (the 99%) to do what I say, while eating a fine nutritious meal of chicken wings (an Obama family favorite) waffles, potato salad or french fries. Who wants to bet he got the fries!?! LOL

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  7. Ummm yeah he does not want to distort his “I am with the common black man theme” by showing himself hobnobbing with the ritz and glitz!!! He can’t be seen eating a $25,000 per plate meal, but he can be seen eating fried chicken for $9.

    If black Americans can’t see they are being led by the pied piper, they deserve to go over the cliff.

  8. Talk about a hypocrate; sides with the Wall St protesters but puts his hand out to donors for a swank dinner and photo shoot but he wants everyone to think he’s a normal guy eating wings and chewing the breeze with the locals. It’s just amazing to me how the main stream media gives this guy cover and continues to hide the hypocracy, arrogance and non transparent agenda the President has. pathetic.

    1. I am anxiously awaiting the Republican TV ad showing the human garbage in the flea party as they crap on a cop car, bow to Mecca, rape a young girl, smoke their dope and fornicate like rabbits while they play a voice over of O’Blamer and company saying how much they support them.

  9. Chicken Jonesing must run in the family, Uncle Omar was busted outside the Chicken Bone Saloon, well except when they’re stuffin’ ribs and cheeseburgers down the POTUS and FLOTUS pieholes.
    Has he been to one soup kitchen yet? How about an unemployment office? He keeps hangin’ out with those celebs and I keep adding their names to my “no movie” list because I refuse to go to see any Hollywood left wing nutjob who doesn’t haven’t a clue, and just elected him because he’s half black.

    1. He did go to a soup kitchen to commemorate 9/11. Remember? Maybe it was to take the focus off the reason we have to commemorate our dead.

      1. My local post office was selling greeting cards for 9-11. They were “Day of Service and Remembrance” cards. Wonder why that was rushed out since the P.O. has given up selling most of the knicknacks that it used to house like a gift shop.

  10. Three years of pure turmoil, with one to go. They’ll probably have to pry his hands off of the Oval Office desk and Moochelle will be carrying out all the lobster and Kobe beef that she can handle.

  11. For the press: When are you going to realize this guy is a phony.

    No mention of the new tele-prompter. Did he need it for this crowd or are repetitions of the old campaign fine? I guess they are all in the acting business, eh?

  12. Who are the 47% of the population that will vote for this a-hole? the only thing transparent about him is his propensity to lie and pit one American against another. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. If he had a backbone, he would turn down the money from the elite he bashes and try to run his reelection campaign on small donations. What’s worse is the brain-dead elite of Hollywood that cream themselves at the sight of Obama. If they only knew how pathetic and disgraceful they appear from outside their little world bubble, they would probably change how they act. f- you all.

  13. So why does the press allow this to happen???? Whatever happened to journalism???? Have the press gotten so far in the tank for Obama that they have lost all self-respect???? What a farce. The Dictator in Chief Obama sucks up to OWS thugs. What a disgrace. Impeach the Dictator in Chief Obama for Kaiser/Solyndra!!!

  14. Let’s see, the big O doesn’t want people seeing him schmoozing in the opulence of land of the rich and famous. Wouldn’t look good for the photo ops for re-election. Next thing you know he and Queen M. will be scrubbing floors in the Ghetto for photo ops for the election.

    This disgusting excuse for a president needs to be impeached. He and his lying fat ass wife need to pick up carpet bags and go back to bone-head black land where they got their fake starts as politicians. Fakes! I wonder who the bone-heads will vote for nest time?

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  16. Chicken and waffles pretty much covers it. And Paula Dean is the meanie in this story – ooohhhh! There has never been a bigger hypocrite in the WH than this guy. You could hate some of the former presidents for policies, etc, but the left is just speechless (other than the race card) as they can’t imagine how some folks absolutely hate this guy so much. It’s amazing. How about the fact that Obama is a complete embarrassment to the office. He is as un-presidential as one could possibly be. That is why so many people despise him. Open your eyes lefties!

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  18. Interesting. .and yet he will try to convince you that he is “fighting for you” while sticking his greasy political hand out for money….as he shovels your money out the door for his big political cronies who run “green” companies into the ground…….

    And then wants to give a trillion dollars of our money to worthless students who decided they had go to swanky universities…(thank goodness 66% of people oppose that idiocy)……

    All he knows how to do is campaign and give away money…..anyone believe him now that he is “ok” being a one term president? Or does he smell desperate now that even democrats won’t go near him it his garbage spending plans?

    Every day the democrats must be slapping their foreheads at what comes out, of this idiot’s mouth…..hey…you wanted this narcissistic idiot…you are wearing him democrats….all the way to destruction in 2012.

  19. How stupid are these people in Hollywood? Obama wants to redistribute their wealth, yet they fork over millions to help him get elected.

    How stupid is the general public? He promised transparency, but has been wheelin’ and dealin’ behind closed doors from the start. And an amzing number of people still approve of this guy.

    America is in decline because of the Progressive/Liberal agenda that began with Woodrow Wilson, but most folks are so short-sighted and history education impaired that they believe it when Barry O and crew try to blame the last President!

    1. The #1 progressive was Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican. He was angry he didn’t get the nomination for the Republican party so started a third party — Progressive Party of 1912, better known as the Bull Moose Party. If it wasn’t for Teddy Roosevelt splitting the Republican party in 1912, Woodrow Wilson would have never been elected to office. That is how Bill Clinton won in 1992. We can’t let that happen in 2012. No third party candidates.

  20. The dishonest Liberal Media will soon be camping out in the park with their fellow unemployed “useful idiots” who blindly followed Obama and his destructive policies. Just a regular guy that Barry. Take my picture at the chicken joint… Hanging out with the riff-riff…excuriating the rich… Don’t show me at the glitzy Hollywood Liberal fundraiser. “What’s my tee time at Pebble Beach?”

  21. Obama and the people around him are masters of propaganda, reminiscent of the type practiced in the Soviet Union and East Germany. Not surprising, since communist control of the USA is the aim of the Obama Administration.

  22. Gag me with a frigging spoon! It is no wonder I hate the movies. I can’t stand the thought of contributing my money to these morons so they can give it to O’Blamer.

  23. After living in LA and working in the music business for twenty years, let me tell you first hand the actors and actress’s are all two faced idiots, who take limos to their restaurants and they don’t even talk to the average joe, yet you dumb liberals buy their stupid remarks. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

  24. You really stumbled onto something here really off the radar of most Obama supporters. While I don’t blame him personally, I do see how the whole system corrupts everybody involved. However, his team is aggressively pursing money from the little people as well, constantly, selling them they aren’t forgotten or shut out of the process. But they truly are. Its the system, there are no saviors in either party., and nothing has changed except the elite are more plugged in than ever and the working people are pushed totally out of the loop.

  25. What a phony this little man Barry–and what a drone like-kiss-his-ass- Hollow wood people. Nothing surprises us anymore about this soon a one term fraud.

  26. Califkid, I live in LA too and your 1000% right. The actors, musicians, sports stars, producers, moguls, wouldn’t be caught ever talking with ordinary working people, even those making a good 100k a year, ever. While I just can’t believe the hypocrisy which is only getting worse as we continue to way overpay these narcissists, I still support the need for real change that makes things fairer and obtainable for everybody willing to work for it. We no longer have that. So I don’t put things as either liberal or conservative, but instead ask, are they fair? That is the test.


  28. Anything about this hypocritical administration surprise anyone?????To them it’s all about looks and perceptions. Nothing about substance and work. He’s still a community organizer that is way out of league and all he can do it put on a show.

  29. The way these politicians pander to Hollywood is sickening and should be outlawed. No citizen should be able to donate more than $5.00.

    America is in complete and total collapse under the Left Wing strongman and his Hollywood handlers. The signs are everywhere. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  30. If a Republican President had done this or a thousand other things this incompetent boob of a President had done then there would be all out war between the press and the Administration.

    But since most of the traditional press voted for and wants Democrats to win, you won’t hear a thing.

    The amount of corruption that goes unnoticed by our biased press is stunning – the media is just about worthless. It’s also why Fox is shellacking them year after year. Wait until the conservative network rolls out, the MSM will be toast.

  31. Lived and worked in the music industry for 25 years in LA, these actors who all get limos to their restaurants and private clubs in Beverly Hills, they don’t even want to be bothered with the regular joes, yet whenthey make a idiotic remark the liberal idiots suck it up, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

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