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Obama Adviser Backs Tax Giveaway to the Rich

A high-profile outside Obama economic adviser is promoting a huge corporate giveaway that would slash taxes on $1.4 trillion in profits corporations have sheltered overseas, according to an article in The Kiplinger Letter. The adviser, Laura Tyson, sits on the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, an outside advisory group that reports regularly to President Obama and is chaired by GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt. She also

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No Photos, Please, of Obama’s L.A. Fundraisers

The White House wants you to see President Obama bash the rich, and everyone in the press corps is invited to cover the various rallies and speeches where he claims average people can’t get a break and the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. What the White House doesn’t want you to see is Obama schmoozing the rich so that he can pocket

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Cain is Right: He Was Taken Out Context on Abortion

Herman Cain is being falsely – or at best, incorrectly – accused of flipping his position on abortion. What he actually did was express a nuanced, if not particularly well worded, opinion on what happens if abortion is considered in cases of rape or incest. Let’s look at the interviews that have gotten him into trouble, one with Piers Morgan of CNN and the other

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