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Obama’s Kill Bump Evaporating – Again

President Obama got a nice little boost in the polls after the death of Muammar Qaddafi, but as in the case of Osama Bin Laden, the reward Americans are giving Obama for offing a bigtime bad guy appears to be ephemeral.

Obama’s approval rating soared in the days after Qaddafi’s death last week, rising from 39 percent to 44 percent by Sunday. The president had been careful to associate himself with Qaddafi’s killing by announcing it in the Rose Garden.

But alas, today we’re right back down to 42 percent, and presumably trending down.

Gallup today also announced that this last quarter, the 11th of Obama’s presidency, was by far his worst, falling to 41 percent approval from an average of 46.8 percent in the tenth quarter – not to mention 63 percent in his first.

According to Gallup:

Only one elected president since Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, had a lower 11th quarter average than Obama. Carter averaged 31% during his 11th quarter, which was marked by a poor economy and high energy prices. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were the only other post-World War II presidents whose job approval averages were below 50% in their 11th quarter in office.

After taking out Bin Laden May 2, Obama received a gift of about six points in polls, only to see the gains removed by early June.

Anybody for a late October 2012 surprise? Would Obama do something like that??

It would have to be very soon before Election Day, because these shots in the arm don’t last long.

15 thoughts on “Obama’s Kill Bump Evaporating – Again”

  1. Little does MrO know, but the people we hate the most and want “taken out” are right there in DC and some of them are on his speed dial….

  2. Keith, These people are devious. It is all about his re-election — not the country, or her people, or the Constitution of the United States. He will do anything, and I mean anything to stay in office. This morning Glenn Beck was discussing a nationwide test of early warning system that is supposed to disrupt all communications for 3.5 minutes on November 9th at 2:00 PM Eastern time. Well, I know November 8th will be election day in Texas. We will be voting on 10 constitutional amendments. I imagine there are other states with elections scheduled for the same day. Why perform some kind of nationwide communication blackout the day after an election in the middle of a work day? This smells funny to me.

    1. Can’t get too churned up over that one, Susan. I do think these dictator killings are sort of distasteful–most Americans are not reeling with bloodlust…

      1. Have been there many times–we mostly ate fried chicken at that restaurant down the hill and walked in the woods…is that place still there? Mud was not involved–or even snow.

  3. I tend to believe this may hurt O in the long run. Everybody wanted to see Qaddafi dead but I think Americans find it distasteful when they actually witness the deed. Not to mention displaying him on ice for 4 days. Although it seems Hillary enjoyed it.

  4. MT for re-redistribution

    His bounce is gone already? That’s because any people that can be enamored with this socialist president killing another leader is a nitwit, and would require constant entertainment to keep his support. Like the handout crowd…

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  6. I think that the only reason Obama went up in the polls is because the mainstream media made it appear that it was thanks to the US that the Lybian rebels got rid of Khadafi. Sure there was some US involvement in the beginning but it was mostly thanks to France and the UK air strikes that the Desert Rat was finally put to rest.

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