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Obama Offers Saudis Condolences From the Golf Course

President Obama Saturday offered condolences to the Saudis on the death of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz – while playing golf with three junior aides.

The crown prince, who was considered the heir apparent to Saudi King Abdullah, died Saturday in New York.

At 11:42 am Saturday, White House press pooler Christi Parsons of the Los Angeles Times sent out word that Obama had already arrived at the Andrews Air Force Base golf course. Nearly half an hour later, at 12:11 pm, the White House sent out a statement by Obama on the Saudi prince’s death.

It was with great regret that I learned of the passing of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia . . . On behalf of the American people, I extend my deepest condolences to King Abdullah, the royal family, and the people of Saudi Arabia.

Saturday marked the 27th time Obama has been golfing this year. It was the 85th outing of his presidency.

146 thoughts on “Obama Offers Saudis Condolences From the Golf Course”

  1. Oh by the way for you youngsters…When the economy fell off the cliff under Reagan stuck his head out of the oval office between naps every quarter and said ” Hey things are gong to get better.” Ever heard of a business cycle ?

          1. Your Leader Miss Dido head doesn’t even have a college degree cause he was lazy and dumb, had at least 3 marriages, a fat man, and was a drug addict. Make sure you buy into everything he commands you to believe…

          2. Rush Limbaugh is a brilliant, self made man.

            You on the other hand should change those pajamas and let Gramma come down there to clean that basement.

          3. DJJ is one of those useful idiots who believes that one can only become educated by going to college. Stupid people, like Abe Lincoln, learn stuff by reading books.

            Probably books written by dead white men!

  2. Obama needs to shoot all the golf he can until he’s a scratch player, because with all the bogies hes ‘s created in the middle east he’s going to have trouble making the cut.

  3. The paperdoll President…appearing, yet again, insincere with regard to our foreign relations. Whether it’s returning the gift of Winston Churchill to the British people as an insult; giving a gift to the Queen (an Ipod with is speeches) or DVD movies (in the US format) to PM Brown of the UK, or giving a show of condolences to the country of Poland for the loss of their government in a plane crash, or visiting within 50 miles of Normandy and not
    appearing on behalf of our vets, etc.etc. we have a President who either does not care or is so clueless it’s pathetic. I’m sorry for him. He had probably more chance for greatness than any other contemporary figure. I wish he could have done it!! But what is true for us is true for him and all; we must bridle our selfishness to attain any real greatness. Just my opinion.

  4. As typical for Obama, his diplomatic obtuseness will alienate more allies. Maybe as sign of condolence, he’ll send the Saudis an iPod filled with his own speeches (a gift he actually gave the queen of England).

  5. It’s amazing that Obama took time from his hectic schedule to offer condolences to his Muslim brothers. I mean golf and campaigning really takes it out of these wimp politicians we have today.

  6. After seeing ‘the one’s golf swing, those condolences could go either way. Nonetheless, it’s so good to have that ‘smart’ diplomacy thing goin’ on.

  7. The man is the biggest hypocrit in the world…if he thought he could take over the Saudis, he wouldn’t hesitate. He is not as loyal as a family pet. He and his war mongering puppet have no manners, no decency, and both are seriously out of control. Anyone who thinks differently needs to wake up. He keeps trying to play golf, but can’t, just takes over a military base that is supposed to be for the troops’ enjoyment, not his. He hasn’t fought a battle, and hasn’t won a war. Without his teleprompter and photoshop crew, he’s lost. By the way, golf was strictly not allowed for his ethnic identification a few years ago…call it racist, or whatever, those are the facts. Just another example of his overbearing arrogance because now he can…but he really can’t….!

  8. He was playing golf instead of joining the world in mourning the murder of Polish Prezydent Lech Kacynski . This is Obama’s trademark.

  9. Well he followed Hillary in the Ugly American contest looks like a tie! Someone must have told him about the kill bounce in the polls up to 44%!
    and his head got so big he forgot how to act like a compassionate human
    being and the leader of the country( gag). Empty suit would be an improvement in fact the Beverly Hillbillies would be better hard working thrifty with common scense and BO & MO have neither. We need to send the Resolute desk back to Windsor Castle to be with it’s twin because it’s in
    mothballs now and he doesn’t deserve to sit behind it or put his feet on
    it either shameful excuse for a leader.

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  16. The Saudis have always come to the U.S. for medicine. I once lived in Rochester, MN – home of the famed Mayo Clinic. The Saudis were there for treatment even then. Why do they come here? Obviously for the world’s best medicine. And to know that Obama and his national socialists are on the very verge of destroying it!……..

    President Davis’ disregard for his own sequester as he plays is typical of elitists among the “intelligensia” of the Marxist /national socialistic elite. Their agenda is paramount among their purpose. Accountability and moral compass have nothing to do with anything!

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