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Hillary Yucks It Up After Killing Qaddafi

This is pretty disturbing, not to mention deeply unprofessional. Can anyone imagine Henry Kissinger, George Schultz or Madeleine Albright having a good laugh after taking actions that resulted in someone’s death?

She’s not even being clever, for goodness sake.

This, for the rest of the world, is the very picture of the Ugly American, who supposedly loves violence, invading countries, and killing people. It will be used by our enemies against us.

Thanks to one of our readers, JE, who pointed out this video.

96 thoughts on “Hillary Yucks It Up After Killing Qaddafi”

  1. I wonder if she had the same glee when Bin Laden assumed room temperature. I doubt it. These cretins love it when people that are at least a little “USA-friendly” get whacked. Obama’s in the bleachers only when Egypt, Syria, Libya all go Sharia Law. That slob will bring it here to America, as sure as the sun’s comin’ up tomorrow.

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  4. What? You were expecting professionalism from a Clinton?

    This is someone, who is in a position far beyond her aptitude, but on par with their deluded expectation of entitlement.

  5. She was laughing at someone’s death,
    And we’ll all be partying at the celebration called Her Funeral

    Laugh it up hillary, your death will be even more hilarious

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