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Hillary Yucks It Up After Killing Qaddafi

This is pretty disturbing, not to mention deeply unprofessional. Can anyone imagine Henry Kissinger, George Schultz or Madeleine Albright having a good laugh after taking actions that resulted in someone’s death?

She’s not even being clever, for goodness sake.

This, for the rest of the world, is the very picture of the Ugly American, who supposedly loves violence, invading countries, and killing people. It will be used by our enemies against us.

Thanks to one of our readers, JE, who pointed out this video.

96 thoughts on “Hillary Yucks It Up After Killing Qaddafi”

  1. I’ve heard it said that a person’s true character is what is evidenced in their behavior when they don’t think anyone is watching. This instinctive moment, when HRC probably assumed the camera was not “rolling,” speaks volumes about her character…and at least for me, more along the lines of confirmation than revelation.

  2. Classy. This following her yucking it up with Karzi about Herman Cain. The
    images are horrendous and vile. At least with UBL he was given a private
    burial and it was over this is bad and will go on as Obama touts his victory.
    These pictures are nothing to celebrate he was a vile and murderous man but this looks bad.

    1. She has less class than her “husband” and that says alot, doesn’t it? To laugh at his death, however one feels about it, is to invite retribution.

  3. Here’s the thing. The Sartorially Challenged Moammar Ghaddafi was killed by his own people, not the U.S. – good on them.
    As with all terrorists including the late and unlamented Dr. George “The Killer” Tiller, Al-Awaki, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, they deserved what they got. They are gone and have been dealt with by their Creator. Hopefully the world is a better place without them. Could HRH Hillary have been a little more circumspect in her reply, since she holds such a high public office? Absolutely. Do we really have to be so pious in our opinions about the demise of the world’s most evil people? Absolutely not. I am no fan of HRH Hillary, but this is one time that I am in absolute accord with her views.

    1. For one thing, you need to widen your perspective and get beyond the mainstream media for the other sides of the stories. There are always 2 sides if you take the time to look. Bin Laden’s death occurred long before it was claimed with the help of photoshop and conflicting reports. Saddam was given a trial, and Al-Awaki’s death was barely mentioned. Once again, there is no proof of the killing, only what you’ve heard from the media. However, don’t kid yourself; it was promoted and encouraged to the world by Hillary 1 day before the story broke. Amazing coincidence. In time, the reality of the people who are truly evil will be revealed. Hillary can have her opinion, as we all do, but to openly gloat and laugh to the world is not normal. At the very least, she should have been advised on proper behavior and given an official reprimand for failing to follow protocol. I worked for the government and know such disgraceful conduct should not occur and is usually not permitted. It’s not a question of being pious, it is a question of being human. It is a shame that she is sent on these war mongering missions, which have resulted in unnecessary deaths and destruction. Sorry, but my feeling is that she and others are out of control.

  4. I agree Keith, it´s disturbing. It´s also disturbing to see these films and photos of people degrading injured people or dead bodies. I know, in the heat of war all sorts of awful things happen but it looks like it´s customary to degrade the enemies in these parts of the world. Gadaffisupporters ( and I don´t think that they are few) are probably trembling with fear right now.

        1. And I say let them have at it. As low as we go sometimes, this uncivilized bunch does not deserve our money or our help.
          We need to quit caring so much about their stupid oil, and drill some of our own.

      1. The same is said of Christianity. And look at what we’ve done around the world. I don’t think we should be casting stones. Check out the videos of the dead children resulting from our bombing of Libya. Or, even worse, the ones whose bodies were destroyed, but who lived.

    1. The new Demockrecy(sic) on display. NATO blows to smithereens a convey of the Colonel’s family, then the revolutionaries come in and execute a despot who begs for his life.
      So much for the Republic.

  5. This is just despicable. No wonder the rest of the world thinks so badly of us when they see images like this.

    Yes, he deserves to die, but there needed to be trial, even if it’s a kangaroo court, to give some semblance of civility. And then to have our ‘leaders’ cheer like it’s a football game just sickens me.

    1. Being as the U.N. mission was not to rid Libya of the Colonel, but to protect civilians, the referee has given The Obama team a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness and excessive celebration to be enforced from the spot of the foul.

  6. Another thought, how is this different than our service people in Abu Grab? Specifically the one of the woman having her picture taken with the prisoner? Will Shirillary now be on trail?

  7. She also was vile–in my mind–when mocking Cain to Karzai…Shut up! He may have been the leader of a big pizza company, but he was OUR leader of a big pizza company and to yuk it up about any candidate in our process was low low low. She looked like a mean HS girl.

    1. Herman Cain has done more with his life than either of these corruptocrats, Billary and Karzai, could ever hope to. Read his CV on a website and believe it is worth reposting…

      * Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.
      * Master’s degree in Computer Science.
      … * Mathematician for the Navy, where he worked on missile ballistics (making him a rocket scientist).
      * Computer systems analyst for Coca-Cola.
      * VP of Corporate Data Systems and Services for Pillsbury (this is the top of the ladder in the computer world, being in charge of information systems for a major corporation).

      All achieved before reaching the age of 35. Since he reached the top of the information systems world, he changed careers!

      * Business Manager. Took charge of Pillsbury’s 400 Burger King restaurants in the Philadelphia area, which were the company’s poorest performers in the country. Spent the first nine months learning the business from the ground up, cooking hamburger and yes, cleaning toilets. After three years he had turned them into the company’s best performers.
      * Godfather’s Pizza CEO. Was asked by Pillsbury to take charge of their Godfather’s Pizza chain (which was on the verge of bankruptcy). He made it profitable in 14 months.
      * In 1988 he led a buyout of the Godfather’s Pizza chain from Pillsbury. He was now the owner of a restaurant chain. Again he reached the top of the ladder of another industry.
      * He was also chairman of the National Restaurant Association during this time. This is a group that interacts with government on behalf of the restaurant industry, and it gave him political experience from the non-politician side.

      Having reached the top of a second industry, he changed careers again!

      * Adviser to the Federal Reserve System. Herman Cain went to work for the Federal Reserve Banking System advising them on how monetary policy changes would affect American businesses.
      * Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. He worked his way up to the chairmanship of a regional Federal Reserve bank. This is only one step below the chairmanship of the entire Federal Reserve System (the top banking position in the country). This position allowed him to see how monetary policy is made from the inside, and understand the political forces that impact the monetary system.

      After reaching the top of the banking industry, he changed careers for a fourth time!

      * Writer and public speaker. He then started to write and speak on leadership. His books include Speak as a Leader, CEO of Self, Leadership is Common Sense, and They Think You’re Stupid.
      * Radio Host. Around 2007-after a remarkable 40 year career-he started hosting a radio show on WSB in Atlanta (the largest talk radio station in the country).

      1. Yeah…

        If only he’d been a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, or had a terrorist-buddy write a couple of BOOKS for him, he might have been qualified to be POTUS!

        As it was, though… Nope. Not experienced enough!!

  8. The whole Obama administration is ill-equipped to deal with our national issues and their chaotic foriegn policy from apologies for America’s alleged misdeeds to the bombing and destruction of soverign nations that pose no threat to our national security are more proof of their incompetence.

    The sooner this administration is removed from office the better.

    1. I believe he was the Crown Prince and now the quest for someone “worthy” to take his place is on. Imagine how hard that would be if one’s husband had X number of wives, all of whom presented him with potential heirs. I can only assume it will get not only nasty but probably bloody as well, in short order.

  9. I am sorry I find no benefit to any of the Libyan involvement. The area detests America, Americans and even more so Israel.
    I do not see what would possess a Democratic leader no less, to involve us, unless he too truly holds that much venom against Israel.

    The democrats have opened the gates of hell on us all and especially Israel.

  10. Hill’s reaction illustrates the typical progressive arrogance. Progressives believe that they are all knowing and better than the rest. Thus we from time to time get to witness this by a display as seen in this video.

    Hill believes that “she came, she saw and he died” as though she had something to do with Gad-flies messy death.

    She and Bill need to go back to the Bronx where he is the “first black president”. But we will soon be seeing Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky in the arena soon. She is the one to be watched as I believe that she is more dangerous that Bill or Hill.

  11. Heard it through the grapevine :

    A big fist bump and a thank you note was sent to Libya rebels and to NATO from AG Eric “Hangin in There” Holder for distracting the American people and news media from his Fast and Furious fiasco.
    Insiders say next weeks crisis has yet to be determined.

  12. She is a disgrace to our country and greatly disliked by many countries. Some international media refer to her as the Wicked Witch of the West, and worse. Although I personally do not believe Gadhafi was killed based on the conflicting stories and the amateur photoshop attempts similar to the Bin Laden deception, she is inexcusable. She is cruel and perhaps a bit demented, if not, then someone needs to remind her of common decency and respect no matter who or where it is. People are right in saying that it will come back on us because of her inappropriate response. Someone needs to stop her and the administration in this war mongering, power hungry madness they are pursuing. We the people want them to leave quietly, or not, but quickly before any more countries are bombed and civilians die for no reason. Our military does not need to fight for a country that sends them on death missions because of the greed and arrogance of others.

    1. Those of us who aren’t bloodthirsty heathens. At least Bush had the human decency to call for a fair trial for Saddam Hussein before he met his justice.

  13. Admittedly, Qadaffi should’ve been hauled before a court, tried, sentenced, then hauled out into the street by his own people and strung up, but he got what was coming to him.
    As for Hillary! trash talking, that’s pretty embarrassing for a SOS to be caught on-camera laughing about it. I guess she just doesn’t give a sh!t anymore since she plans on bowing out of public service.

  14. Most normal and reasonable people were repulsed by watching Gaddafi beaten and ultimately killed. I was. It is good that he his gone, but you are absolutely correct Keith, having the US Secretary of State laughing and guffawing about his cruel death is absolutely disgusting and will be used against our national interests. Further, this video displays just how mean and cold Ms. Clinton is — and it is deplorable.

  15. Here’s the thing. The Sartorially Challenged Moammar Ghaddafi was killed by his own people, not the U.S. – good on them.


    Are you aware we have CIA OPERATIVES there all in blend with the REBELS, They do CLEAN things up at a TURN of the eye. they have the power to make things stay ALIVE or DEAD.

  16. Yeah, and the withdrawal from Iraq? Two thoughts…first, diplomatic failure to negotiate a “status of forces agreement” protecting U.S. troops. Second, a political decision to appease his base. We all want to leave Iraq, and many did not want to be there in the first place…hopefully the blood and capital will not be in vain.

  17. I was only half listening, but there was some other clip of her being dressed down by a Muslim woman who said Hillary treated the Middle East like a mother-in-law who didn’t like the new bride–something like that. Hillary laughed merrily like she does and said, well, now that she was a mother-in-law, she would try to do better. It was embarassingly clunky.

      1. yeah, Leroy, we need more .001%’ers like the Bushes and their “base” to continue to drive us into peonage. Greed and pride are sins, and while the sinful rule on earth, they do not rule in heaven.

  18. I don’t believe Qaddafi, or Libya for that matter, was a threat to the United States. What replaces him IS!
    Like the Kenyan, Hillary was elected to office with NO credentails other than being married to an adulterer. She was a lawyer for a tin horn outfit in Arkansas. That’s akin to shill for the unions in Chicago.
    Neither she, nor her husband have an ounce of class. Also akin to the imposter that currently brings shame to OUR White House.
    However, all of these scum were elected by the people. That’s what’s disgusting to me!

  19. Hillary only has her job to keep her out of the country and out of sight of
    voters. Obama is scared of her for reasons that I can’t understand. She has
    like Obama no training or skills for the job as has been obvious on several
    occasions. Half the time she looks like she’s not even combed her hair or
    put-on makeup now that’s not a requirement but if you are representing the
    USA at least look like you’ve not been out on an all night bender. We have
    a government of children, idiots and 60’s wannabe’s and it’s not working.

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  21. Listening to MrsClinton on NBC’s Meet the Press: unbelievable! she blames the complete pullout of our troops in Iraq on….GWBush!
    Then she warns Iran that we have troops nearby to…
    I can’t listen anymore.

  22. I have been waiting to see what, if any response from our regular leftist friends here would be, and suddenly they are silent.

    A couple of points to consider.

    In her comment she states, “We came, we saw, he died.” As someone privy to the ins and outs of our foreign policy is she implying that American forces/personnel were involved in the assassination of Qaddafi?

    During Operation Red Dawn (the capture of Saddam) he was found in a spider hole, armed and supplied with a substantial amount of US currency. However, when Task Force 121 found him, they resisted the urge to be judge, jury and executioner. They brought him in for questioning and ultimately a trial for war crimes. Despite allegations by him and his lawyer that he tortured, Saddam was treated under the rules of the Geneva Convention regarding POWs.

    I remember some on the left screaming that it was wrong that he was displayed on TV during his medical examination, and that his treatment was not in accord with Geneva. Yet the left is loudly silent on the unilateral execution of Qaddafi. With the exception of Farrakhan there seems to be no outcry for what happened in Libya, and Clinton’s remarks seem to show an almost sigh of relief that Qaddafi will not stand trial.

    Is/was there some questionable dealing(s) going on with Libya by this administration that only the death of the tyrant would put to rest? Why was there such a push to put this “kinetic action” into play without consulting the Congress and seeking approval. The death of Qaddafi is a relief to the world, but, to me, the manner in which it occurred only opens more questions.

    1. That is the way the left operates nowadays. All aspects of war are evil and protesting against it is righteous, unless their guy is the one provoking it or in charge of it. Then it is just fine and dandy. The more gruesome the death, the better they like the effete class warrior.

      Dead men tell no secrets, and silencing the messenger appears to be the modus operandi for these godless crooks.

    1. Shouldn’t be surprised… CBS = Comrade Barack’s Syndicate.
      Too late anyway. It already went viral on all the conservative sites. Someone has a copy of that video, rest assured.

  23. THIS IS simply unprofessional! If she so much waited and spilled it all out in the privacy of her home that would be ok. I understand Gaddafi has killed thousands, tortured, oppressed for 42 year, responsible for Pan Am etc..but that’s what being “diplomatic” means, its funny how you are more likely find a regular person being diplomatic than a politician ever would be. This only show their true colors: Self-interested, with many opponents and full of deceit.

  24. Hilary was quoted a week or two ago as saying it’s time for Kaddafi to die. who assigned her as God, or even as a judge? We all know who gave the orders for the killing of Kaddafi and we all know that NATO’s jetfighters (French) attacked his convoy. Orders were given and he was brutally killed. May the Geneva Convention and prisoners’ rights rest in peace. Those who killed Kaddafi resembles so much to him and are supported by the US and EU. Let’s see when they will start sucking the oil like they did in Iraq and May they choke with it this time…

  25. Can anyone imagine Henry Kissinger, George Schultz or Madeleine Albright having a good laugh after taking actions that resulted in someone’s death?

    YES I CAN! (Kissinger, at least)

    “The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern. ”

    “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

    “The war is just when the intention that causes it to be undertaken is just. The will is therefore the principle element that must be considered, not the means… He who intends to kill the guilty sometimes faultlessly shed the blood of the innocents…In short, the end justifies the means.”

  26. That’s the way trash always feels about other peoples lives. I thought he was a tyrant, but he also was a human life that probably is in hell. If some of our political class don’t repent of their wicked ways they’ll be joining him and that wont be funny either. God give us some serious Godly leaders, we need them.

  27. Ghaddafi killed many innocent americans over lockerbie. What’s not to laugh about when he is brought to account by some of his many victims? Did Churchill get drunk and “yuck it up” when Hitler was forced to kill himself? You know he did. When a tyrant who has cold-bloodedly and treacherously murdered your innocent countrymen dies, and your armed forces have contributed largely to that victory, is it not in perfectly good taste to “yuck it up?” If Bush had actually been “losing sleep” over Osama and really invested his interest and resources into finding him, would you have objected to off-cue video of him laughing about killing him? No, of course not. Because he was your guy. O wait…your guy didn’t bother to find and kill Osama. So he never gets to laugh about it does he?

    Patriots express patriotic emotions, including mirth when a detestable and clownish tyrant enemy is ended. I believe your partisanship is so virulent that it has vitiated your patriotism. Have you ever been a player in the death of a tyrant who had murdered your people? No? Then you don’t really know if you’d yuck it up or not, do you? I’m sure Ghaddafi was at least smiling wanly, if not guffawing, when he first saw the pictures of Lockerbie. Let’s just say that laughter and derision is part of the payback.

  28. I can easily imagine Kissinger and Albright laughing off camera, as hillary thought she was. Kissinger was quite a gay blade actually, and he certainly had no qualms about killing people. Schultz, too, was a ruthless man – I saw that in an interview he gave once where he was challenged by the reporter – but I get the impression that his gravitas was so thorough that he wouldn’t allow himself to laugh at much of anything.

  29. I confirm that the video of stupid bitch laughing is being used in Putin’s election campaign on Russian TV. It states that Russia without Putin will be a weak country torn into pieces by its violent enemy – USA.

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