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Is the White House Making Nice with Ed Henry?

Poor Ed Henry.

I’ve worked with him for years at the White House, and I have no idea what his political sympathies are. And yet, since he departed CNN to take up residence at at Fox News earlier this year, he’s been treated by the White House  like he was president of the John Birch Society.

In the midst of a heated briefing room discussion last July, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney accused Henry of making TV drama for his new employer.

And then earlier this month President Obama himself accused Henry of shilling for the GOP.

“Well, I didn’t know you were the spokesperson for Mitt Romney,” Obama snarked.

But today, there were signs of incipient detente. Henry asked how Obama was going to pass his unpassable American Jobs Act. Carney replied, in all seriousness, “I appreciate that, Ed,” and then launched into his grateful reply.

Carney had a well prepared answer, so he might have just been pleased to get a chance to read his homework out loud to the class. But I sensed a bit of warming in the tundra there as well.

16 Responses to Is the White House Making Nice with Ed Henry?

    being a US Veteran, College Educated (History & International Politics) who lives and works in the ‘real world’ of America, circa 2011…
    Why can I think of more ‘challenging/real’ questions to ask that “Propaganda Secretary” Carney of the pathetic Obama (2008-2012) than most of the arrogant, elitist, sycophant, “main stream media” dopes who make up the “White House Press Corps”???

  2. The Fox News Channel has been on Obama’s hit list from the get go. He and Daddy Soros are going after Rupert Murdoch since they haven’t been able to get Roger Ailes to play ball with them like they have all the rest of the news outlets. This administration truly is a gangster government. Look at what they are doing to Gibson Guitar.

  3. Ha! you sense warming, I sense the WhiteHouse’s press cadre updating their resumes and reaching out to other journalists with soppy excuses like, uh, you know it wasn’t personal, right?