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Obama Speaks on Iraq: All Troops Out by End of Year

Updated 1:32 pm ET

President Obama today made an unscheduled appearance at the White House to announce that the United States is withdrawing all of its troops from Iraq by the end of the year.

“After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” Obama said.

U.S military leaders had pressed for a robust continued presence of several thousand troops to continue to train Iraqis and guard against a resurgence of ethnic strife.

But Obama rebuffed the request, seeking a much smaller contingent, and then reportedly abandoning even those efforts once it became clear the Iraqis would not guarantee their immunity from prosecutions.

35 thoughts on “Obama Speaks on Iraq: All Troops Out by End of Year”

  1. that’s great that he’s bring the troops home and i’m really glad. but i do have a question, if he brings them all home i assume that unemployment will rise way above 9.1%?????

    1. Lyn, boy did you just stir a hornets nest with that thought. Nothing like 50,000 vets, well trained in urban warfare, all coming home to no jobs. The liberals are going to be freaking out over that thought.

      As for the unemployment rate, don’t worry, I figured out long ago in the program that calculates unemployment, they’ve just entered a line X = 9.1% so no matter what the data, you get the answer.

      1. So we should keep ’em in Iraq as… what? A welfare program?

        (And I’m sorry you think of our heroic soldiers as nothing but mentally addled, right wing hillbillies waiting to overthrow democracy at home. For shame!!)

  2. that is great news. that means by next fall Iraq will become part of nuclear Iran just in time for the election and Obama can explain how this is a good thing.

  3. Lets see… he’s never served in the military (wimpy salute is a give away)
    Digging deep into his stellar community organizer past, he thinks he knows better than his commanders in the field….
    Defies military strategy 101 by telling the enemy we’re pulling out AND WHEN !

    His every move/words are steeped in full campaign mode.
    He is the ultimate political hack.. a tele-prompter puppet…
    …don’t ya wish his nose would grow long ? ;)

  4. I think that it is good that these troops will be “home for the holiday’s”.
    When I first read that there was going to be a announcement concerning a pull out from Iraq, my thought went to the need he has to check off as many ’08 campaign promises as he can. This is all an attempt to bolster the far left such as MoveOn and CodePinko’s.
    Sure enough during Carneys briefing this was stated several times that this was one of his promises and that he had kept it.

      1. Smelled like politics and campaign strategy from the get go. He thinks what is best for him first, then maybe a thought or two on global/regional strategies. Those may be a little deep for him tho.

        1. The guy has been a wrecking ball to this country. He could keep every promise he’s made and it wouldn’t repair the damage he has done. Washington still has a few conservative politicians who have some dignity, integrity, and most importantly common sense. We’re sending them reinforcements in 2012.

  5. Good thing he wasn’t around in Europe around June 1944. He is so above
    his head in things military it’s dangerous. He plays with drones like toy airplanes. Those who wish us harm must be thrilled and circling the date on the calendar.

      1. He can still feel all CIC if he still has drones and however wonderful
        they are without eyes and human intelligence on the ground in certain
        places we would be in a weak position. One can only assume that some things never change you know if I told you I’d have to kill you
        kind of things.

          1. Maybe they could get some of the OWS campers to go camp out over there. It would be warmer. Except they would probably direct the drones to hit themselves by mistake. A Bad thing? Not sure.

          2. Heard an interview of some lady from Florida on Fox this morning. Her husband is supposedly a banker and she is a mother of four children. She deserted her family to go to NY for 0WS. She made the comment that the military leave their family all the time and she likened it to her doing her part for the cause. This vapid person has no clue what it would be like with bullets flying past her head and road side bombs in the sand dunes of the Middle East.

      1. Looking like enough other stuff will blow up on the admin before election day. Just saw some more bad loan stuff coming out on Greta ;ast night.

  6. Were pulling out of Iraq and not ONE IRAQI has said thank you. 65 years after the end of WWII American veterans who return to France, Holland and Belgium return as heroes. Our own American hero’s are told to “go back to your Zionist homeland” and get the hell out of their country.

    Fine. When Nouri Al Malaki is hanging from a lamppost in the Green Zone, after the Fedayeen Saddam come roaring out of the dessert with Iranian Quuts Forces support … DO NOT call us.

      1. Really? That’s a great point? Tom just declares that every Iraqi, each and all, is an ingrate, and it’s gospel?

        The only Iraqi I ever met thought that George Bush was Captain America, so there’s that.

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